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This is a tier 1-5 scenario.

A few seats have already been reserved for folks I have committed this game towards. Outside of that I will open the rest of the seats for lottery. I will let everyone know in a few days how many lottery seats are available.

Ill throw myself in that lottery. I have a lvl1 Rogue chameleon I would like to bring along. I'll always take a chance to sit at one of your tables.

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Dotting and expressing interest in the lottery with Celia Thorn, a first level warpriest of Cernunnos.

Sovereign Court

Dotting with interest in a PFS scenario Rishh Dexglo Nagaji Ranger (Corpse Hunter) 1

I'd like to be in on the lottery, and have a few characters available based on level range.


I'd like to be considered for the lottery please. I have a couple of characters for both level ranges.

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Thanks for all the interest! I was originally intending to open another scenario for second part of game day, but with enough interest I'll be happy to do two tables of this scenario instead, one at high and one at low to cater the interest! I typically try to avoid having people left out.

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Hey Batbony,

Were you full at this point? If not I'd like to throw my name into the lottery.

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We're not yet full! I haven't got confirmation from two more but we should be able to fit 1 more player outside Feral without having resort to lottery.

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Just in case you found this out not through the gameday website. I'm a little pre-occupied with the current gameday hence tentative start date is first week of Oct, for right after the current PBP special.

Looks like we have 3 interested in low tier

and 3 open for either so far.

Silver Crusade

Hey GM, if you have any room I have characters in both sub-tiers available. Thanks.

I have a couple who would be interested in low tier.

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And we're full now.

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I'll open up the discussion and gameplay for dotting before this weekend! Will also get an announcement out.

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