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This is a Kingmaker AP play by post previously for members of the IBEX community, now open to the general gaming community as a whole.

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This will be the thread for our out of character posts. Any questions, concerns, comments or non-game related issues can be posted here.

Male Human Sorcerer (Infernal) - Level 1 HP: 6



Test successful. Welcome to the discussion thread.

Male Human Fighter - Level 3

Testing, also where should I submit my character?

You may enter basic info on the Character Profile tab for your avatar, for other players to see.

Send me a copy so I may add it to my campaign tracking software.

Post a note in the recruitment thread so I can officially add you to the campaign.

Male Human Sorcerer (Infernal) - Level 1 HP: 6

Int Check 1: 1d20 + 3 ⇒ (6) + 3 = 9
Int Check 2: 1d20 + 3 ⇒ (1) + 3 = 4
Int Check 3: 1d20 + 3 ⇒ (6) + 3 = 9

Male Human Fighter - Level 3

I was feeling lazy so I used a demo of hero labs to make the character, I took a screenshot of the basic stuff so I can email them to you and a basic sheet of my starting armor and weaponry with my leftover gold.

Gonna give it til Saturday morning, then will close the campaign and move it forward.

Cook is dropping out for now I think, if Amanda, Jacob, and Dustin have not posted by tomorrow night, I will assume they are not ready for now. There will be chances for them to join as the game progresses.

Male Human Sorcerer (Infernal) - Level 1 HP: 6

Dustin said he might have something today.

Male Human Sorcerer (Infernal) - Level 1 HP: 6

I spoke to Cook today, and he said he was back in.

Male Elf Rogue/3

Cool what about Dustin

This side road is only a way-stop. The actual side road will not be reached until midday tomorrow. You will back track a short bit in the morning to rejoin the main road, then make the decision which way to go at that time. This stop was more to restock the water and find additional provender as well as safe quarters out of sight of the road, in case of pursuit.

Any updates on our last three players?

Male Human Sorcerer (Infernal) - Level 1 HP: 6

No word as of yet, I suppose.

If the others have not posted by this weekend I will close them out of the list and decide whether or not to talk further with a few others at work that expressed an interest.

You do not have to wait for one watch to "end" if you wish to post your perception checks and have your conversations.

Irakli, when I call for a perception check, that generally means you need to roll a perception check, PLEASE. Thanks.

I will post rolls for the other players tonight if they have not had a chance to post for themselves, then move the game forward.

Don't forget you can chime in with particulars if you wish to add or do anything during the trip, just post and let everyone know. Hide it in a spoiler if you'd like or PM me here or via email and I will work it into my posts.

And speaking of posts, some of you seem to have forgotten that we agreed on a minimum of three posts a week. I'd like to see some more posts folks. Otherwise I am just wasting my time and I could be doing more productive things.

Male Elf Rogue/3

I'm trying I promise lol

GM dice rolls

Not for players:

1d20 ⇒ 16
1d20 ⇒ 10
1d20 ⇒ 18
1d4 ⇒ 2
1d4 ⇒ 4
1d4 ⇒ 3
1d100 ⇒ 80
1d100 ⇒ 56
1d100 ⇒ 48

Irakli, did you intend to skip the actual live players in the game, Echo and Grailmont, or was it assumed they would be included as fellow guardians?

Male Elf Rogue/3


Male Human Sorcerer (Infernal) - Level 1 HP: 6

I haven't been at a computer to post. I am not sure when I will get back to one. I haven't been home due to the water issue.

Father Kavken allows everyone to read the spoiler posts, as he explains the will and wisdom of Erastil to the masses.

This game will be cancelled Friday January 31st for inactivity.

The map of Oleg's Trading Post is updated on the Campaign Info tab. One square equals 5' for reference.

The Larder is a half-buried root cellar, so it appears to be a long low hill 5' high with steps down into the ground before the door.

The garden is a mix of traditional farm vegetables: corn, beans, peas, carrots, tomatoes, peppers, onions, and leafy greens.

The fort walls are about 12' high mud-braced half timbers rough rounded surfaces to the outside. Along the inside of each wall, a narrow walkway is mounted, roughly 8' off the ground. A 3' high railing runs the length of each catwalk. Narrow post stairs allow access to the courtyard at certain points off the catwalk.

The towers rise higher than the walls, to 15' in height, and are armed with swivel mounted ballistae. The lower sections are enclosed, with ladder access to the upper tarp roofed level.

The Trading Post is a two story peak roofed structure, with shuttered windows looking out from both floors. The first floor is stacked stones, the second plaster and oaken beams.

The other buildings in the compound are all sloped, turf roofed wooden clapboard, with narrow windows little larger than arrow slits and reinforced wooden doors.

The corral holds a cow, three pigs, a hog, and a horse. At least a dozen chickens wander around the compound, a coop attached to the side of the stables.

The below are not on the map

A short two wheeled cart and two mules sits outside the corral, hitched to the fencing alongside a half dozen horses.

Before the trading post, two makeshift tables and split wood benches are setup.

A roasting spit is arranged between and before the trading post and the bakery.

Male Human Sorcerer (Infernal) - Level 1 HP: 6

What I would like to do for this, is to kill the main bad guy, and hire the rest of them to help clear hexes. As long as the guy is not actively raping or killing anyone, and as long as their attention is on us, then I would like to negotiate with them. What that means is that you shouldnt go near them with weapons drawn (threaten). Once we negotiate with them to turn on them the main guy (Hap?) we can kill him and have ourselves the first unit of our vast empire. If they later on can not hold up their end of the bargin, we can imprison/execute/punish them later on.

Heroes, please familiarize yourselves with the warrants list from the Campaign info page.

Male Elf Rogue/3

For some reason can't view new map maybe just me

Try this link for the map

Male Elf Rogue/3

The IMG isn't loading idk

Try refreshing if the first load gives you a message this website cannot be displayed. It is working for me in Firefox, Chrome and IE.

Are you having any difficulty loading other webpages?

Have you recently upgraded or changed any programs or settings on your computer or other web browsing device?

Have you heard about F-Secure and Premium Tech Support?

Male Elf Rogue/3

Lol no ty and had to delete cache and data from chrome

Male Human Sorcerer (Infernal) - Level 1 HP: 6

Any time now, Grailmont.

Male Elf Rogue/3


If you choose to attack with sword and shield, use the sword first. You really need a higher Dex to wield two handed and avoid the penalties, taking Two Weapon Fighting feat.

Sword +0 to hit Damage 1d8+5
Shield -5 to hit Damage 1d4+2

If you use just the sword, +6 to hit, Damage 1d8+5

To everyone, Kenzi is not out of the woods yet. He is unconscious at 1HP, with a spear tip lodged in his side, similar to the dog.

Irakli is looking bad, but then so is Happs.

Echo is about to pass out, limited to one action a turn. Anything stressful and he will pass out and starts bleeding out.

Grailmont is still hail and hearty, so there is that. Wonder how good is healing skills are?

Male Human Fighter - Level 3

I need to figure out how to work my attack modifiers

Male Human Sorcerer (Infernal) - Level 1 HP: 6

Irakli, kill Happs.

Male Elf Rogue/3

I tried and and its no bueno The dice hate me now

Male Elf Rogue/3

Sry but disregard the silver dagger thought it was part of the tabled stuff

Guys, things look like they are dragging here. Do I need to inject some new blood into the mix. Maybe recruit a few new players to bump the posting or would you prefer we end the campaign?

Male Elf Rogue/3

Need some new players to move things along I know I post and wait for a while for someone else

Male Human Fighter - Level 3

I changed my avatar to something that fit my characters age.

Male Human Sorcerer (Infernal) - Level 1 HP: 6

While I agree that things are slowed down, we are all busy with the real world. If we find someone we know and can trust to add in, that would be great. But if we can't, I am fine with accepting the slowed pace as long as others are amenable to it.

Hey Irakli, I just landed in a new PbP, take a look at this format if you start posting to find a game of your own. Really helps a prospective GM see what your character is about.


Guys I have posted new rules to use for this campaign moving forward. Take a look at them in the Campaign tab.


I am going to run initiative in pairs, so two people may go, then the next two, down the line.

To try to speed this game up, if you have not posted in 48 hours from the previous post, I will run your character in a stationary full defense mode, no attacks, no spells.

New Maps & Instructions:

We will be using ditzie. It's extremely simple to use and is different compared to google docs.

The idea is pretty simple. At the start of an encounter I'll post a map which will have movable tokens atop it. You click the link and move your token to where you want to go. The next step is important, click ENTER and copy the new web address, paste the new web address in a link included in your post. The next person should always use the person before them's link. Make sure to use the copy of the map that the player before you posted.

Its also very important that you click the Preview button before you post, especially when you moved in combat. Clicking the Preview button before you post refreshes the feed without posting, so you can make sure your post is correct before you commit to it. Please preview every post before you submit it, editing if something's needs changed.

Unfortunately Ditzie doesn't work well on touch devices. You can view the map but can't interact with it. In the case you need to post from your phone or tablet, just describe your movement with your post and I'll move your token before my next action if no one else has gotten to it.

Use the link I posted in the Gameplay tab and we will be underway. Remember, move your character, press enter, and copy the new url into your post at the end of your turn.

Male Elf Rogue/3

Ok just to ask i can dismount and make an attack action and does spider 2 know where I am?

Male Human Sorcerer (Infernal) - Level 1 HP: 6

This is a test, this is only a test. Please disregard.

You are not sure exactly what the spiders know, or who they intend to attack. It is a move action to dismount, so you could make a ranged attack if you have the capability. If you wish to make a melee attack, it would work best to hold your action until a target comes close.

You may dismount in any unobstructed square around the horse icon.

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