GM Erich's Salvation Of The Sages (Subtier 10-11) (Inactive)

Game Master Thereus, Silver Crusader

The entire Jeweled Sages order gathers where they truly began in order to confront their hidden past, purge an ancient evil that has haunted them for ages, and define the future of the Scarab Sages faction.

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Grand Lodge

This is the recruitment thread for a PFS run of #9-07 Salvation Of The Sages (Tier 7-11).

Please provide the following to demonstrate your interest.

Character Name

I will choose six players (essentially first come first serve) to complete whatever sub-tier makes the most sense.

Scarab Sages

Name Sethran
Character Name Amarok Sandstrider
PFS ID# 34762-6
Class/Level Zen Archer, Monk / 8
Race Aasimar
Faction Scarab Sages

I have done most of the run up missions to this barring Beacon's Below

Interested! Have a few PCs in range

Scarab Sages

Name Scott (GM Granta)
Character Name Magor Lavablood
PFS ID# 143586-4
Class/Level Oracle 10
Race Dwarf
Faction Scarab Sages

Only interested if high subtier.

Scarab Sages

Name Gerald
Character Name Ruprecht Antillious
PFS ID# 12445-4
Class/Level Crypt Breaker Alchemist 9
Race Elf
Faction Scarab Sages

Scarab Sages

Name: Ward Davis
Character Name: Rok
PFS ID#: 156828-5
Class/Level: Menhir Savant 4 / Tetori 6
Race: Dwarf
Faction: Scarab Sages

I had to sign up once I heard how plot important this one was to the scarab sages.

Grand Lodge

Name Chadius
Character Name Cirri Merryweather
PFS ID# 133608-3
Class/Level Magus 8
Race Human
Faction Grand Lodge

I have a Pseudodragon familiar, by the way.

Scarab Sages

Name Chaosorbit
Character Name Evad Alacar
PFS ID# 90071-5
Class/Level Monk (Unchained) 10
Race Half-Elf
Faction Scarab Sages

Scarab Sages

Name qstor
Character Name Rogar
PFS ID# 2072-5
Class/Level wizard 11
Race dwarf
Faction scarab sages

Scarab Sages

[whisper]team dwarf[/whisper]

Scarab Sages

Name I'm Hiding In Your Closet
Character Name Vladek Tehuty-Cabal Odradek (and Qadathra!)
PFS ID# 40025-3
Class/Level Witch 11
Race Elf (and Faerie Dragon!)

Scarab Sages

Name Pirate Rob
Character Name Hassam al-Rashid
PFS ID# 757-15
Bard 8
Race Humam (Garundi)

Sovereign Court

Name: GM PDK
Character Name: Theodric de LaMontagne
PFS ID#: 4456-1
Class/Level: Fighter 10 (Rondelero Duelist)
Race: Human (Taldan)
Faction: Sovereign Court

Grand Lodge

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@GM Tektite - What do you have suitable for low tier?

Looks like we have enough for a game in each subtier (would justify the enormous preparation I needed to do for this one...)

Shadow Lodge

I have a Paladin10 if you need one more for high.

Sovereign Court

TOZ wrote:
I have a Paladin10 if you need one more for high.

My fighter 10 would love to have this paladin onboard to demonstrate how crappy fighters are at highall levels! :)

*checks stat block* Oof, you’re gonna have a bad time.

Sovereign Court

Tektite here

Name: Hawkwen Agricola
Character: Nikomedes
PFS# 65114-15
Class/Level Investigator+ Lvl. 8
Race: Human
Faction: Sovereign Court

Grand Lodge

Okay, let's do this.

There will be some significant prep on your side before we start. Details on the discussions tab for the relevant sub-tier game. Also please update your character sheet on these forums before we start.


The roster for the high subtier (10-11) is:

Magor (Oracle-10)
Rok (Menhir Savant-4/Tetori-6)
Evad (Monk-10)
Rogar (Wizard-11)
Vladek (Witch-11)
Theodric (Fighter-10)

Will the six of you please go here to dot in:

TOZ's paladin will be on the wait-list unless one of the high tier players wishes to switch to the low tier run below.


The roster for the low subtier (7-8) is:

Amarok (Zen Archer Monk-8)
Ruprecht (Alchemist-9)
Cirri (Magus-8)
Hassam (Bard-8)
Hawkwen (Investigator-8)

Will the five of you please go here to dot in:

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