Game Master EltonJ

This campaign is a campaign that centers around the Church of Bhaal (Ba’al). A Canaanite sun deity, in the Forgotten Realms the name has become synonymous with death.

Some time before the Time of Troubles and the advent of the Age of Upheaval, Bhaal foreseen his own death and went out to impregnate many females of various races and in some cases, beings, to prepare for his death and eventual return. As a god, many of his issue had come to term. He had sired at least a dragon, an orc, a giant, and countless other children, all called bhaalspawn. The purpose of this is so that Bhaal may return through the sacrifice of his children.

But the best laid plan for a return of the Lord of Murder had went awry. A wizard nurtured one of bhaal’s children in Candlekeep. He had many adventures, from finding out that his father was bhaal, to killing his own brother Saravok to prevent him from becoming the new Lord of Murder, to the loss of his soul, to his eventual Apotheosis after defeating the other Bhaalspawn and his chosen.

(Backstory edited, most of that is for the GM, who is yours truly).

With the Wake of the Sundering, Bhaalists went on a rampage in Baldur's Gate, only to be defeated by the Forces of Good. Or were they? Adventurers are needed to respond to the call of Adventure, the Lords of Baldur's Gate wants to know what is happening. They are looking for volunteers to investigate the number of Bhaalist cells that are in Baldur's Gate, and if possible, track them to the original source -- the Throne of Bhaal.

It's presumed that the last Bhaalspawn gave up his divine spark and the Spark of Bhaal was sealed. But the rise of the Bhaalists pose a lot of questions. Why are the Bhaalists back? What are their motives? Who is motivating them? What really happened at (or in) the Throne of Bhaal, and who, if anyone, is sitting on the Throne of Bhaal?


=== Character Creation Details ===

Okay, Pathfinder compatible.

Races you may choose:

Elf (you may use Elves of Golarion)
Dwarf (use FRCS 3.0 or Dwarves of Golarion)


Half-Elf (Bastards of Golarion compatible)
Half-orc (Bastards of Golarion compatible)

RARE AND UNIQUE (DM permission required)

Nagaji (source: Murghom)
Gilmen (Source: Sea of Fallen Stars or the Sword Coast)
Ratfolk (Source: Arabel, Suzail, Waterdeep, Baldur's Gate, Tantras)
Catfolk (Source: same.)
Orcs and Drow (not suggested)

Classes you may choose:
Any class from the PF Core Rulebook.
Alchemist, Cavalier, Magus, Summoner, Oracle, Inquisitor, and Witch

Most numerous to least.
Hunter, Gunslinger (Smokepowder is the source), Samurai, Ninja, any class from the Advanced Class Guide.

Faerunian Powers:

Akadi (N) -- Air (both), Illusion, Travel (both), Trickery (Deception)
Bane (LE) -- Darkness (Night), Evil (Fear), Hatred (see FRCS), Law (Devil, Slavery and Tyranny), Nobility (Aristocracy)
Chauntea (N) -- Animal (both), Earth (both), Plant (Growth), Protection (Defense), Renewal (see FRCS)
Grumbar (N) -- Earth (both), Protection (Defense), Strength (Resolve)
Istishia (N) -- Destruction (Catastrophe), Travel (Exploration), Water (Ocean), Weather (Storm)
Lathander (NG) -- Glory (Heroism), Good (Agathion), Nobility (Leadership), Protection (Defense), Strength (Resolve), Sun (Day)
Mystra (NG) -- Good (Agathion), Knowledge (all), Magic (all), Rune (all)
Oghma (N) -- Charm (Lust), Knowledge (all), Luck (Fate), Travel (Trade), Trickery (Thievery)
Shar (NE) -- Darkness (Night), Evil (Demon), Knowledge (all), Madness (both)
Silvanus (N) -- Animal (both), Plant (both), Protection (Purity), Water (both)
Sune (CG) -- Charm (Love), Chaos (Azata), Good (Azata), Liberation (Freedom), Protection (Purity)
Talos (CE) -- Chaos (Protean), Death (Murder), Destruction (Catastrophe), Evil (Demon), Strength (Ferocity), Weather (Storms)
Tempus (CE) -- Chaos (Protean), Destruction (Rage), Fire (Ash), Strength (Resolve), War (both)
Tyr (LG) -- Good (Archon), Knowledge (Thought), Law (Judgement), Nobility (Leadership), War (Tactics)

Azuth (LG) -- Illusion (see FRCS), Knowledge (Memory), Magic (Arcane), Law (Inevitable), Rune (Wards)
Beshaba (CE) -- Chaos (Protean), Evil (Demon), Luck (Curse), Trickery (Thievery)
Cyric (CE) -- Chaos (Protean), Evil (Demon), Illusion (see FRCS), Trickery (Deception)
Elton Regius* (LG) -- Good (Agathion), Law (Archon), Nobility (Aristocracy), Magic (Arcane)
Gond (N) -- Artifice, Earth, Fire, Knowledge, Rune
Helm (LN) -- Glory, Law, Protection, Strength
Ilmater (LG) -- Good (Archon), Healing (Restoration), Law (Inevitable), Nobility (Martyr), Strength (Resolve)
Meilikki (NG) -- Animal (Fur), Good (Agathion), Plant (Growth), Travel (Exploration)
Myrkul (NE) -- Death (Undead), Evil (Daemon), Protection (Defense), Repose (Souls)
Selune (CG) -- Chaos (Protean), Good (Azata), Darkness (Moon), Protection (Defense), Travel (Exploration)
Tymora (CG) -- Chaos (Protean), Good (Azata), Luck (Imagination), Protection (Defense), Travel (Trade)
Umberlee (CE) -- Chaos (Protean), Destruction (Rage), Evil (Demon), Water (Ocean), Weather (Storm)

* Elton Regius is my Character in Baldur's Gate II: Throne of Bhaal that accepted Godhood (about four times -- the other two I saw the evil ending and the mortal ending). Much of the evil of Bhaal's essence was cast out and merged with a living Bhaalspawn -- Viekang. He's the god of Soveriegn Magic.

Auril (NE) -- Air (Wind), Evil (Demon), Water (Ice), Weather (Storm)
Bahamut (LG) -- Air (both), Good (Agathion), Law (Archon), Nobility (Leadership), Scalykind (Dragon)
Bhaal (LE) -- Death (Psychopomp), Destruction (Rage), Evil (Devil), Strength (Ferocity)
Deneir (NG) -- Good (Agathion), Knowledge (Memory), Protection (Purity), Rune (Language)
Eldath (NG) -- Community (Family), Good (Archon), Plant (Growth), Protection (Purity), Water (Ocean)
Malar (CE) -- Animal (both), Chaos (Protean), Darkness (Moon), Evil (Demon), Strength (Ferocity)
Mask (NE) -- Darkness (Night), Evil (Daemon), Luck (Fate), Trickery (Ambush)
Lliira (CG) -- Chaos (Revelry), Charm (Lust), Community (Family), Good (Azata), Travel (Trade)
Loviatar (LE) -- Destruction (Torture), Evil (Daemon), Law (Devil), Madness (Nightmare), Strength (Ferocity)
Milil (NG) -- Charm (Love), Good (Azata), Knowledge (Thought), Nobility (Aristocracy)
Shaundakul (CN) -- Air (wind), Chaos (Whimsy), Protection (Defense), Travel (Trade)
Talona (CE) -- Chaos (Entropy), Destruction (Torture), Evil (Fear), Nobility (Martyr)
Tiamat (LE) -- Evil (Fear), Law (Slavery), Scalykind (Dragon), Strength (Ferocity)
Torm (LG) -- Glory (Honor), Good (Redemption), Law (Loyalty), Nobility (Leadership), Protection (Purity)
Uthgar (CN) -- Animal (both), Chaos (Whimsy), Liberation (Freedom), Strength (Ferocity), War (Blood)
Waukeen (N) -- Knowledge (Memory), Protection (Defense), Travel (Trade)

Finder Wyvernspur (CN) -- Chaos (Whimsy), Charm (Love), Healing (Restoration), Scalykind (Saurian)
Gargagos (CN) -- Chaos (Protean), Destruction (Rage), Strength (Fist), War (Blood)
Gargauth (LE) -- Charm (Lust), Evil (Devil), Law (Slavery), Trickery (Innuendo)
Gwaeron Windstrom (NG) -- Animal (feather), Good (Friendship), Knowledge (Aeon), Plant (Growth), Travel (Exploration)
Hoar (LN) -- Law (Loyalty), Liberation (Revolution), Luck (Fate), Travel (Trade)
Jergal (LN) -- Law (Loyalty), Luck (Fate), Repose (both), Rune (Language)
Lurue (CG) -- Animal (fur), Chaos (Whimsy), Good (Friendship), Healing (Restoration)
Nobanion (LG) Animal (fur), Good (Archon), Law (Judgement), Nobility (Leadership)
Red Knight (LN) -- Law (Loyalty), Nobility (Aristocracy), War (Tactics)
Savras (LN) -- Knowledge (Thought), Law (Loyalty), Magic (Arcane), Rune (Wards)
Sharess (CG) -- Chaos (Revelry), Charm (Lust), Good (Friendship), Travel (Trade), Trickery (Innuendo)
Shiallia (NG) -- Animal (both), Good (Redemption), Plant (both)
Siamorphe (LG) -- Knowledge (Thought), Law (Judgement), Nobility (Aristocracy), War (tactics)
Ulutiu (LN) -- Animal (fur), Law (Loyalty), Protection (Defense), Water (Ice)
Valkur (CG) -- Air (Wind), Chaos (Whimsy), Good (Azata), Protection (Defense), Water (Ocean)
Velsharoon (NE) -- Death (Undead), Evil (Fear), Magic (Arcane)


Deep Magic is approved for use with this Campaign.

Magic of Faerun is approved for use with this Campaign.

Certain Spells from Wizard's Spell Compendium (2nd Edition) are approved.