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@Big Joe: Would it make much sense for the teacher's pet trait to apply then if he wasn't a student while Lorrimor was a full-time professor there? I'm not sure quite what age students would be entering, but it would have been a bit after his retirement. If it doesn't make sense, I'll go ahead and change the trait and adjust accordingly.

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You are just fine Florian.

Any feedback on my app? I intended that those who attacked the caravan were

part of the Whispering Way

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GM Bigrin here. I present to you Thistle, the dwarf who should have been a gnome. Cleric of Desna, healer of many, bane of the undead, and happy to tell you all about it, provided you sit still to hear.

RP-wise, he should be a hoot to play.

Crunch-wise, he'll initially focus on channels for heals, and back line support. Once we get going, I have 2 different paths I could take him, depending on how the party is working together.

I think I'm gonna go ahead and respectfully bow out of this one. Not sure how a paladin and the fear rules would work together since paladin's are immune to fear. It feels like I'd almost be taking part of the game away if I were to be chosen. And I really would hate to lose that ability. I really don't know anything about the fear rules anyway. I read upon them a bit just tonight but really don't get them. It seems rather involved.

And also, if it were me, I'd pick Thistle too. He really looks like a ton of fun. :)

Be good!

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Thank you everyone for your submissions. There where several excellent choices to pick from. For those that are not chosen this time around I wish you the best in your continued gaming.

I would like to welcome to the group:

Thistle Winton
Smaranda Zografu

Please dot into the gameplay thread and I will weave your appearance into the current action.

Congratulations you two. Happy playing!

Thank you so much for the consideration, Great GM! Mighty GM! I, Thistle Winton will strive to bring the light and knowledge of Desna to the masses, providing care and comfort for the party, as well as certain information imparted to me by both the goddess and her priests. It is an amazing honor to be chosen by Desna to be her representative on Golarian, and in this adventuring group in particular. Especially as I have all sort of amusing and informative anecdotes that I can happily relate during the certain to be long stretches of walking hither and yon.

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