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OK this is where we will do all the OOC discussion and any other questions you have about the game.

Checking in

Checkin in...really busy for next couple of days...

GM whats our next step?

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Go ahead and work on your character sheets guys. If you have not already rolled your ability scores yet then roll them here.

Once we get the party assembled then I can get the Gameday thread going.

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male (he/him) Retired PFS VO in MD

Checkin in.

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male (he/him) Retired PFS VO in MD

I was thinking of doing a dwarf.

btw by White box heroes I meant the supplement with the Ranger paladin and druid in it by Salvatore marci. Cause ranger is my favorite class but I can't get it with the rolls I have and I need a 15 Con and 12 Wisdom. But I'll OK with a dwarf fighter with the rolls I have.

Lots of fighters it looks like

If my wisdom was higher I would want to play a monk

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male (he/him) Retired PFS VO in MD

lol guess we kill things fast...

How are we doing hit points and equipment?

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You can either roll HP randomly or take 1/2 the starting HD (plus CON) and your starting gold is calculated by rolling 3d6 x 10.

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How are we progressing on our characters guys?

Sorry about the lack of response from me. Work has been a beast this week, though it should ease up next week.

I will have mine done soon

Yeah, been crazy busy for me as well, will try to get done in the next couple of days....

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Have we forgotten about this game? I understand if RL has stepped in and thrown a wrench into this, but I would appreciate it if you would let me know.

Can I get a Roll call from the current PCs here?

Sorry I will get him thrown up Friday.

gold: 3d6 ⇒ (2, 3, 5) = 10x10=100 gold

Alas, real life has conspired to keep me from having time to sit down and get this done...

I will endeavor to do so this weekend...

how is it going

I am assuming this might be dead. I really looked forward to playing this.

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Sadly yes I think this game is dead. I have had some RL issues to deal with as well so while I cannot reopen the recruitment now, I may do so in the future once things have settled down.

I do appreciate your interest however!

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