GM Aarvid PFS #6-20: Returned to Sky (High) (Inactive)

Game Master GM Aarvid

Pathfinder Society Scenario #6–20: (Tier 10–11).

*** Maps and Notes ***

I am starting *CLASSIC* recruitment for running a PbP Pathfinder Society adventure, #6-20 Returned to Sky (level 7-11 only). This will be an open recruitment.

If you have played other PFS scenarios, then PbP is the same but running with play-by-post rules. This adventure will 'lock' in a PFS character for about 8 weeks if posting daily.

For players not familiar with PFS or posting here, I'll post a few guidelines.
You need a legal *CLASSIC* PFS (non-core Pathfinder Society) character. PFS information is here.

Post your legal character. (Paizo People --> Aliases).

You must be able to post about 1-2 times per day for 7-9 weeks (exceptions can be arranged ahead of time and for holidays).

I do not require your previous Chronicle Sheets unless you have unusual races or boons. I assume you will be honest with me and your fellow players. If a question of an item or race comes up, I may ask to know where and how you got said item.
Maps will be posted through google docs. Please make sure you can access this service if you sign up.
Recruitment will open now and will close once I have enough players to start (probably this weekend). I will use a random lottery if we get more interest than slots.
If there are any questions, please don't hesitate to contact me.

Please post your character's profile with level and class for consideration. I appreciate good back stories and party RP. I will list alternates if we have any no shows.

Silver Crusade

Hi GM Aarvid,

I am applying with my cleric of Iomedae who just reached level 11.

I also have a 7th level wizard available, but he would take more time to bring up to snuff. I just leveled him via a GM credit and haven't thought about new spells, feat, and so forth.

Oswin does have some purchasing to do, probably upgrading several items.

Grand Lodge

Applying with a sorcerer 11 who is equal parts illusion and lies. Truth should never get in the way of fun.

If it goes low subtier, I have an inquisitor, barbarian and rogue available.

Liberty's Edge

I would like to apply as my Magus, who has levelled to 11 recently so i need to update his online Persona.

If it matters, I have played 'you have what you hold' and 'wardens of sulfur gulch' so have met Smine before.

Grand Lodge

Pandora is a level 9 bard that will get to level 10 this weekend.

She is an able archer with varied buffing and defense magic. Also a diplomat, sage and capable skillmonkey (no trapping though).

Liberty's Edge

Sounds like you might need some muscle as well as my winning personality! HAHAHAHAHAHA!

Tortuga, dwarf unchained monk level 11

Grand Lodge

"You speak such truth and wisdom as I have rarely heard before, good dwarf. The length and breadth of your beard speak to your patience and dedication. The undyed gray of its color is a testament to your honesty. And its moist luxuriance betrays your soft, nurturing underbelly."

"No shallow, unlikable dwarf could maintain such a magnificent and artful beard!"

Bluff: 1d20 + 29 ⇒ (13) + 29 = 42

Grand Lodge

"I folks, I'd love to return to the sky, I mean I've never been in the sky before. That sounds like an opportunity for enlightenment if I've ever heard one.!"

Nines Tenz, Level 11 Ifrit (back when race boons were a thing) Paladin (of Irori), Ninja, Brawler.

(I have available low tier as well).

The Exchange

Hallo! I'd like to submit one Imbroglio "Vinnie" Guarini, member of the Exchange faction and Pathfinder charmer. Level 10, ready to fly!

Silver Crusade

Nuar Vala "The Purifying Flame" or as he's known when hanging out with his Vigilante buddy "The Flamer" reporting for duty.
Nuar is an Elven Wizard 9/Sorcerer 1 member of the Silver Crusade who believes all evil can be purged if you apply enough fire. Sadly some enemies are quite resistant to fire so Energy Admixture is used to convert his Fireballs to other elements.

I don't think I have any weird boons of note but I may have to explain how my Fireballs deal so much damage.

I also need to update his profile but that will be done well before we start.

The Exchange

"Fandral "The Dashing" Devinwood, Captain of the Dancing Pixie, at your service..Ah tortuga good to see you again my friend. I may not have the muscle as my dear friend, but I do have a quick blade and even quicker tounge."

Fandral is a Gunslinger 4 / Swashbuckler 5. He is very cocky and self sure. He is a pirate merchant for the exchange. Can talk his way out of some situations, but for some reason always starts a fight instead.
He is prepared and ready to go at a moments notice.

The Exchange

Level 10 raging Inquisitor of Gorum signing up..

The Exchange

Looks like you are either full or doing a lottery. Regardless, here's a submission. Fighter 9.

Maybe my twin brother and I will both be accepted. ^

Grand Lodge

Level 11 Fighter (Tower Shield Specialist)/Cleric of Abadar 1.

"Can't stop the Roc." :P

Silver Crusade

It looks you need someone to take care of you when wounded says Desnan cleric offering himself for the mission.

I need to update Garret as he has just reached level 7

Wow! 13 so far - that more than I was expecting for this one.

1-Oswin Durnhelm - Clr-11
2-Huritt Two-hoof - Soc-11
3-Kai Kithaniel - Mag-11
4-Pandora Soulkeeper - Brd-10
5-Tortuga - Mnk-11
6-Nines Tenz - Mux-11
7-Imbroglio "Vinnie" Guarini - Soc-10
8-Naur Vala - Wiz-10
9-Fandral - Gun-9
10-Grimnir Foehammer - Inq-10
11-Clandelve Hammerhand - Fig-9
12-Roc Delver - Fig-11
13-Garret C. - Clr-7

I will close it out tomorrow.

Ok, recruitment is closed (for now).

We have enough for two full tables+1. I was originally planning on running one table. However, I may be tempted to run a high-tier and low-tier table, but we would need a different mix.

If we can get 5-6 PC's willing and interested in a low tier table, I will break into two groups. Otherwise I will just run the lottery tonight for the lucky 6, and let chips fall where they may.

Only other character I have in range should be playing a local game mid-January and we won't be done with this in time.

Grand Lodge

I'm happy to switch. For low subtier, I have:

  • cleric 9
  • inquisitor 7
  • barbarian 7
  • rogue 7

  • Grand Lodge

    If it means not needing to play with the wizard/sorcerer build that's ruined multiple game days for me and I would have walked away anyway if we'd both been chosen, I'll gladly offer to downgrade to low tier should that help.

    I can bring:

    • 7 Illusionist Oracle (not of the heavens)
    • 7 Barbarian
    • 9 Cryptbreaker Alchemist (a preferred choice)
    • 9 Hellknight

    Scarab Sages

    This is Oswin's level 7 wizard, happy to attempt the lower tier if it evens things out.

    I have low tier as well over my Inquis 10 if necc.. Sorc 8, Bard 8, Warpriest 7..

    The Exchange

    I think I am already considered the lower tier, but have others level 8-9 if that helps party composition on the low-tier table.

    Nines Tenz wrote:
    If it means not needing to play with the wizard/sorcerer build that's ruined multiple game days for me and I would have walked away anyway if we'd both been chosen, ...

    Ow. But fair. I do admit that the build was nowhere near as fun to play as it was to create. Effective yes but not very fun.

    If GM Aarvid feels that the table doesn't need that level of "firepower" I'm fine with bowing out and playing this some other time.

    Grand Lodge

    Bigguyinblack wrote:
    Ow. But fair. I do admit that the build was nowhere near as fun to play as it was to create.

    I have played with what I refer to as the build that ruined the game for me on other occasions with other players. This is not hyperbole, I actually quit playing for roughly a year, and the "war of escalation" catalyzed by this particular build was one of the primary reasons.

    I'm actually stunned you call it "fun to create" since it's so boilerplate at this point and it's always exactly the same elements: initiative boosts, traits for lowered metamagic, and the massive "I don't cast sorcerer spells but I use their abilities" combo. Essentially, for me, showing up to a game day, and seeing every combat turn into, "combat starts, now it's over" isn't fun as a player. So I've made the conscious decision not to play with that character build again.

    I have no commentary on you as a player, I've never played with you before. It's the build I have a problem with.

    Different regions I guess. Locally I play at several different stores and had never seen anyone play it. When I checked the Advice forum I mostly saw people saying to not bother because AOE is underpowered. I had already done the party buff/god wizard route so I decided to build this.

    Silver Crusade

    My wizard just got into another game. I'm actually OK bowing out here, as my slate of PBP's is now pretty full.

    Thanks for the offering GM Aarvid, and good luck to the group! Keep an eye on the Flaxseed Lodge as I may be GMing again soon.

    Ok, let's see how this looks for the 12 remaining:

    1-Oswin Durnhelm - Clr-11 dropped, good luck Oswin!!!

    High-Tier 10-11 Table APL 10.5
    3-Kai Kithaniel - Mag-11
    4-Pandora Soulkeeper - Brd-10
    5-Tortuga - Mnk-11
    7-Imbroglio "Vinnie" Guarini - Soc-10
    8-Naur Vala - Wiz-10
    12-Roc Delver - Fig-11

    Low-Tier 7-8 Table APL
    2-Huritt Two-hoof - Soc-11 (lower level PC)
    6-Nines Tenz - Mux-11 (lower level PC)
    9-Fandral - Gun-9
    10-Grimnir Foehammer - Inq-10 (lower level PC)
    11-Clandelve Hammerhand - Fig-9
    13-Garret C. - Clr-7

    Silver Crusade

    Other then lack of healing the high table looks pretty balanced. We have melee, ranged, buffs, and debuffs. I see +20 or better on Diplomacy, Intimidate, and bluff. We are also covered on monster knowledges. Kai has Disable Device. And we even have some decent numbers on some of the lesser used skills like Survival or Handle Animal.
    I like it

    Grand Lodge

    Looks good to me. This should be fun.

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