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A journey through the Kingmaker AP and how the group responds to other happenings in Brevoy and the River Kingdoms.


13th Gozran, 4708 AR

Oleg! Bren! Open up!

The call from outside the gates of Oleg's Trading Post interrupts the delicious dinner that was just concluding inside the common hall of the trading post. Those seated around the table instantly recognize the strong and deep voice of the cavalier, Darian.

Yarro and Svetlana look at one another. Darian and Amber weren't due back for a few more days. Could it be that they ran into trouble of their own and are also wounded? Or perhaps something worse has happened to Amber?

Oleg waves for Bren to go and open the gates. The young lad quickly gets to his feet and heads out into the cold night air to unbar and open the gates. He is glad to see both Amber and Darian riding into the courtyard and looking none the worse for wear.

"The others are inside," begins the young man with a broad smile upon his face, "I'll take care of the horses if you want to head inside and get out of the cold."

He then moves over to assist Amber in dismounting while taking the reins from her slender hands. He then cautiously moves over to take the reins to Hardbiter. The mount looks tired and doesn't appear to have it's usual fire within him.

Noticing that Bren picks up on the state of his mount, Darian explains, "We saw some trouble out on the plains and Hardbiter took the worst of it. He'll be fine but will need some rest and good care." The cavalier smiles at his trusty steed as he slowly strokes the strong neck of the horse. Hardbiter whinnies and follows Bren toward the stables. It's then that the young man knows with certainly that Hardbiter isn't himself.

With a sweep of his hand, Darian turns toward the door to the common hall of Oleg's. "Shall we go see the others?" he says to Amber.

Yarro instinctively snaps his head around at the sound of people at the gate, fear filling him. But that quickly fades as he remembers his encounter earlier.

When Darian and Amber enter, Yarro smiles. He provides the two with a mug of Oleg's ale and listens to their tale as he tells his tale of his and Charlotte's encounter, making sure to leave out the encounter with Kesten.

Charlotte sits in her chair quietly, sipping her ale and eating as she lets Yarro take the lead in discussing their adventure. She does occasionally speak up but for now is content to just sit back and quietly converse with Elizabeth on how her maid had been doing, finding herself especially interested in Elizabeth's interactions with Bren.

Charlotte, Amber, Darian, and Yarro do their best to help out around Oleg's and wait patiently for the return of Kai and Ayami. The first few days are no trouble as the pair aren't due back until the 15th of Gozran. But as the 15th comes and goes with no sign of the pair, the group becomes concerned. Especially given the difficulties that the other pairs encountered while out exploring.

On the evening of the 16th of Gozran, as the group has a quiet dinner and discusses their friends, there is a rap on the gate. Everyone is hopeful that it is their friends returning until they hear the familiar voice of Kesten Garess calling out to open up. After tending to their horses and cleaning up, Kesten and his retinue join the others in the common room. Svetlana pulls together some food for the newcomers while also putting out some wine and ale as well.

"Where are the others?" Kesten finally asks around a bite of food.

Seeing his friend again, Yarro is filled with happiness, yet deep down he is still a little nervous. At Kesten's question, Yarro sighs.

"They were back on the 15th, but we have not heard word. I fear for the worst. They may not have been as lucky as we." he says, letting the last part drift silently as he looks up at Charlotte.

"We were just discussing what we should do. I think we should go search for them, they may just be lost." he says with a shrug.

"You hope they are only lost," Kesten surmises. "All the same we can't go and look tonight. I don't think that would be good for any of us. If they haven't returned by morning we can talk about a search."

Kesten eats more, appearing all the while like a man who hasn't eaten in days. When an opportunity presents itself, he leans over to whisper to Yarro, We have much to discuss my friend, I made some discoveries in Restov.

Where everyone can hear him he says, "Lot's of trouble in Restov the last few days. Seems that a Swordlord got involved in a duel with an elf. Nothing unusual there but this Swordlord was defeated and he wasn't very used to that at all. Seems his pride got the better of him and that night he murdered the elf that beat him and those that were travelling with him. Apparently an old elf that was supposed to be an emissary to New Stetven from Kyonin, a young noble female, and their two guards. All of Retov is in shock over it and worried about retaliation from Kyonin."

Kesten eats a bit more and then takes a swallow of wine. "We might need to be on the alert out here."

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