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Started. Recruiting open. Apprentice-level game (Super Genius Games rule pre lvl 1. Pathfinder @ lvl 1 & beyond). Characters begin pre level 1, gain levels, and classes. Game run on the boards. Characters currently at lvl 2.

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Male Half-Orc Monk 9 / Puppetmaster 2

With a moaning slump the last zombie falls to the ground motionless.

At this point the temple is cleared. Caylen, Aak, Silx, and Shayne all advance to level two. I'll have more 'aftermath' info. to post this evening, but all interaction at this point will be free of combat.

"Well that was fun. So who's hungry?" Triela looks around at the others giving each a good look over while she continues, "I am Lady Triela second to the Countess of Devilbane. I am glad to have found you, though I was not given all your names." She smiles, and you get the idea she probably likes to talk, a lot.

Male Drow Rogue (Trapsmith) 2

Silx wipes the grime of battle of his rapier and stows it away. He turns to Triela, answering after a pause Silx, and yes I am hungry in fact" He nudges one of the bodies with his foot "Preferably somewhere else"

Male Half-Orc Monk 9 / Puppetmaster 2

Shortly after the last of the zombie falls to the ground, a figure appears. An elderly man, you can see even in his advanced age the shadow of the muscular figure depicted throughout the temple. His golden eyes seem to pierce through you. His long wavy white and gold hair is streaked with grey. He wears a blue robe, which covers gold full plate armor - a greatsword materializes within his hand as he gestures toward the group with a sweeping gesture of his outstretched arm.

You have done a great deed here today. Though few mortals remember me, The Valiant, as a god, I still hold some sway. You stand at a crossroads. Though I do not have the means to help you, I know one who has taken great interest in the battle that rages at the very foundation of these lands.

Gesturing toward the temple doors the figure begins to walk from the grounds, toward the doors. He speaks of the temple, as if guiding a squire into the place for the first time.

Though this place still holds knowledge, little of its power remains. Until it is restored a guardian will be needed.

He heads down the stairs, where a growing light can be seen.

As you make your way back into the inner temple a you see that the light is emanating from mural, where an eagle is depicted.

I will wait here with you until a guardian arrives. Rest, you will need every bit of your strength.

Male Drow Rogue (Trapsmith) 2

Silx takes a step back at the appearance of the man. Oh, we are in WAY over our heads. But what an opportunity. He listens and looks to the others, then follows the old man. "Who do you speak of, this guardian?"

filler of waterskins

Does anyone need Shayne's Cure Light Wounds potion?

Shayne does not re-enter the temple unless Haknee does. He is a bard in service to his fellowship, even if his new fellowship is one other person.

Is Ragore still alive and healthy? Shayne may have one more obligation before he says another round of farewells and departs with Haknee.

Grand Lodge

Male Half-Orc

Aak takes a deep breath as the last zombie falls down to rest from his turmoiled existence. He looks around at his friends, anyone hurt?

He looks at the newcomer, I could go for a hit meal as well, you can tell us more about why you are hear

When he sees the floating visage appear before him, Aak grabs his morningstar and shield, and prepares for another fight. After a few tense moments, Aak lowers his arms, and breathes a sigh if relief knowing that the form is a friendly one. He looks on, at the figure clad un beautiful clothing and armor. He watches at it beckons the group to follow towards the temple, it had said they did a good thing for. He takes a few steps, waits for the others then follows completely.

He listen to the words of the ghostly figure, We will need our strength, I don't like the sound if that. I sure hope we can handle whatever this "guardian" has planned he thought to himself.

After everything is said and done with the food, newcomer, and temple. Aak will pass out cold from the extreme day he had. will level tomorrow

Male Drow Rogue (Trapsmith) 2

Silx is going to spend some time scouting around the area. He is also wary of the 'we need our strength' comment, he wants to know the room inside and out

k religion;k history: 1d20 + 1 ⇒ (1) + 1 = 21d20 + 1 ⇒ (4) + 1 = 5

I dont have the normal bard knowledge stuff so I am capped at dc 15 stuff but Ill try anyway. These rolls are for knowing about this god guy. :)

Male Half-Orc Monk 9 / Puppetmaster 2

Groshnodnok slowly watches the figure head toward the temple. Though the half-orc approaches slowly, he comes near Aak - speaking cautiously in common.

"I have seen this man. His likeness was sculpted within this temple. glancing back toward the group of tired, hungry, and several wounded orc he breaths deeply I'm not one to follow spirits, but everyone needs rest and we are unlikely to get much within the shadow of those open graves." Groshnodnok waits patiently to see if Aak and the others head into the temple.

The temple grounds are free of anything other than small creatures and birds. Likewise the buildings are empty and quiet. As you explore the temple it somehow feels less closed, though you are sure it's just as dusty. Far in the distance in the direction of the monastery you can see the tell tale signs of of camp fire smoke drifting into the darkening sky. Even if those who made the fire were on the road already it would take them a day's travel to near the temple grounds.

Male Half-Orc Monk 9 / Puppetmaster 2

As the orcs slowly approach Groshnodnok and Aak, one steps from their group. Ragore smiles at Shayne, though it is clear the orc has many reasons not to be happy. Several open wounds have been hastily wrapped and a few of the smaller ones remain untended. The orc approaches with a slight limp.

"I think the wretched undead softened me up for you. Ragore laughs a bit at his joke, but the belly laugh quickly turns into a cough. After spitting a bit of blood to the ground the orc composes himself. We should have our match before more come to finish the job."

Haknee gives Shayne a confused look, "The orc does not look well. Perhaps he took a blow to the head. Eyeing the path from the temple the gnome shakes his head disappointedly. The night comes quickly. I'd rather spend the night in one of these buildings than walk the road to the village on a night like this." Haknee looks to Shayne, deferring to his elder's wisdom.

It's clear the man is a spirit of some kind, but you aren't sure what or who. One of the half-orcs seems to think that carvings of the man are inside the temple. Perhaps the temple holds some clue of who the figure is.

Male Half-Orc Monk 9 / Puppetmaster 2

The figure pauses in its approach toward the temple. His eyes seem to pierce through Silx. "Until you and your friends are able to protect these grounds a guardian will be provided." As if his statement has answered the question the figure continues toward the temple.

Female Human Oracle (Life) [Planar Oracle] 2

Exhausted from the prolonged battle with the undead, Caylen takes some time to finally get to her feet. The presence of the warden spirit and the conversations of the others pass right by her as she stays kneeling on the ground, catching her breath and waiting until her hands stop shaking to rise. By then, the spirit and some of the others have already gone on towards temple, leaving her with several of the orcs and others that had come to the temple.

Flexing her burned hands open and closed with a wince, Caylen pauses to assess the situation and then hustles along the dusty ground on sandaled feet to catch up to the group. "Hold on!" Caylen shouts, eyes wide and wary of the spirit as it pauses and turns to speak to Silx. She skids to a stop on the dry ground, then reaches out an accusing gesture towards the unfamiliar woman that had slipped her way into the group during the fight.

Caylen's dark eyes flit to the spirit, then back to her. "Who are you? What-- what do you think you're doing here?" Caylen had every reason to be suspicious, as the last travelers that they encountered on their way here were members of the flame cult and nearly killed them all. Hiding a dagger behind a smile seemed to be their way.

There's a look shot to Aak and Silx, then back towards Shayne and Haknee. There was also still the matter of Ragore and Groshnodok back towards the other buildings. There was just so much going on.

Will level up either tonight or tomorrow, I've got a lot on my plate at the moment.

Male Half-Orc Monk 9 / Puppetmaster 2

The figure does not turn to address Caylen, but slows for only a moment. A flash of light emanates from the figure, like the sun breaking over the mountain's height - a moment a brightness.

Blinded for but a moment you see what seems like a lifetime, compressed into a moment. The figure appears as a muscular, golden-eyed being with long, wavy, white hair streaked with gold. Younger, but the same figure that approaches the temple. He wears blue clothing with gold full plate armor, and wields a greatsword. A voice whispers “Valiant”.

There are great battles, deaths of loved ones, and a blinding light. You see a young boy, who mourns the lose of his family - left to the care of a poor village priest. A young man that hunts and gathers for the needs of those he cares for. Taking the slights of the sons of the titled lords, he gets stronger every day. Hordes attack the region, the village is destroyed while the boy and the dying priest are called away to the front. The boy becomes a man as he provides the last rites to his adoptive father.

More fighting. Clashing of weapons. The sound is deafening. You feel the jarring in your bones. And then there is light. Your mind feels full - there is so much more - but you're overwhelmed.

Female Human Oracle (Life) [Planar Oracle] 2

Caylen's inquisition of Triela is brought to an abrupt end when the dark-haired young woman lets out a confused whine and grips her head, knees buckling again before she collapses down onto them on the ground. Caylen hunches forward, exhaling a shuddering breath as she winds blackened fingers through her hair and seems momentarily unable to function.

filler of waterskins

Before Aak enters the temple...

Shayne offers the Cure Light Wounds potion to Ragore. "Up to you whether you drink this healing before or after or match. Or save it. Aak has offered to channel to heal those who are wounded."

I'll let Lareg describe the wrestling match. Shayne has a pitiful CMB. Pinning requires two successes in a row, with the opponent failin a roll in between, and I doubt Shayne is that lucky. Roll one: 1d20 - 2 ⇒ (15) - 2 = 13; Roll two: 1d20 - 2 ⇒ (8) - 2 = 6.


After the match, not sure if before or after Aak enters the temple...

"Yes, Haknee, we'll stay here." Shayne is visibly appreciative of the ghostly figure. The gnome is not ashamed to accept an offer of protection from someone bigger and stronger. The fact it is a spirit of some kind does not discomfort the Varisian seer. "But I would rather sleep under the stars than inside, if our host's hospitality extends outside the temple doors."

"Where did the other ghost go, anyway? Did anyone see what happened to it? And were any of these zombies T’frkhr, or is he still somewhere?"


After Aak enters the temple...

Shayne watches Caylen as she rouses her mind and body from the stress of the combat. He does not approach her yet, instead observing and evaluating what his friend does to recover herself and what she chooses to do next.

When Caylen addresses Triela, Shayne observes carefully while moving closer to the two women.

Triela turns when Caylen calls out, "I am here to... are you okay?" she moves closer with a look of concern as crosses her face, "Does she do this often?" she asks of the others.

Grand Lodge

Male Half-Orc

Aak will wait until after the bout, to give a farewell wishes to Shayne before entering the temple.

filler of waterskins

Shayne dashes to kneel beside Caylen as she collapses. He rests a hand very gently on her shoulder, then chuckles. "And now we know which one the spirits will talk to after I leave. I pray they all may be so friendly and helpful."

The gnome looks up at Triela without taking his hand from Caylen's shoulder. "Does she often see more than we do in bursts of light? Turning light into fire is her divinely granted role. The irony is that she prefers the light. She values seeing clearly over purging. But the gods sometimes have need of fire."

Has Shayne heard of Devilbane? 1d20 + 4 ⇒ (12) + 4 = 16, +4 more if it is Local instead of Geography.

Male Half-Orc Monk 9 / Puppetmaster 2

Devilbane is a family name, you think it may be one of the noble families from the nearby port city.

Ragore looks curiously at Caylen, "Do you think she might need this? he holds out the potion.

Once it becomes clear that Caylen is fine physically Ragore drinks the potion. Several of his small wounds close.

Ragore nods toward Shayne. "Let's see what you're made of." Ragore smiles before circling the gnome for a moment.

Shayne nearly gets ahold of the orc, Ragore - clearly surprised responds quickly. While Shayne tumbles away Ragore manages to catch the gnome's foot in one hand. Ragore carefully helps Shayne to his feet. "You're quicker than I guessed." The orc smiles before patting Shayne on the back, a bit too firmly.

1d20 + 4 ⇒ (15) + 4 = 19, 1d20 + 4 ⇒ (18) + 4 = 22

filler of waterskins

Shayne smiles at Ragore, then turns to Haknee. "So, where do we sleep?"

(Did the figure of Valiant indicate whether its "guardian" will defend the temple's courtyard as well as its interior?)

Male Half-Orc Monk 9 / Puppetmaster 2

The figure is heading toward the temple entrance.

Ragore laughs. "You are brave small one. I for one want a roof over my head and a door between me and any undead that might come a knocking."

filler of waterskins

Shayne looks at Haknee. "I guess no guardian outside. Sigh. I thought I was serving the Valiant by clearing his temple of undead. But my task is really more difficult and fearsome: I am expected to tell him a bedtime story!"

Triela waits a moment but once it is clear that the girl will fine, Triela will follow everyone into the temple while examineing everything about it (and discreetly the other people) she can see.

Female Human Oracle (Life) [Planar Oracle] 2

Caylen is dismissive of the concern over her sudden predicament, waving off aid with one burn-blackened hand. "I-- I'm fine," she blearily mumbles, slowly getting to her feet and downturning the corners of her mouth into a frown as she sees all of the dirt collected on the front of her robe from her collapse. Exhaling a sharp sigh, Caylen gently brushes her fingertips across her brow.

"I just-- I saw something," Caylen murmurs, looking to Shayne for a brief moment before turning her attention to Triela. There's a profound look of distrust that flashes across Caylen's face, followed by a look to Shayne to see if he offers any visible tells about his perception of the woman. But for the time being, Caylen offers no further protest.

Instead, the young oracle moves to follow the others into the temple and will air her grievances in closer quarters.

Male Half-Orc Monk 9 / Puppetmaster 2

As you make your way back through the heavy doors and down the stairs into the inner temple a growing light can be seen emanating from the mural, where an eagle is depicted.

The figure basks in the growing light for a moment, turning to address the group he looks refreshed - and somehow younger. “I will wait here with you until a guardian arrives. Rest, you will need every bit of your strength.

Feel free to role play however you like here with NPCs or among the PCs.

In the following hours the light grows, eclipsing the painting of the eagle. After the night passes a giant eagle emerges from the mural, the bright light fading.

Female Samsaran Monk

At the initial appearance of the figure.

Rema gasps and averts her eyes at the initial appearance of the figure. She is clearly listening to what is being said, but continues to look at the ground.

Once the group returns to the Inner Temple.

Rema kneels reverently as the figure speaks of the coming guardian. She closes her eyes as the light brightens.

Male Half-Orc Monk 9 / Puppetmaster 2

Groshnodnok and the other orcs follow no further than the steps down into the lower level of the temple. Ragore quickly explains to Shayne while Groshnodnok works to calm the others.

"The spirit.. Some of the orcs believe it to be an old god.. One that slayed many orcs. They wouldn't have even come this far if it weren't for the threat of undead."

filler of waterskins

Inside the temple Shayne quietly examines the various murals and artwork, seeking inspiration for the story he will tell.

Lost in thought, he ignores his friends but will cheerfully arise from his inner musings and reply if spoken to.

Once things settle down, Triela will go back into the woods and come back with a dog. She then sits near a fire (making one if need be) and waves for those interested to sit. She starts warming some rations and water as she speaks, "I was travelling nearby and heard of you talented folks. I need some talented folks to help out a friend of mine, Lavina. The ship her parents were on exploded and sunk. Now she has many debts to pay from the loss of that ship and now she needs to reclaim her parents fortune to pay off those debts, and of course those who helped her."

Took so long to get started, I forgot about the dog lol
I use her to carry things mostly, but also as extra eyes and ears. This info was given to me a while ago so hopefully it hasnt changed. And GM if I know more it would nice to know more of what Triela knows about the task, particularly where to start looking.

Male Half-Orc Monk 9 / Puppetmaster 2

Info is the same. At the most I'd suggest the conversation happen in the temple, but that's not a huge deal. The following takes place as dawn breaks. We can back track for conversations and such during the evening.

As the giant eagle begins to speak the figure of the Valiant fades away.

A great evil is taking hold in these lands. It is in those like you that victory will be found.” With a look of vigilance, the eagle stares toward the doorway that leads out and up to the upper level of the temple.

Even now evil soaks the temple grounds with the blood of orcs who fight for their very lives. Prepare yourselves.” With that the eagle assumes a gaseous form and heads up and out of the temple. Growing sounds of battle can be heard from above.

At this point I'm going to pause things while everyone has a chance to level.

Grand Lodge

Male Half-Orc

Hp? Full, roll, average +1??

Female Human Oracle (Life) [Planar Oracle] 2

In the temple, that night...

Caylen, having finally come to terms with the steady influx of events that have bombarded her and the others since they concluded exploring the temple gets her conversational footing back. Standing between where Shayne is observing the murals and where Triela is explaining her situation, the young oracle still seems suspicious.

"Convenient," Caylen mutters, offering a worried look to Rema, before turning her attention back to Triela. "Who told you about us? We're-- not exactly widely known. We're just-- we're no one special." Glancing to Silx, Caylen looks to see if the drow is as accepting to Triela's story as the others seem to be.

"I just--" Caylen exhales a sigh, "You're going to need to be a little more convincing than that. It's-- we've--" her words fail her for a moment. Only when she stops being so anxious do they smooth out. "We've had some problems. So... start from the beginning," she invites, "and once you're done, we'll... think about it."

What was seen in that vision can wait until morning, at least.

filler of waterskins

Shayne chuckles when he hears Caylen fumble for words. He waits for her to finish, then offers "What Caylen means, strange bard, is that only group of people pay us attention, and they do so because they are hunting us down to try to kill us."

"And, yes, please do start from the beginning. Not all the great stories start there. But all first stories should do so."

Triela laughs, "First, I heard of you from your guide, second, you were nearby. Besides, even minor rumors about you makes you special, you just have grown into it yet.I dont know the beginning of the story. I know where I entered it. Lavina's parents ship exploded, I dont know why or how, which would be good to discover, I happened to be visiting her when she got the news. In the following days a great many people came demanding money. Alot of it Im sure is from those who had cargi on board, but that is a guess of mine. Lavina is young and not experienced with dealing with excessive pressure, particularly while greiving. She knows her parents have another ship, but her parents had the books with them regarding."

Male Half-Orc Monk 9 / Puppetmaster 2

Resuming with the dawn here. Again, feel free to backtrack if there were evening activities / conversation that you wanted to go over. Assume that all group members are rested and all abilities / spells are prepared.

As the eagle's gaseous form heads out of the room a carefully folded bit of paper is lifted from the ground, it falls to the ground - not far from staff Shayne has left behind. The gnome and his newly found family member are nowhere to be found.

Dearest friends,
May the road ahead fill you as I have been by the road behind. Remember what we have been through. Trust in what we have learned about each other. If our paths cross again know that I will stand at your sides proudly. But if our roads wander in different directions know that I will remember each of you fondly.

The sounds of battle intensifying above are silenced by a powerful screech of an eagle. The sound seems to echo through the temple endlessly.

Triela quietly arouses everyone to the battle above, then grabbing her shield and giving Filly the command to guard her stuff, she dissappears to stealthily investigate while everyone gets ready.

stealth: 1d20 + 6 ⇒ (14) + 6 = 20

Filly was taught hand signs as commands. Very useful when you dont want your mother to know the dog came up behind her all muddy and in need of cleaning. :)

Male Half-Orc Monk 9 / Puppetmaster 2

In the chaos of the battle no one takes notice of you. What you see is hard to take in quickly. Near where you encountered the group you see a young human male trying to talk a villager out of attacking a female half-orc. You've seen the the group helping the young man and female. Near the path that enters the temple area you see six orcs are blocking a mob of humans, each orc is being attacked by a villager (six total attackers). Behind the mob you can make out two individuals that are dressed differently, but the crowd makes it difficult to make out further details. As the eagle re-materializes a harpy flies in from the near by mountain peak. (Roll Perception).

perception: 1d20 + 5 ⇒ (5) + 5 = 10
Well, this action assumes I dont see any reason to go immediatly on the offense.

After my look, I go quickly back to the others, "There is a mob attacking some orcs up top, I think they are being led or manipulated by a pair in the back, a different pair are arguing with a half-orc, and a harpy is coming. I'm going to see if I can diffuse the situation, stay hidden unless my attempt fails."

Triela goes outside brandishing her shield with the family crest and yelling loudly, "STOP IN THE NAME OF THE COUNTESS OF DEVILBANE! I WILL ARBITRATE YOUR GRIEVENCES!"

Male Half-Orc Monk 9 / Puppetmaster 2

The perception check does not garner any further information.

Though some of the villagers that are harassing the orcs look toward Triela, the mob continues to wave their crude weapons about.

From the rear of the mob a voice bellows, "The fire will purify. If you are found to be pure you will be spared. Now step aside and we will put down these monsters."

Male Drow Rogue (Trapsmith) 2

Silx gets up with Triela, sheathing the knife he drew when she awoke him. He stands up and leaves with her, already wearing everything he needs.

Male Half-Orc Monk 9 / Puppetmaster 2

Stealth roll for Silx: 1d20 + 8 ⇒ (10) + 8 = 18.

In the chaos of the battle no one takes notice of you. What you see is hard to take in quickly. Near the ruined stables see Peter trying to talk a villager out of attacking Durra. Near the path that enters the temple area you see six orcs blocking a mob of humans, each orc is being attacked by a villager (six total attackers). Behind the mob you can make out two individuals that are dressed differently, although the crowd makes it difficult to make out further details - what you glimpse reminds you of the cultists you've encountered. The eagle and harpy seem to be keeping one another busy. (Perception: 1d20 + 7 ⇒ (18) + 7 = 25). As you watch carefully from a distance you are sure one of the men in the rear is a cultist. He seems to be guarded by a warrior of sorts.

Male Drow Rogue (Trapsmith) 2

I'm going to see if I can get behind the two. I don't intend to take on two people at once, especially considering one of them looks to be a fighter type, but I want to be positioned there in case an opportunity arises.

Male Half-Orc Monk 9 / Puppetmaster 2

As you look for a way around the mob it becomes clear that it will take you some time to make your way around to the rear of the individuals (several rounds. If you wish to sneak around the mob make three stealth checks).

SWSv: 1d20 ⇒ 7

Male Drow Rogue (Trapsmith) 2

Stealth: 1d20 + 8 ⇒ (3) + 8 = 111d20 + 8 ⇒ (17) + 8 = 251d20 + 8 ⇒ (3) + 8 = 11

Triela bellows back, "There are no monsters here, these individuals have proven their worth! As such, any attack by you will be met in kind!"

diplomacy: 1d20 + 10 ⇒ (18) + 10 = 28

Female Human Oracle (Life) [Planar Oracle] 2

Roughly how big is this mob? 20? 100? Just want to get an estimate of size before I do anything. Where is the mob in relation to the temple? About how far are they, approximately, from the steps up to the temple? How far away are the two "instigators" from the temple doors?

Male Drow Rogue (Trapsmith) 2

Oh boy, those stealth roles. Time to do operation rescue the rogue

Male Half-Orc Monk 9 / Puppetmaster 2

There are nearly fifty humans comprising the mob, six of which are directly engaging orcs. The rest are angrily yelling. The mob itself takes up a 30 ft sq. The mob is about 40 feet from the temple doors, near the path that enters the temple grounds.

The eyes of the warrior in the rear are on you almost immediately (round one). However, as move into the shadow of the temple he loses track of you (round two). You get a feeling that if you move from the shadows he will spot you. Do you continue to move (round three)?

The voice from the rear bellows, "You are young and unaware of the righteous path. Move aside and you will be spared. I will personally take responsibility for your education. The innuendo in the man's voice is blatant. Stand with these.. filth and you will die."

Male Drow Rogue (Trapsmith) 2

No I'll chill there for now. How far away from the two am I?

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