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Why should the young heroes get all the fun?

The Parchment:

Set thee off from Slumbering Cat
Seeking where the Dead are at
Journey north and east apace
To find Medusa’s iron embrace,
Follow now the Spider Star
Behind the Wall that hides its Face
To our Sad, Abandoned Place
If visit ye the Long Deceased
Find the Will to Feed the Beast
Then Begin where all Men End
Light go out and Breath Suspend
Egress through the Stony Door
After turning Face to Floor
Each Adellan Branch has Room
In its Silent, Musty Tomb
For at least one Careless Soul
Wouldst thou fill that Empty Hole?

Maps and Handouts

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Recruitment is closing in 8 hours, better get ready fast if you aren't already.

The old hag toes down the kick-starter on her ancient and gnarled broom. With a spryness inconsistent with her years, she leaps on the kickstarter, adding curses in addition to her negligible body weight. The broom's engine coughs loudly once and dies...

Mahb chokes the broom like a child (don't think about that comparison) and then throws her hunched form onto the kick-starter again. The engine coughs up a decade of disuse, blasts a cone of sulfurous smoke out the back, then settles into an idle so rough it would shake the teeth from a giant's skull... which probably explains Mahb's poor dental health.

bubbida bubbida bu-bu-bubbida!

The hag throws an arthritic leg over the broom with pained glee, "Let's ride, b!tches."

Good luck to all!

Silver Crusade

Crunch done, good luck all.

"Eh? Where the ladies at?" Says a pervy old man sliding into frame. He puts a hand up to ward off the sun as he looks around. Upon only seeing Mahb, he reels back. "Ugh. I'd say this ones past its expiration date." He calms down quickly and thinks out loud. "It'd take a lot of alcohol but it could be done."

[George Takei]Oh MY...[/George Takei]

Oh, now I need some brain bleach. Anyway, Recruitment is now closed.
I'll go over the submissions and I'll have the chosen ones ready by tomorrow! Thank you for making this a hard decision!

Grand Lodge

"Eh? Whatdidyousay? Stop muttering young...thing"

Alright, the die is cast. I call out of retirement and into the Discussion tab the following old wrecks:

Mahb, the Wizened Witch of the Woods
Gabriel Balca, the Atrophied Adventurous Alemaker
Duke Vars, the Hedonistic Hairless Hero

Thanks to all of you for your submissions, it was really a terrible choice! See you around the boards!

Well, there were some great ideas and it was an interesting challenge in creation.

Grand Lodge

"Eh? Whassat? you don't want me? That's okay, I wouldn't want to hang out with them anyway. They're all senile."

Seriously, congrats guys and have fun

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