*Home brew campain* Descent of the Angels

Game Master Aelentia

You and your fellow squadron of angels lead by the Archangel Tobias are tasked with your first mission by the Amethyst Queen to see her subjects, who worship a figure vaguely known as "she above", safely to newly colonize a distant island.

Game will be played over discord on Mondays or Tuesdays (Tuesdays preferred) from 7-11pm eastern time over discord.
This is intended to be a LONG-TERM COMMITMENT/CAMPAIGN, we play 4 hours once a week. I Strongly prefer players willing to make the commitment. If for some reason you are unable to make a session we strongly encourage 2 days notice with the amount of time and effort that goes into planning sessions.
Our group tends to have a rough sense of humor. As well, we play to have fun so, no rules lawyers.
Currently in group we have a Sylvan Cartomancer witch, kitsune mesmerist, and a tentative half-orc monk. I'm currently dm npcing the witch as a healer, but if anyone wants to be healer instead, I'm open to it.
If interested please submit a character concept to me on here and I will check it out. Depending on how many applications I get to see what I will do.
Any questions? Feel free to ask!

Character Creation guidelines can be found here: Descent Of The Angels

Current update, half-orc monk is no longer available to play. so monk is open.

Dotting interest but can only play of we play Tuesdays due to time zone.

It's late here currently so I'll see about rolling up something tomorrow.

Are there any alignment restrictions other than non evil (I assume no evil anyway)

I would like to play a Merciful Healer/Divine Paragon Cleric of Sarenrae if you would allow a dedicated healer.

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