GM Umineko's Carrion Crown

Game Master Umineko


More stuff will be added here later as pertinent information that characters need to remember shows up.

Handout: The Professor's Journal:
Marked 10 years ago: The Whispering Way is more than a cabal of necromancers. I see that now. Undeath is their fountain of youth. Uncovering their motivation does not place me at ease as I thought it might. Their desire to be eternal makes them more dangerous.

Marked two months ago: It is as I had feared. The Whispering Way is interested in something in Ravengro. But what could it be?

Marked one month ago: Whatever the Way seeks, I am now convinced their goal is connected to Harrowstone. In retrospect, I suppose it all makes sense--the stories they tell about the ruins in town are certainly chilling enough. It may be time to investigate the ruins, but with everyone in town already being so worked up about them, I'd rather not let the others know about my curiosity--there's plenty of folks hereabouts that already think I'm a demonologist or a witch or something. Ignorant fools.

Marked twenty days ago: It is confirmed. The Way seems quite interested in something--no, strike that--someone who was held in Harrowstone. But who, specifically, is the Way after? I need a list of everyone that died the night of the fire. The Temple of Pharasma must have such a list.

Marked eighteen days ago: I see now just how ill prepared I was when I last set out for Harrowstone. I am lucky to have returned at all. The ghosts, if indeed they were ghosts (for I did not find it prudent to investigate further) prevented me from transcribing the strange symbols I found etched along the foundation--hopefully on my next visit I will be more prepared. Thankfully, the necessary tools to defend against spirits are already here in Ravengro. I know that the church of Pharasma used to store them in a false crypt in the Restlands at the intersection between Eversleep and the Black Path. I am not certain if the current clergy even know what their predecessors have hidden down below. If my luck holds, I should be able to slip in and out with a few borrowed items.

Marked seventeen days ago: I fear my caution may have cost me too much time. Whatever the Way has planned, it is near completion. I must stop them at all costs. If my suspicions are correct, the entire town--no, the entirety of Ustalav--may be in grave danger. I know not what awaits me, but I haven't enough time to update my will, should the worst come to pass. In the case that I am too careless, I shall leave this journal in my chest of tomes.

Kendra, my child, if you read this, know that I love you, and death will not keep this from being the truth. I may not have always been around for you, but I have dedicated my life to combat evil so that you would not have to take my place one day. I am sorry I did not succeed. Please, do not try to follow in my footsteps; I will lay a curse upon you from beyond the grave if you try.

Ravengro Key:
Map: Here.

A: Town Square

B: Posting Poles: newsletters and ads posted on a weekly basis.
Mostly gossip articles and farmers looking for extra farmhands.

C: The Laughing Demon: local tavern, owned by Zokar Elkarid, who was at the funeral. Known for having strange, dark-toned names for its dishes.

D: Ravengro Town Hall

E: Temple of Pharasma: Run by Father Grimsburrow, holds healing services and sells certain items, mostly holy symbols of Pharasma and holy water.

F: Ravengro General Store: Run by married couple Luthko and Marta Avanaki. Sells the mundane adventuring gear, tools, and skill kits found in the Core Rule Book.

G: Ravengro Forge: Headed and operated solely by Jorfa, an elderly, female Dwarf. Known to keep to herself and dislikes talking about the past. Sells most non-magical light and martial weapons by commission.

H: Jominda's Apothecary: Run by Jominda Fallenbridge, who was present at the funeral. Sells most special substance equipment found in the Core Rule Book, as well as herbs and reagents that can be used in most non-expensive casting material components.

I: Ravengro Jail: Headed by Sheriff Benjan Caeller, assisted by four deputies. Noted for being quiet most nights, as the worst crime most years is just drunken revelry getting out of hand.

J: The Silk Purse: A loan business catering to the various farmers around town. Has eight mercenaries on-site to prevent theft,
known to sell collateral that has been left unclaimed.

K: The Outward Inn: Local inn, most guests being traveling merchants. Run by Sarianna Vai, who provides meals and occasionally hires musicians for entertainment.

L: The Unfurling Scroll: School run by retired wizard Alendru Ghoroven. Known for being strict and harsh. Also known to sell some magical equipment rarely.

M: Councilmember's Homes: Each one will be expanded upon as needed.

N: The Lorrimor Place

O: Harrowstone Memorial: Statue depicting Warden Hawkran, last warden of Harrowstone before it burned down. 25 names are listed at the base, including the warden's wife, Vesorianna.

P: The Restlands: The graveyard of Ravengro, where Professor Lorrimor was buried.

Q: Gibs Hephenus's Shack: Home of the old man who caused the ruckus at the Professor's funeral.

R: Harrowstone: The prison that burned down many years ago. Rumored to be haunted, and shrouded in mystery.