GAMEDAY V: 1-56 Jester's Fraud (subtier 5-6) (Inactive)

Game Master Gilthanis


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For Gameday V.

First come first served :)

Liberty's Edge

Sounds like a good fit, perhaps....

Dark Archive

Applying with Auric (archaeologist bard, archer, skill monkey, party face, trapfinder).

PFS #76446-7
Faction: Dark Archive

Silver Crusade

PfS 50731-4
Faction: Silver Crusade
Paladin lv 6

The Exchange

Let's play Pirates and Paladins!

PFS# 2608-2
Faction: Exchange
Swashbuckler 1/Ranger 5

Liberty's Edge

Pathfinder #40025-7
Faction: Liberty's Edge
Sorcerer 6

Dark Archive

PFS# 198870-1
Faction: DA
Warpiest 4 / Spiritualist 1 / Inquisitor 1

Note: At the moment this character is in the game, but we hope that it will ends until August 27. If I'll see that we can't finish in time, I will warn you a few days before the game.

Sovereign Court

This guy should be done with his current scenario by the time this starts. I will notify you if he is not done and will switch characters.

PFS#: 114768-13
Faction: Soverign Court
Class/Level: at least 5, might be 6 / Slayer

The Exchange

Looks like a pretty good group for this character to work with.

Table full

For those in the game, I opened the gameplay thread so you can dot at your leisure.

Dark Archive

I'm sorry, the character is still in the game. And other such a level I don't have. So, I'm forced to withdraw myself. Good game to you all!

Need one for fur a 5-6 tier game v

Dark Archive

PFS#: 215141-1
Faction: Dark Archive
Class/Level: Ninja 5

The Exchange

A pirate and a ninja in the same game? Hmmm....

The Exchange

I've been trying to decide whether to purchase Gauntlets of the Skilled Maneuver. I'm thinking I will, but I'll probably have to leave some of her wigs at home to not be encumbered.

Liberty's Edge

This is qwerty1971, I will need to use this one as Uthred is still in a game.

PFS#: 114768-11
Faction: Liberty's Edge
Class/Level: 7 CL, Lore Warden 5, Student of War 2

Looking for one more if they want to hop in. Tier 5-6 game.

Raz, you are in by the way

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