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Hey folks, I'm looking for some warm bodies for a campaign I want to run.

Game Pitch:

1. This will be a D&D 5e game. Why? 5e strips a lot of mechanics out and streamlined a bunch of others. It's designed to promote narrative play, which is something I want to promote and I think translates well to PbP games. It's not perfect, but I think it fits better for the type of game I want to run.

2. This will be in a homebrew setting. I've been putting together some ideas for a campaign world that I want to unleash some PCs into. If you decide to partake in the game, you'll get more info, but in brief, it's a pretty standard, lowish magic fantasy setting. Lots of low level divine magic, less so arcane, few high level casters of any type. 5e is already designed to be pretty light on the magic items (eg no magic item shops), and in this setting I'm making it even more so. PC's will find magic items, and they will be awesome, but there never will be a bunch of minions walking around with +1 longswords.

3. I intend this to function as an open world game. I have no grand story that I want to tell, I just want to create a believable world to play in. I'm making a map and seeding it with NPCs, monsters and adventure hooks. These hooks are all for adventure from older editions. Basically a D&D greatest hits collection. During character creation, I want to work with the players to give them hooks to early game content, but not have any obligation to follow them. I want players to have the freedom to explore, find a ogre tribe and get eaten all at first level, if they so choose. You will all be starting in a tavern. Expect a very old school sort of vibe.

4. I want to have a game where player agency matters, where the clock is always ticking. You wont always be able to do everything. A tribe of goblins wont wait for you to rescue the princess from the evil wizard before they attack the village. I want a game where the PCs actions matter to the game world. Adventures won't just pause until you can't get to them, sometimes bad things will happen, or another group of NPC adventurers will have taken care of the problem instead.

5. For character creation, I want to recreate the feeling of sitting around a table as much as possible. When I recruit, I'm just recruiting players, not characters. Once I have the players, we'll roll for stats and build the party as a team. I'm planning on a rolling for stats in order (e.g. First roll STR, 2nd roll DEX etc). I want players to discover their characters, not just build some pre-defined idea they already have. I'll also work with the players to sketch backgrounds that fit the setting and have an adventure hook.

What I'm looking for in a player:

1. Activity: While I don't have any hard and fast rules for posting rate, obviously the ability to post more often is prefered. This sort of game is going to be dependent on player initiative, so if you are a more passive player, this might not be the game for you.

2. Engagement: This ties a bit into the point above, but is more than just that. I love it when a player messages me about things they want to do with their characters (goal, schemes, etc).

3. Creativity: I fully support collaborate storytelling. I'm intentionally leaving a lot of the setting vague so it can be fleshed out as we explore it. Want to start a thieves' guild or build a castle? We can do that.
So if this sounds like something that you might be interested in, drop a post to express your interest. I already have a couple of potential players, so I don't exactly know how many players I'll be recruiting. In the unlikely event of a heap of people that want to play, if you want to distinguish yourself, post a bit about want kind of game you'ld like this to be or what your expectations are for it. (Really, I just want to get a feel for the kind of player you are.)

Anywho, thanks for reading and let me know if you have any questions.

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This sounds wonderful. I have been enjoying a number of 5e games, and in general it has become my preferred system to play. Love the low, gritty feel to the gameplay! Willing to help create a game world with like minded players and GM!! I post almost daily (and if not, will try to let you know ahead of time). Love to get into the nitty-gritty of the game world..not just the adventures, but things like starting businesses, crafting and some nuts and bolt style world building. I think I am very creative, having been a role player since the mid 70's. Lots of experience in different game systems, world building etc.

I'm always down for some 5e action.

Sounds fantastic, I'm an old RPGer so this ticks all my boxes, this sounds like the sort of stuff we did as kids sitting around the table with friends. The DM would respond to what we were doing and write adventures over the week based on our actions every weekend :D

I love the 5e D&D system, the streamlined classes with variations built into them are just what RPGs need I feel. It's not about poring over feats and prestige classes to create what you want. You select your broad class, narrower path and then ROLEplay the rest. Also I feel PF has over-inflated stats like +hit, I love the 5e approach.

If you've got room I'd love to join this

Well, as Warpfiend said "this ticks all my boxes". Sandboxy, a system I like but I don't get many chances to play and to boot we'll roll in order (A stat generation system I'm dying to try)... you sir, can count with me.

As for what kind of game I'd like to play... I won't lie, I'm a sucker for playing the wannabe heroes. The kind of stories where a group rises from unknown adventurers to famed heroes, but they fricking earn it through their actions and sacrifices.

Also, being a "sandbox", one of the things I do like is having a base of sorts. Be it a castle the party conquered, a cave we cleaned and rebuild or simpjy a town we are specially fond of. Having a place you care about, that you manage and improve as you advance, that I like.

As this post is getting long enough, I'll return later with more ideas and things I do like or expect, in any case thank you for your time and effort Fanguar!

Big 5E fan as well, and can usually post daily... if the game can support this frequency. I know there are Ebbs and flows in a game, but I have some games that I've been playing in for many years, and can post reliably. I also like the open sandbox style... particularly for 5E, and the grittier the better (Big Warhammer RPG fan as well).

Hm. Old school IS the best school. Sounds interesting. I cut my teeth on 2nd Edition AD&D and 5E sort of throws back to that - not in every way obviously, but enough that 2E adventures can pretty easily be converted to 5E, which is pretty darn cool!

EmissaryOfTheNorth wrote:

As for what kind of game I'd like to play... I won't lie, I'm a sucker for playing the wannabe heroes. The kind of stories where a group rises from unknown adventurers to famed heroes, but they fricking earn it through their actions and sacrifices.

Also, being a "sandbox", one of the things I do like is having a base of sorts. Be it a castle the party conquered, a cave we cleaned and rebuild or simpjy a town we are specially fond of. Having a place you care about, that you manage and improve as you advance, that I like.

Ohh! I'm with you on those points, the old classic "farmer turned savior of the world" and a base we took off the bad guys

Hi Fanguar! I agree with the others here, it sounds great.

I really enjoy the idea to organically evolve the characters and the story. To randomize creation adds to that feeling.

Personally I'd love some epic moments of glory and failure. A sense of togetherness for the characters but hopefully the players and dm too.

It sounds like a lot of fun, and something I can see myself putting some time in.

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I'd like to be considered also. I generally roll six stats in order and see what's suggested anyhow, so that's right up my alley.

I can post once a day except for when I'm travelling. That's not terribly often, although ironically I'm overseas for the next couple of weeks so things may be a little sketchy until June 8th or so.

Hi Folks,

Glad to see so many people interested in a seat at the table. I'm currently touching base with the players that had previously mentioned interest in the game. Once I've gotten their yeas or nays and firmed up the numbers, I'll start filling the rest of the spots, of which it's looking like 3-5. I don't want to drag this out, as there are already more people interested than I can take, so I hope to have this all settled by the end of the weekend.

I'll message people directly with an invite, so you don't have to keep checking this thread. I will post in here once recruiting is completed.

Thanks again for your interest.


Also interested, you press all my buttons with this idea GMF...rolling stats, dnd 5e, world building and character building....yay!!!

I really like how you are attempting to emulate playing a game around a table while also making a game that works well with the perks and limitations of PbP. I am a big fan of 5E being used for PbP. I would like to be considered and with the wish of being completely honest will say that I left the boards for a few months recently due to a bunch of awful things happening in real life at once. Everything is back to normal and I have a lot of time to devout to games now (and am even rejoining some I had to give up on before).

I'd love to play in the kind of game where the players are doing their best to be heroes in a world that may just not care that much about them. I would also love it if adventuring could be interspersed with storylines focusing on different party members so everyone can have a strong connection to this world and an evolving backstory instead of a static one. An example being returning to the hometown of the party fighter and finding out they are hated their and learning about why, while also hopefully taking on some adventure. Or perhaps the party Wizard has an arcane mystery they have been investigating and a trip with the party to an arcane school leads to an adventure there and some self-discovery for the wizard.

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Sounds intriguing. I'm always down for some good 5e fun. Even better when we're free to have fun with the world.

Please consider me as well. I have also been playing in several current 5E games on these boards and in my tabletop weekly game. I have been playing D&D since the early 80's. Many of those who have expressed an interest are involved in games with me now. I can post at least once per day, and usually more. I look forward to this homebrew opportunity, and thanks for the consideration.

Hey Folks,

Just wanted to let everyone know that recruitment is now closed.

    Thanks again for the interest.


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