GM Jiggy's Impact at Woodhaven (Inactive)

Game Master Jiggy

When a meteor strike turns Woodhaven upside down and brings dark secrets to light, the PCs are called upon to restore the peace.

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Male Imperial | 67AC98

Are there any scrolls or potions of endure elements available? If so I think we should buy two per person. After that is purchased I am ready to go.

Female Human Archaeologist 4 | Init +2 | HP 28/35 | AC 19, T 12, FF 17 | Fort +4, Ref +7, Will +4 | CMB +7, CMD 19 | Perc +8, SensMtv +5

How about a wand of endure elements.

Spells and Consumables Dwarf Cleric 6 | Init -1 | HP 59 | AC 22 (20) |PP 13 ||

Garnult donates the 800GP, that would buy one.

Male Imperial | 67AC98

A wand works if it is available. Other than that I don't know that we need anything else.

Back when I started this campaign, I made no secret about it being my first homebrew PbP campaign, and that there was a very real chance it could implode on itself. Well, the farther into it we go, the more I'm struggling with it. This might not be apparently from the player perspective (in fact, I hope it isn't), but keeping this story going feels like realizing that my skates are drifting apart and if I don't dive at the pavement I'm gonna do the splits right into a telephone pole. Maybe that analogy doesn't make sense, but there you go.

So with that in mind, and combined with an increasing fatigue with certain elements of the Pathfinder ruleset, I've decided it's better to just end it now than to wait until it gets so terrible that you all bail out anyway. Sorry for the abrupt end; this is why I was upfront about the possibility at the beginning.

On the bright side, we made it nearly a year, with over 1,200 posts, which is better than most PbP's end up doing, and certainly better than I anticipated. Hopefully the journey was more fun than not. For myself, the experience has been valuable beyond words, and I thank you all for providing it.

Thanks for playing, and may your dice roll high. :)

Spells and Consumables Dwarf Cleric 6 | Init -1 | HP 59 | AC 22 (20) |PP 13 ||

Oh man. That sucks. Thanks for having us...I enjoyed playing Grumpy Dwarf....

Maybe I'll convert Garnult over to 5E and bring him to your thread there...

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