GM Misty's War of the Burning Sky

Game Master Brendan Missio

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Witness the terrible face of war in a world of magic...

As the new year turns, the weather across takes a sudden chill turn, and the sky darkens as the grip of winter intensifies. Worry rises as regular channels of communication between nations cease like a candle suddenly snuffed. Slowly, throughout the lands claimed by the Ragesian Empire, rumors spread between isolated villages, traveling by foot and horse and word of mouth—rumors that Drakus Coaltongue, the immortal emperor whose armies conquered every land he set his gaze upon, has fallen in a distant land to the west. How the tyrant was defeated is unknown, but if it is true, everyone knows that a war is coming. The generals of Emperor Coaltongue will strike for control, oppressed peoples will rise up in rebellion, and dangers once held in check only by fear of the mighty warlord will bring doom to the world.

Those in power are preparing for the coming conflict, readying fervent armies and powerful weapons and subtle, deceptive plots, but two questions burn in their minds: who killed the seemingly-immortal Emperor Coaltongue; and what has become of the artifact that would let a man rule of the world? Who has the Torch of the Burning Sky?

The Game:
I would like to take a band of would be heroes through ENWorld Publishing’s War of the Burning Sky converted by myself to the Pathfinder ruleset. This campaign spans 12 books and covers a party of adventurers from 1st to 20th level.

I will be recruiting until Friday 29th of September for a group of 6 PCs to undertake this adventure, beginning on Monday 2nd of October.

Player’s Guide Here

About Me:

Having partaken in some PBPs on these forums myself, I have decided to try my hand at running one with an adventure that I don’t think I would be able to run otherwise. My experience with Pathfinder goes back to 2011 and I have both run and played in most Paizo published APs and Modules.

Character Creation:
Races: I would prefer races from the Core Rule Book but don’t let that deter you from submitting a character with an unusual race. I am happy to accommodate an character with a non-core race if provided with a good backstory.
Classes: All classes from CRB, all classes bar summoner from the APG, Magus from UM and all classes from the ACG. For campaign specific reasons, Occult classes will not be accepted. I am unfamiliar with Unchained and won’t be utilising the ruleset from Pathfinder Unchained.
Alignment: All alignments welcome, but do not expect to be selected if playing the guy who wants to watch the world burn.
Ability Scores: Characters are to be built with the 25 point buy system with no buy downs (no stat below 10 before racial modifiers)
Feats: All feats from the CRB, APG, UM and UC. Feats from other Paizo sources on review.
Traits: Any one trait from any Paizo source (including all AP Player Guides except for Wrath of the Righteous). The other is to be selected from the “Feats gained at level 1” from the players guide – they are about on par with a trait.

War of the Burning Sky Traits:
War of the Burning Sky Traits
Blade of the Resistance: Fed up with the oppression of the Ragesians and Shahalesti, you wage a discreet war against them. With the impending threat of invasion, your cause is more important than ever.
Benefit: You gain Sense Motive as a bonus class skill. Additionally, once per day you can select an intelligent creature who has dealt damage to you or your allies to place a vendetta upon. That creature need not have dealt damage to your or your allies during the current encounter; a previous encounter will suffice. Until the end of the day, you gain a +2 bonus to weapon or ray damage rolls against the target of your vendetta.
Blessed by Dreams: You have helped the Gate Pass temples to manage the annual Festival of Dreams holiday parade, and last year you were promised good fortune. Like the rest of the religious community, you fear the heretical zealotry of the Ragesian Inquisitors.
Benefit: You gain Knowledge (religion) as a bonus class skill. Additionally, once per day you may reroll a single saving throw made by you or any ally within 30 ft. of you, using the better of the two results.
Cavalry Errant: Elements of the Ragesion military are displeased with their orders and their new ruler Leska, while commanders of Gate Pass's military desire reinforcements. You are (or were) a member of Ragesia’s or Gate Pass’s military, and are trained as a cavalryman.
Benefit: You gain Ride as a bonus class skill. Additionally, you gain the ability to help your mounted allies. Once per round, you can make a Ride check and use your check in place of an ally’s if yours is higher. The ally must be within 30 ft. of you.
Civic Minded: You are involved in the politics of Gate Pass, and know your way around the city’s laws and government. Although many politicians wish to surrender to Ragesia, you want to take a stand.
Benefit: You gain Diplomacy as a bonus class skill. Additionally, whenever an ally within 30 ft. of you uses the aid another ability, the bonus he provides increases by +1. Normally this will improve the bonus from +2 to +3. Multiple characters with this feat do not improve the bonus further, though other special abilities can.
Student of War: Gabal, the famed invoker, intends to make a stand against Ragesia. You have studied the art of war at his wizard’s school, and have practiced battling many foes at once.
Benefit: You gain Knowledge (history) as a bonus class skill. Additionally, you can strengthen your spells for use in large-scale battles. You can spontaneously modify a spell, which extends its casting time: if the spell’s normal casting time is a standard action, casting the modified version is a full-round action; for a spell with a longer casting time, it takes an extra full-round action to cast the modified version. When you do so, if the modified spell affects three or more creatures, increase the spell’s save DC by +1.
Thieves’ Guild Sympathizer: You have had dealings with the Gate Pass Thieves’ Guild, and you suspect they might owe you a favor, though you know it might not be safe to push your luck. You also know that none in the Guild are too pleased at the prospect of Ragesian martial law.
Benefit: You gain Bluff as bonus class skill. Additionally, your experience with being a lookout grants you an ability to alert your allies just before danger strikes. If you are not surprised at the start of an encounter, your allies receive a second Perception check to avoid being surprised.

Hit points: Max HP at first level, Half +1 for each level up. Animal companions use the exact average per hit die for hit points (e.g. 2HD = 9, 3HD = 13.5, 4HD = 18…)
Starting gold: Each character starts with 200gp
Deities: As written, War of the Burning Sky takes a strangely setting neutral approach to gods, rarely referencing them and then only by generic monikers such as the 'god of revelry.' Thus I've decided to offer any interested players the unique chance to engage in some worldbuilding and help develop the pantheon as they see fit. Those wishing to play any sort of religious types are free to design (or steal) whatever deities they seek to worship, which I will then work into the campaign as I see fit. Note: The citizens of Gate Pass (this adventure's starting location) have public temples for 8 gods (one of which is the god of revelry). Additional Note: The one part of the cosmology that I will impose upon you is the presence of the four primordials who created the world and represent the four elements - the Tidereaver Kraken, the Worldshaper Wurm, the Stormchaser Eagle, and the Flamebringer Drake.

Application requirements:

I understand the nature of play by post recruitments mean that people can be forced to spend a lot of time creating aliases and generating their characters stat blocks. If you wish to do so, feel free, all I will require initially is for the following to be provided in a post:

Character Name
Character Race
Character Class
Primary Role: Support/Frontliner/Divine Caster/Ranged Damage etc…

And then the deeper stuff:

Character Background: Tell me a little about what has led to your character being the person they are today. A paragraph or two is fine, if you want to write more, don’t let me stop you
Plans for the character mechanically: Let me know how you plan on building this character as they level up, any prestige classes or multiclassing options you want them to take. This will assist in ensuring a level of party balance.
Plans for the character’s own story: While this is a structured adventure, it is also a Role Playing Game. I encourage you to think of hopes and dreams for your character and goals that you would like to have met over the course of the adventure.

Upon selection, I will expect an Alias and a Character Sheet be created in the Aliases profile as per this example .


I expect the following from those selected to join:

Posting Rate: I expect everyone to post at least once per day on weekdays. I will be checking the adventure thread at least twice daily, including weekends.

An alternate form of contact: I will request an email address or equivalent for contacting you just in case you go quiet for a couple of days.

Planned Absence: This is a long campaign and can fully appreciate people’s lives getting in the way of posting. If you are going to be unavailable, please let me know and we can discuss botting your character or a zany sidequest while the party pushes on.
Unexpected absence: If someone hasn’t posted on any given day, I will reach out to them just to check in – if a combat is in progress, I will bot their turn. If they haven’t posted for 2 days, I will bot their PC for another 5 days. If after this point they have not responded or posted, I will remove their character from the campaign.

House Rules:
House Rules:
If one person in the party has max ranks in appraise I will inform you of the value of items. If not, rolls will be required.
Monster Identification:
I have remodelled the DCs for identifying monsters abilities as below:
5 + CR - Common monsters
10 + CR – Uncommon monsters
15 + CR – Rare Monsters
20 + CR – Very Rare monsters
25 + CR – Unique monsters
Upon identifying a monster I will provide information as relevant to your character. Example, a cleric identifying a wraith may learn that the wraith is vulnerable to resurrection magic while the fighter may learn that he needs to hit it with, at the very least, a magical weapon to harm it.
Magic Item Identification:
Magic Items require a DC20 + CL of the item check to correctly identify
Magic Item Crafting:
Crafting Magical Items requires both the appropriate minimum caster level and the spell required for crafting the item. These cannot be bypassed with the +5 Spellcraft DC.
Theatre of the Mind:
I will be running Combat through the Theatre of the mind. This means that things like Attacks of Opportunity as a result of movement and flanking are going to be a little harder to adjudicate. To assist, flanking bonuses will be granted when a target is threatened by two or more creatures and Attacks of Opportunity will be granted to creatures with reach against creatures with less reach moving towards them. Attacks of Opportunity can still be provoked as per the CRB.

If you have any questions feel free to ask.

Liberty's Edge

Looks interesting. I'll see what I can come up with. :)


Character Name: Ash Dawncourt

Character Race: Elf or Aasimar.

Character Class: Wizard (Exploiter Archetype)

Primary Role: Arcane caster

Character Background: Ash is the son of an elven noble house. He is, essentially, on holiday in Gate Pass. He had begun studying magic back home but found it boring, so he took a hiatus to travel. While in Gate Pass learning about human life he became intrigued by the mages school. The Evoker's methods were anything but boring. He spent a quick half-decade at Gabal's academy and has recently graduated. He has found that the fast-paced style of human living suits him. When the game begins, Ash will be carousing like a college kid after graduation, trying to decide what to do next with his life.

Plans for the character mechanically: Wizard the whole way, specializing in spell dueling and battlefield control.

Plans for the character’s own story: Ash has dreams of becoming a renowned spell-duelist. As the game starts, he will be quite the arrogant hot-head, a rich kid with no real direction in life, a craving for action, and a very dangerous skill set. In spite of that, he is also an idealist who wants to make the world a better place. He aspires to greatness and wants to be a hero.
As he progresses, he will learn to slow down and consider his actions, how nobility without responsibility or accountability is how tyrants are made, and what it really means to be a hero.

Ash looks good Doomed Hero, would be good to see a student of war magic take up this quest!

Any particular reasoning behind looking at the Aasimar race?

Two reasons-

1) Exploits are powered by Charisma. An offensive-focused spellcaster needs their primary Stat as high as possible, which doesn't leave a lot left over for other attributes. I don't really like the idea of "dump stats" so when I play spellcasters I usually go for a race that compliments my class. Peri-Blooded Aasimars are the only race that gets a bonus to intelligence and charisma.

2) I liked the bit about the four elemental world-creator monsters. I thought it would be interesting to play a character with a bit of that raw otherworldly power in them. It wouldn't be the usual "decended from angels" thing. The Peri blooded are described as torn between their creative and destructive sides, which seemed to fit nicely with my other ideas. My thought was that maybe his elven noble house is known for having that divine elemental spark (since aasamars can come from any racial stock).

If you dont like the aasimar idea I can make it work fine as an elf. Just let me know which you prefer.

Are you going to allow drawbacks as well?

Would you be open to a Strix?

Dotting! I haven't heard of this campaign before, but grand campaigns with politics and what not are always super interesting. I see the player's guide is a whoopin' 25 pages so I got some reading to do ;)

@Doomed Hero
Generally not too fussed on the mechanical benefits of races, just wanted to see where you wanted to go flavour wise. Would definitely be happy to see an elven descended Aasimar.

It's a no on the drawbacks sorry Kiana, but I would be open to a Strix with some flavour reasoning behind it.

I'm interested. Are you using the Gate's Pass feats as bonus feats?

Hi eakratz , the Gates Pass feats are replacing a trait as they are of a similar level.

Cramm Delling and her boar companion Sausage

Cramm was a farmer who's land had been annexed by Ragesia. She fled with her last boar, whom she had grown a liking too and just couldn't bring to market, to Gate's Pass where she took a job as a butcher in a local shop. Unfortunate for her, her bitter attitude and sense of being wronged causes her get involved in troublemaking with the resistance. Her natural personality is pretty much jovial, but she has been embittered by the loss of her family farm as well as the interactions she has had with overbearing soldiers, mostly, she wants to be left alone and ultimately get her old farm back, or at least get back to farming in general, but in the meantime, she will do what it takes to make sure the next generation of Delling's can get back to the land.

Mechanical Plans: probly hunter alll the way.

Character plans: Make the world a place where she can get back to farming, and enjoy it without fear of another army passsing through to destroy her livelihood.

I like the look of Cramm, eakratz.

Good to see a link to the resistance as well.

Ash is coming along nicely. I decided to go with an Elf rather than an Aasimar. There was an elf race trait that did the trick of the elemental flavor I wanted.

He's definitely a glass cannon. Very squishy right now, but everything in front of him is going to have a bad day.

i'll have his background and equipment fleshed out in the next few days.


Kiana was born in a small colony of Strix on a small island they simply named 'Home' in Strix. It lay just off the coast of Daasen.

For centuries, their life was one of relative peace and quiet. That is until a small fleet of ships came to the small island. Military forces bombarded the island with siege weapons, nearly destroying it before landing and attacking.

Kiana was small enough to hide in a small crevice high up on the side of the dormant volcano that had given birth to their island. She watched the destruction of her people, and then the burning of their homes. It was days before hunger drove her to leave the crevice, despite the humans having left.

There were other survivors, she saw many fly off north toward the mainland, but she was too young to join them at the time. She grew up on the ruined island, practicing daily until her fingers bled with the bows left behind. Eventually, she was old enough to fly away from the island on her own.

She eventually fell in with a pirate crew. Kiana's folk had always been fishers and flyers, maintaining a small fleet of fishing craft, and she had always as a child loved being on the boats with the salt spray in her face.

The pirate crew, which was made up of mostly non-human crew, welcomed her for her ability to scout, and her keen eye. Unfortunately, her ship was hit by a typhoon, and sank. She barely survived the storm, making it into the center of the eye and limping along on injured wings until she could make landfall.

Having made land, she felt that perhaps a change from the sea might be needed, her luck thus far had not been good. She still vowed to hunt for the killers of her island, as she had been doing. Her only clue was a bit of uniform she took off a corpse that hadn't been retrieved by the attackers of her island.

The uniform is the only thing she has to try to track down the murderer's of her family. She has recently found that the symbols are Ragesian Special Forces, meaning Ragesia attacked her island.

She has come to Gate Pass, having heard rumors of war, to kill as many Ragesian's as she can, in vengeance for her fallen clan.

Character Name : Kiana Sunbane
Character Race : Strix
Character Class : Zen Archer Monk
Primary Role: Archer/Scout

Character Background: (See above)

Plans for the character mechanically: I rarely plan out long builds, as they tend to get impacted by gameplay. However, the plan is to be a zen archer monk for at least 5 levels, possibly with a level dip into a skill class for additional skills.

Plans for the character’s own story: Kiana will start out with a seething hatred for humans and orcs in general, and Ragesian humans/orcs/half-orcs specifically. She will be coldly polite to non-Ragesian humans, and give Ragesian's no quarter at all. Over time, I would hope she would (if possible within the game without disrupting it too much) find out why Ragesian forces slaughtered her homeland 20 years ago. Hopefully, she will interact with humans and orcs that will eventually convince her that not all humans and orcs are evil scum.

Hmmm... I've seen War of the Burning Sky and thought it looked like an interesting campaign. I'll mull things over and see if an idea strikes me

Dark Archive

Dot for interest.


Hmmm... I'm starting to get a vague idea of a tengu blademaster-in-training... a bladejourneyman? XD I'll have to look at the player's guide and see if there's somewhere it'd make sense for a tengu to be from.

This sounds interesting, although i am not familiar with the setting.
Player's Guide, it is...

Dotting. This sounds really interesting! Will read the players guide and work up a character.

Virgil Geryon
1/2 Orc
Melee/ trapper

After reading the guude, this is my initial thought....

Ok. I am liking the Infiltrator archtype, along with Trapfinder trait from Mummy's Mask.

Can you see where i am going with this?

Character Name: Iorskan
Character Race: Dragonborn (Nagaji rules...though I'd ask to train poison resistant for DR5 fire, to reflect draconic heritage)
Character Class: Unchained Monk of the Mantis
Str (16) Dex (14) Con (14) Int (8) Wis (14) Cha (16)
Primary Role: Front line fighting

Character Level Plan:
Lvl 1: Unchained Monk of the Mantis
Lvls 2-4: Enlightened Paladin (+3 AC and +3 all saves)
Lvls 5-9: Unchained Monk of the Mantis
Lvls 10+: I don't know. Maybe 2 more levels of Enlightened Paladin? Or just more monk. We'll see...

I don't think that he will be OP. Fairly decent defenses (AC19 at lvl4, and pretty good saves), mediocre offense (unarmed strike means 2 attacks per round, neither of which will hit that hard), but it seems flavorful.

Character Background: Iorskan is a dragonborn mercenary. Hatched on the road, he was raised by his parents to follow in their footsteps. In this, he has been taught that the blood of dragons runs through his veins. That he is the heir to a legacy that stretches back to greatness. The combat style of his forefathers is to hone his claws until they are strong enough to slash through steel, and to toughen his scales until they are as strong as plate. In this, he is determined to live up to the deeds of his forefathers. He was also raised in an environment in which one's word is paramount. He is a dragonborn of honor, who takes great pride in the reputation of his people. For he believes that just as one must hone his body, he must also train his soul. For the body is a fortress, and the mind is what guards it. One without another will not stand.

Plans for the character’s own story: Iorskan's childhood was filled with stories of the great Arkhosian empire. He travels in the hope of one day seeing with his eyes the ruins of his people. He is also on a quest of self-perfection, and is of the belief that one cannot do this without truly experiencing everything the world has to throw at him.

@Ash/Doomed Hero
Thanks for putting together a character profile, definitely looks like a glass cannon!

Like the look of Kiana so far. Is there any particular group in Gate Pass where she has some people that she gets along with?

I like the train of thought

Would you consider Brawler or Chained Monk? As stated above, I'm not across unchained rules and would prefer to avoid them.

I'm happy to trade the Resistant racial trait for a Resist Fire 5.

The background looks good, I may even be thinking about where his draconic heritage originates...

Thank you for the encouragement. I shall continue working on him tomorrow after work.

And thank you for running.

Hmm...chained monk is pretty bad. Going down that route would mean getting -2 to hit at lvl 1, fewer HP, and getting an extra attack a few turns later. And while brawler could work, it'd mean going for armored fighting which would defeat the point.

Putting some thought into this...

I don't know if you mean you've never seen the unchained classes before or just not familiar with them, like how I don't allow the occult classes is my games because I just don't have time to learn the mechanics.

Unchained Monk

It's pretty good. Not OP or anything and straightforward.

I'm not dead set on hunter. May go Druid or shaman as well.

I'll look into Unchained - I haven't had time to fully investigate the ruleset.

From the looks of things:
Flurry of Blows means 1 extra attack - as opposed to TWF/ITWF/GTWF
d10 instead of d8 hit die
Full BAB progression
Loses primary Will save
Style Strikes
Changing how class features are enabled

It doesn't look like it uses Stamina or any of the other rules introduced in Pathfinder Unchained.

I'll let you keep the build as is if selected Iorskan.

Eakratz, happy for you to play with the crunch, more looking at the fluff because that's what is going to drive the story.

Thank you. :)

Just to clarify, 1 extra attack from 1st level and an additional extra attack at 11th. Both at highest attack bonus, stacking with effects similar to Haste.

GM Misty wrote:
Eakratz, happy for you to play with the crunch, more looking at the fluff because that's what is going to drive the story.

Great. I like my background and motivation, just not sure on the crunch yet. I don't have time to investigate the awesomesauciest build, but I do want to try something I haven't before.

I am thinking of a Dwarven wizard, I think it would be fun. I am seeking to challenge myself with this, so I am stumble while making him. It's also possible I just go with a dwarven alchemist, brewmaster, as I love that idea. Yes, I will try to use the horrid scottish accent as well, for we all know every dwarven ever has it. It's because of the beards really.... changes the voices.

In my weekly d&d5 campaign, our GM does his dwarves with a French accent. Amazingly, it works really well.

Background added. Let me know what you think and if there's any changes I should make to better help tie Ash into the adventure.

I wish i could do a french accent that was horrid, or even decent. After a onh huh, mon amie, i'd suck at it. Though I am really thinking now I look more at him, that he has an accent similar to mine, i.e a Savannah accent. Not like those heathens in Charleston either, trying to be upper class when they nothing but poor folk. I'mma make Southern Colonel a thing. Though I cant find a good enough reason to name the dwarf beauregard

Sorry! I totally missed you earlier! There's plenty of room for a Tengu. Especially considering the vast conquests of Emperor Coaltongue.

Look forward to seeing what you put together, accents really can serve to establish characters.

Backstory looks good, feel free to throw some names into the backstory (a favourite professor, the name of the student and his father...)

Alright! After much thought, and a bit to drink, I have decided that Beauregard is a classical dwarven alchemist, in the pursuit of only the finest of elixirs. He sees the upcoming war as a chance to ttry out various potions, but he will always be going towards brewing (see brewmkeeper prestiage class), though he has discovered a way to make some explode and those seems like they would benefit a war time effort. He tries to always do his best, but sometimes those humans and elves just move to fast for him, and he is always trying to understand why they do the things they do.
I would imagine he would end up having a small shop set up, but in the mean time he helps out the resistance, as without new people to test his potions on, he will never have an idea as to how they work.
After reading ash background, if both Ash and dm approve, I can see Beauregard having taken advantage of the elf a few times, and being a regular at the tavern he frequents.

fatmanspencer wrote:
After reading ash background, if both Ash and dm approve, I can see Beauregard having taken advantage of the elf a few times, and being a regular at the tavern he frequents.

I'm guessing (hoping) you mean at cards. ;)

Yeah, I like that idea. An unlikely friendship between a dwarf and an elf is a great trope. I'd love to play with it.

Lets wait until we see the final party selection before discussing it further though. It's a moot point if we don't both make it in.

I'll just leave this here...

It could be anything ;P. But no really, it was cards. However I do agree, we can finalize anything like that afterwards. Even if I did think you a pretty elven madame at first.

After looking through the player's guide I thought this looked like a lot of fun. I would like to submit this character idea.

Name: Sobrian Kommin
Race: Human
Class: Rogue (Acrobat Archtype)
Primary Role: Frontliner

Sobrian came from a family of entertainers. He was a second generation Wayfarer, growing up on the Wayfarer Theater and raised by loving parents who watched with pride as their only son followed in their footsteps as a high-flying acrobat. Sobrian loved the life and stayed onboard the ship through his adolescent years and well into adulthood.

By the age of 32, he had married (a beautiful half-elf and fellow Wayfarer named Tiyara) and had a talented 8 year old daughter, Seffanry. His bloodline of performers persisted and Seffanry took to the air at such a young age and seemed to soak up every lesson he gave to her. Unfortunately, her obvious skill and her father's overconfidence in those skills would lead to tragedy. Performing at a height she had no right to be at, Seffanry fell into a faulty net and fractured her spine. Not only would she never flip through the air again, but she would require crutches to even move about on he ground for the rest of her life.

Though life on the Wayfarer Theater was all he ever knew, Sobrian let his wife talk him into leaving the ship after the accident. A combination of fear that another accident would leave Seffanry without a father and the fact that every time he would perform it would be akin to a slap in the face for his daughter, who had absolutely loved her training, drove Sobrian and his family inland. They now travel to Tiyara's family lands in Shahalesti, hoping to start a new life in the land of the elves, though traveling with a cripple has been rough and they think to stay in Gate Pass for a season before traveling the final leg of their journey.

Sobrian and his family are going to be pretty upset coming inland just as all the commotion and talk of war starts. I imagine he will participate in the adventure to defend his new home and try to procure a better life for his family.

As far as mechanics go, I think maybe steering for the shadowdancer prestige class down the road but starting out I just imagine him as flipping around beating people with a quarterstaff, though his days as a performer will manifest in higher charisma so he could also perhaps be the face man of the group.

Anyway thanks for your consideration and let me know if I can provide any more information.

This is Dorian's work in progress...

Character Name: Ferrante Dau'ran
Character Race: Human
Character Class: Fighter
Primary Role: Frontliner

Character Background: Ferrante was born into a life of comfort, with parents who could provide that which he needed to succeed in life: military training, connections and the luxury to focus on his career. What his parents couldn't provide was a world at peace and their constant fears for a tomorrow in flames subconsciously pushed Ferrante to pursue the way of the sword with more than just a passion for swordplay: Gate Pass would be in the middle of any new conflict.

Ferrante is the oldest son of the third son of a fading patrician. If he is to have a career in politics, he'd first need to distinguish himself either through military service and deeds or through acquiring so much wealth that avoiding his influence is an impossibility. Having no love for trade nor the required skill to excel at a craft, Ferrante's future is clear: to do what he has trained for and in doing so, hope to reclaim his family's glory.

Plans for the character mechanically: A two-handed specialist who, once a feat spot opens up, will pick up Skill Focus Diplomacy. Going fighter from start to finish, with an early focus on bolstering will saves.

Plans for the character’s own story: Inspired by the politics of Medieval and Renaissance Italy, Ferrante will be fighting two battles: one against the imperial forces and one for political clout. His family lacks the influence and wealth and it's up to Ferrante to ensure the Dau'ran family gets another shot at political success.

(Personal Notes: STR16/DEX14/CON14/INT13/WIS14/CHA12 - Civic Minded trait + Indomitable - Iron Will / Power Attack / Weapon Focus Greatsword)

GM Misty wrote:

Like the look of Kiana so far. Is there any particular group in Gate Pass where she has some people that she gets along with?

I was thinking either the Military groups or the Rogues group. Either would make sense. The Military would love another flier who isn't a griffin rider, and the thieves group the same thing.

I really enjoy exploring unique mechanical elements of settings like this, so I'm trying to combine several of them.

Character Name: Feguk
Character Race: orc
Character Class: sorceror (east wind style)
Primary Role: support/melee

Character Background: Feguk is a full-orc distant relative of Leska. Possibly? It doesn't mention her race in the Player's Guide. If not her than another prominent person in Ragesia. He showed a particularly un-orcish knack for diplomacy. Among his local tribe, unfortunately, that was not looked upon favorably. He was expelled and began to wander.

Before long, Feguk encountered a monk from the Monastery of Two Winds who saw promise in the young orc. Invited to come study as an apprentice, Feguk quickly began absorbing all they had to teach him.

When the current crisis began, Feguk received word that he was needed to help sustain the Ragesian Empire- the first he had heard from his family since his ostracism. Reluctantly, he left the Monastery, vowing to continue his training whenever possible.

He was assigned to Gate Pass where he now works as an unofficial ambassador for Leska, shoring up support for the Empire.

Plans for the character mechanically: I plan to take monk at 2nd level and the commander class from the player's guide at level 3. I will level up all 3 classes as needed based on how the game progresses. Starting stats will be something like Str 16, Dex 12, Con 14, Int 11, Wis 8, Cha 15 (after racials). Civic minded.

Plans for the character’s own story: Feguk isn't particularly ambitious but circumstances are setting up for him to become a military leader, assuming Leska succeeds in consolidating power and he can get over his family issues. If not, who knows what might become of him.

I am wondering, do you need me to put all that into the post like a few others have?

Okay so applicants so far:
Ash Dawncourt: Elven Arcanist - Arcane Caster
Kiana Sunbane: Strix Zen Archer Monk - Archer/Scout
Virgil Geryon: Half Orc Inquisitor - Frontliner/Trapfinder
Iorskan: Dragonborn Monk - Frontliner
Beauregarde: Dwarven Alchemist - ??
Sobrian Kommin: Human Rogue - Frontliner
Ferrante Dau'ran: Human Fighter - Frontliner
Feguk: Orc Sorcerer - Support/Melee

I like the family connection, is finding a magical cure for Seffanry (example: Regenerate) a potential goal for Sobrian?

Not sure if I've missed something, but who is Mehmed? Thanks for putting together an alias too.

The path of a hero can lead to great esteem, there would be many opportunities to bring the Dau'ran family name back to forefront.

Maybe the theives guild might be better for someone who hates the majority of orcs and humans.

Would Feguk consider himself an ally of Leska?

You've provided pretty much all the information I'm looking for, just a rough idea of the role you see Beauregarde filling in the party is all I need

I'd say midline, or support. Lots of looking into potions, and his bombs are really gonna be his main attacks

Apologies; I wrote that a for another game that ended abruptly.
His story will be similar, although I am planning on interweaving your world into it.

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