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Game Master BartonOliver

This is my attempt at running Master of the Fallen Fortress in Play-by-Post. Recruiting for this game is private as an experiment. Future games, likely won't be.

I've recently begun playing a number of Play-by-Post games, and with an upcoming Gameday I thought it was time to try my hand at GMing a campaign.

As with all Roleplaying games, this is a cooperative effort and as such I expect everyone to be comfortable and welcomed at the table, we're all here for a good time.


I'll be looking for everyone to post once a day. If you're going to miss a large chuck of time please let us know. If people want to play faster I'm happy to do that as well.

Bot Policy:

In the case in which a player's unannounced absence is slowing down the pace of play, I may take actions for them that I believe to be appropriate. This will generally be after at least 36hrs of non-weekend/holiday time.

I will take actions that I believe to be most appropriate for the character even if those actions use valuable resources or place the character into danger.

If you expect to be missing, a quick note about your planned course of action can be helpful in determining your actions otherwise I will do my best in picking reasonable courses of action which align with your character's pattern of play.

Weekends, posting rate generally drops during the weekend, if that's the case I'm okay with it, though I intend to be checking in frequently anyway.

Useful Links:

There are lots of threads on how to play-by-post but this is my personal favorite. Painlord's Guide

If you're looking for more games I highly recommend the Flaxseed Lodge

And if you're looking for how to make a character sheet I have a template here

GM Rolls:

'[dice=Fulgrim]1d20+8[/dice]+2 visual
'[dice=Sven]1d20+7[/dice]Always fails sound based