Journey in the mountains of Neutressa

Game Master DarkLightHitomi

A new world that has seen people for only the past thousand years.

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The Tauren Empire, LN sounds good enough. Make it so.

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You know what? You had me at "big awakened tiger." I'm in. Never had the chance to play a quadrupedal race before, and the fact that its a tiger is just icing. I'll see what I can come up with, though I'm likely to make a hunter out of him, of a sort anyway.

Thinking on it now, I wonder: anyone want to collaborate and partner up with a talking tiger? Might be fun to play the mount for once. No spurs though. my claws WILL be sharper.

@ Daynen: I am sure I could be convinced to modify things a bit to collaborate with a large tiger (if we are both picked). Perhaps your character and Inerri were first introduced in the FCC military, became friends of a sort, and have worked well together since. I could probably take a rank from something and get a trait for ride to be a class skill.

Can the same trait be chosen again and a different benefit chosen? Seems that not many traits for survival and ride, but military veteran has both.

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@songdragon: don't see as you'd need a whole lot of ride stuff, not really intending to be ridden everywhere, but I would make it more of a front line partner who can carry people in combat if need be. It would mean kinda linking our initiative in combat, so it'd warrant some adjustment. Thinking I might make him ranger actually, to bolster his tracking and natural weapons.

Creating a background, though...phew. Been making a lot of characters lately; never had to make one for a talking fey tiger...

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Hmm, I'm quickly discovering how little use gold is to a quadruped with no hands, lol. Free mithral armor leaves a lot of things to buy without going into magic item territory. Most I can do is grab a bunch of potions and sponges to make them easier for me to use with no hands.

Even with all the pracical stuff I can think of, I've got almost 600 gold left. I wonder if it might be more practical to donate some of that to my partner, who can make better use of it. Even if I correctly understand that I have some limited telekinesis or something akin to a mage hand ability (that's about right, isn't it, GM? Am I accurate on that?) many items are simply beyond usability for an intelligent tiger.

Almost forgot, Songdragon: Kindaur are listed as medium, so you couldn't ride me unless you were small or Kindaur were meant to be large. Any small humanoids in the running yet? Free mount and bonus starting gold! Come on, you know you've always wanted a tiger ride, just like He-Man. Not going green, though. yuck. (this is assuming, of course, the GM is okay with this whole idea.)

Don't take that to mean Inerri can't be a partner/friend, btw, just means I can't be the cat carrying a cat into battle.

Oh, also forgot: What languages does a Kindaur speak, if any? Likely common, any bonus languages or a racial one?

actually Im looking at a small fey creature that is going to abuse natural poisons. Its a custom built and as its basically a poison master, you may not naturally trust him as it is an art that tends to make you look like a bad guy regardless of what you really are.

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Hmm, that could actually work with a little maneuvering. Poisons are a part of nature, and especially if they're a part of your character's own nature, they're something a tiger could appreciate; especially since he knows full well that poisons are as effective as claws at bringing down prey, defending oneself, and commanding respect.

I guess it's just as much a matter of backstory and personality traits as mechanics.

Working on finishing up the crunch, and trying to flesh out the backstory a bit, though it's going to be rough no matter how I see it.

Alright, this cat's got nine lives and plenty of damage to dish out. Just make sure you respect him for the predator he is and you'll get along just fine. Very limited selection for avatars, though. oh well.

Background is done in a general sense to present an idea of his character, more than his life story. Specific events are up for interpretation with any collaborators. Speak up and we'll smash a few things into a coherent story.

DLH here,
Here is my kindaur for another game, though I had to tone down the race traits.

The Kindaur are often but not always green. They are medium size full grown. They don't have any traits for mage hand but they are all magical and could take sorcerer (I plan on a Kindaur bloodline eventually, but haven't done it yet) many get schooling in the magical arts (aka take a lvl or two in a casting class) and use magic to compensate, otherwise things get difficult, such as getting things in and out of , putting on armor (which even humans usually get help with) those who don't get schooling in magic often buy at least an item of mage hand or unseen servent.

Just remember that barding has different costs,though Kindaur barding is almost as easy to find as regular armor.

working on the crunch for Gaurm, Canim Barbarian. Do the enchanted wraps you mentioned also count for natural attacks such as claws and bite?

Here is the Canim Barbarian, Gaurm. I still have a few things to finish, (trait, feat, rage power, equipment), but I have to go to class.

So this is what I was thinking for the small creature, its super basic but I figured its just a rough sketch and would still need to be fine tuned:

The Urodela are a group that, by most standards should not have survived the years after the transit to the current plane. Though naturally gifted mentally, the Urodela's were alienated them from any sort of treaty. This was largely due to the fact that their natural ability to produce paralytic poisons resulted in all member of their race being treated as potential assassins. After a generation or two of respectable relations with the FCC, The Urodela were granted full membership and privileges provided that they provided regular supplies of antidotes to their poison.

Type: Humanoid (0)
Sub-Type: Reptilian (0)
Size: Small (0)
Speed: Slow (-1)
Ability Mod: Advanced (+2 Physical, +4 Int, -2 Wis) (4)
Language: Linguist (1)
-----Racial Traits-----
Advanced Con (4)
Prehensile Tail (2)
Natural Armor (2)
Gift of Tongues (2)
Integrated (1)
Poison Use (1)
Toxic (1)
Darkvision 120 ft (3)
Total Points: 20

stat-base-points-size-racial bonus-final
Str: 10--(0 pts)-(-2)-----(+2)-----(10)
Dex: 14--(5 pts)-(+2)-----(+2)-----(18)
Con: 16-(10 pts)--(0)-----(+4)-----(20)
Int: 10--(0 pts)--(0)-----(+4)-----(14)
Wis: 12--(0 pts)--(0)-----(-2)-----(10)
Cha: 13--(0 pts)--(0)------(0)-----(13)

I'm thinking Knife Master Rogue With the Feat Two Weapon Fighter and Talent Finesse Rogue as this would be a devilish sort. Or, maybe a monk/fighter as he would have been trained to use the poison to disable not to kill.

Lantern Lodge

Enchanted wraps work when they hit the target, thus claw and bite wouldn't benefit because the part dealing damage isn't wrapped, however slam could benefit, because you wrap that body part, and the wraps make contact with target.


It is interesting to see what people believe of things based on a name and very limited info, perhaps I should consider changing the name.

The FCC doesn't take groups as part of their government, the clan leaders can take individuals into the clan if they prove themselves. Groups can become allies or trade partners but the FCC is less of an alliance of seperate cultures (ala the galactic republic, star wars) and more of a semi-religious group with a spread out, cellular leadership. The clans have a limit to how large they can get, so when a clan starts to get to big, it will divide the people into two groups, one will remain the original clan and the other will make a new clan, thus every clan has a heritage of what clans it came from.

The Urodela were more likely granted full trade rights at all port cities so long as antidotes are kept in supply. The FCC clanners are generally more likely to let you prove yourself an enemy/friend, rather then assume.

Yeah that sounds a lot better. I think due to the initial standoffishness of people I'll make him a monk/lore warden combo and use the natural poison like acupuncture. Thus I'll be working towards Pin Point Poisoner. Correct me if I'm wrong, but the only poison that kills you is one that drops your Con to 0. If your Dex or Str ever get to 0 you just become helpless right?

Lantern Lodge

Technically yes, but... it's debateable. This case I will stick with the "technically, yes".

Ok, I was thinking of treating the venom as a paralytic poison (so Dex) rather than strait up kill them.

I'll try and post what I've come up with. I did think it interesting that so many large submissions were made. I mean,, it makes sense if they are using reach weapons as they get a crazy range, but I think I'll have a small creature that could be pretty useful both in combat, as a scout, and translator.

Is there anything further that you'd like to see?

Gaurm is ready. Though I would like to purchase some minor magic/alchemical items if that is okay...

I have everything off-line. Just need to upload and I'm set.

Lantern Lodge

Buying such is alright (no bombs or alchemists fire, there may be other things I will ban as I only have the core book and can't comment on what all is out there from the srd, mostly it'll work, just a disclaimer in case.)

Remember to look at the money section in the OP, for modified costs.

Ok so for simplicities sake I'll be uploading this to an alias if He is selected. I did end up dropping a few things for things that made a little more sense to me. Of the poisonous reptiles that I know, few have a really strong armor so I ditched that as well as the integrated as the Urodela would only recently (within the last generation) have received their trade privileges. However, instead of these things, I switched out to a more camouflaged type lizard: Blur as a spell like ability.
Grix Shabot of the Urodela

ehad get back into the spire of nex!

Pathfinder Companion Subscriber
DarkLightHitomi wrote:


Buying such is alright (no bombs or alchemists fire, there may be other things I will ban as I only have the core book and can't comment on what all is out there from the srd, mostly it'll work, just a disclaimer in case.)

Remember to look at the money section in the OP, for modified costs.

Bombs are a class feature of alchemists, like channel energy or sneak attack.

Silly MiniGM, I'm not abandoning you :)

go keep blamo out of trouble!

Lantern Lodge

Ævux wrote:
DarkLightHitomi wrote:


Buying such is alright (no bombs or alchemists fire, there may be other things I will ban as I only have the core book and can't comment on what all is out there from the srd, mostly it'll work, just a disclaimer in case.)

Remember to look at the money section in the OP, for modified costs.

Bombs are a class feature of alchemists, like channel energy or sneak attack.

Yes, but in the beginning I did state that there were no mundane explosives, if someone plays the alchemist, then fluff wise they are making a magical item that acts as a foci for the mana of the alchemist, who uses the potions and things they make to shape their own magic the same way a wizard uses gestures and words, thus someone else couldn't use them unless they knew how to "cast spells" in that manner (which makes the ability to exclude squares a little bit more sensical now) and even useing UMD you would need to have some mana to use it, aka someone who is innately incapable of useing magic wouldn't be able to use these, regardless of UMD check.

Even in mining, magic is safer, more controllable, and cheaper then explosives of any type.

I should take a closer look at alchemist, but in general this is how they work.

I picked up 10 bloodblock, 5 antiplague, 5 antitoxin, a campfire bead, and 3 potions of cure light wounds.

Gaurm is ready.

Hmmm .. DarkLight, you still around?

Yep, I'm here. Had trouble connecting yesterday though, must have been their update for Rpg Superstar.

Camris - Anumil Rythen - fighter- near complete (would like to know how you got -1 on climb and swim)

Misterlurch - Gaurm - barbar - near complete (your saves are for first level but other things like HD and skills are for third level, but as a 20pt race you should be second lvl)

Ehad - Grix - Lore warden + - I can't see some of your CS on my phone (apparently it uses Safari) most of what I can see looks good, except your ability scores, the size adjustments only apply when changing size, like with a polymorph effect.

Entropy Rulez - Eriu - Phlanax - near complete, your will save is off unless I missed a bonus, and the size bonuses apply when changing sizes not at character generation.

Songdragon - Inerri - bard - looks good except scent replaces lowlight vision.

DM mathpro - expressed interest

Handycam - expressed interest

Newlehi - withdrawn (too bad, he came with a good race after some discussion)

Did I miss anyone?

I will set a deadline now, all submissions must be mostly complete (minor needs are fine) by Saturday night. Will discusss and set stage to start Monday.

Edit, those with a custom race, it would be appreciated to include the racial build in your profile, easier to look it up.


Q: would like to know how you got -1 on climb and swim.
A: The computer put in the default value. With no ranks in either and ST 13 make +1, add the Chain Shirt armor check penalty (-2), final value is -1 for both.

You missed me....

Lol, after I went and looked at your sheet too!

@ Anumil
Kk thanks.

John - Malazzesh - Inquisiter - complete

GM DarkLightHitomi: Yes it does, but the Catfolk Exemplar feat gives it back, as she has scent. It works out either way if I kept low-light vision she would have gained scent.

When I was creating the character I changed the low-light to the scent first. It was after I decided to take the feat to get low-light back.

Sorry for any confusion.

It's alright, I completely forgot about the feat.

Ok, the +1 will save is from the indominable faith trait and the size adjustment was from the new race creation: size change. if it really messes with things though, I can make the adjustments.

Wow, how I missed that, the half dozen times I've looked through there, is beyond me.

I thank you all for the submissions, they are great, and I loved seeing the new races.

The final selectees are,

Songdragon with Inerri

John with Malazzesh

Camris with Anumil

Entropy Rules with Eriu

You are group 2.

If anyone drops out or can't make it I will come back here first.

Since I closed yesterday and today, I'll post first post so you can meet IC, but I will not return till day after christmas.

So just post your characters arrival?

Yep, figure it gives a roleplay opportunity for characters to introduce themselves.

I am reopening this recruitment, if you want to play please apply here!

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I'd like to put forward something resembling a Yuan Ti Halfbreed. Are the PCs still level 3/2 race depending?

I'll have some crunch and fluff up sometime soon

Yes, the characters haven't progressed far, in fact they are really just getting to where they might meet the conflict unless they rush off elsewhere.

In fact, I have something like that already, not that the party has met any yet though, though it is a half construct, if your interested.

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