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PF6 Fun and Plunder in Green Ronin's Freeport and around the Shackles

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"A couple hours at most. I'll have it ready if you want to set up a lunch meeting with this LeFevre character," Belinna responds cheerily.

Male Halfling Oracle of Gozreh 6

Rubbing his stump thoughtfully Dibbs does some quick math on his fingers to figure out that it would leave enough time for a quick savvy out to Peg-leg and the naked sky lovers "Field trip - wes ken split up tha Drowners and tha Indifferent Skylickers tae see iffin they know o' tha sigils?"

Male Human Cleric 6+3 of Besmara | hp 53/53 | AC 20, t 13, ff 17 | Fort +6, Ref +4, Will +8 | Init +6 | Perc +3 | Channel 1/7 | Storm Burst (Sp) 6/6 | Copycat (Sp) 4/6

"I'm game fer whatever ye lads wanna try," Corliss announces with one of his awkward grins. "Just point me in the right direction."

so I'm guessing Corliss and Kaul to Peg-Leg and Dibbets to the Sister Gwyllin. What about Dingus and Jjim?

Male Taldan Human Free-Hand Fighter/5 Inspired Blade Swashbuckler/1+3 | AC 22 T 16 FF 17 | HP 54/60 NL0| F +5 R +7 W +5 | Init +3| Perc +7

The Taldan scratches his chin. "I'm being a mite suspicious of--well, I'm not so sure of what. I'll stay aboard in case someone comes after the book."

Male Halfling Oracle of Gozreh 6

Dibbs raises an eyebrow at Madman "Ye sure Jimmer... Gozreh cerrymonial drapins ain't fer leavin much tae tha imagination..." but doesn't try o'erhard to convince his companion to follow after.

Male Human Sorcerer 6/3 HP 42/(28); AC-16/14/12; F+5, R+5, W+5/+4. (Spells:3:5/3,2:7/1,1:7/4) IP-15

"No need to worry Dibbs. Richard and I will go along to protect you, since Jim has the whole crew to protect him. Just let me change into something more suitable for about town, and I'll be right up".

Dingus returns after a few minutes actually wearing something that wouldn't stand out in the streets.

Jim decides to stay aboard and keep watch while Belinna is occupied with copying the book. The others disembark and move away from the Docks heading deeper into town toward the Temple District. They skirt the Pilots' Guild and the monstrous structure that serves as the HQ of the Lobstermen. Apparently the lobster business is good because the pair of pyramid-topped towers that rise from the multi-story warehouse of the society hall pose a challenge to the high walls of the Old City.

Crossing Wave Street and following the wall a bit farther, the crew finally reach Pious Walk which encircles the Temple District and split with Dibbets and Dingus taking the Walk west to the Grotto and Corliss and Kaul proceeding due north toward the tilted dark hull of Besmara's chapel.

Kaul and Corliss find the great doors into the hull open and enter. Peg-leg and Dunny stand at a small table formed from a capstan off to the side of the chapel which is dominated by the tall pulpit formed from the jaws and assorted bones of dangerous sea creatures. Dunny mouths a warning Narp! as you can see Peg-leg is deep in prayer blessing some rum.

He finishes a moment later and smiles broadly at the mates before him. "Ah, Corliss! Good to see that the winds have blown ye to Freeport again. How fares the Bunyip and Captain Vagland? And Kaul of the Claw. I guess I'm not surprised that you two are acquainted now. I heard tell that you might be headed to Shark Island. Sit! Tell the tale! I've got some unconsecrated rum left if you need a sip."

Dibbets and Dingus head for the big stupa-shaped structure that serves as Gozreh's temple in Freeport. Colorful prayer flags dance on lines that run from the ornate wood tower at the apex. The heavy coral doors are open and Dibbets can't help but feel a slight agitation at the whiff of patchouli and droning chanting that greet him at the entrance. It looks like everyone is in the pool engaged in some sort of water dance that Gozreh likely wouldn't give a rat fart about.

Male Human Cleric 6+3 of Besmara | hp 53/53 | AC 20, t 13, ff 17 | Fort +6, Ref +4, Will +8 | Init +6 | Perc +3 | Channel 1/7 | Storm Burst (Sp) 6/6 | Copycat (Sp) 4/6

Corliss tells the tale of his misadventures on and around Shark Island: the loss of one crew and his acceptance on another. He ends his tale with the news that his memory from his pre-accident days is still lost but adds that he's made a few decent new ones in recent weeks.

He leaves the mission talk to the half-orc, curious to see what sort of relationship Kaul and the Besmaran priest might have.

Male Halfling Oracle of Gozreh 6

Sharing a glance with Dingus, Dibbs rolls his eyes before they make to enter the temple. Before breaching the entrance the filthy halfling spends a few moments to invest in some je ne sais quoi. Stripping off his shirt he exposes the Gozreh tattoo that is splayed out over his back, which is followed by calling on the air barrier that shields his form in conflict... which basically just jostles his lank hair and spreads his eau de Dibbs a mite further than usual. He considers calling Gozreh's trident from within the air but shakes his head to refute the extended theatrics.

"Better now than not" he mutters to Dingus before stumping through the entryway with a fireblast and iron expression crossing his visage. His eyes scan looking for whoever seems to be higher ranked than flunky.

Male Half Orc Rogue (Thug) 6+3 | HP 45/64 | AC 19/14/NA | F+5, R+10, W+2 | IP 5 | Perc +10 (+11 Freeport), Darkvision 60ft | Init +3 | Move: 30ft. | Status: 2 Wis Dam 1 Hour

Kaul nods with a furrowed brow;

"Rum would be good mate... loosen me throat good 'un proper... 'specially given how it were crushed by a sneaky Tuyewera!"

The thug downs his ration, then taps his cup for more as he spills the tale of their current course;

"Dead men an' tall tales... Seems hoity toity Millant LeFevre an' 'is Gilt Club is being targeted fir blackmail. We sniffed out corpses an' worse at the Crem. Met the rotten licker there... Old foe o' ours... gained a book o' necro-mumblings that could be the object o' some coin iffen the rest o' the crew had the stones to bait the trap. Hur-hur.."

Kaul leans back, beady eyes looking to Corliss;

"That's the size o' it eh mate?"

Male Human Cleric 6+3 of Besmara | hp 53/53 | AC 20, t 13, ff 17 | Fort +6, Ref +4, Will +8 | Init +6 | Perc +3 | Channel 1/7 | Storm Burst (Sp) 6/6 | Copycat (Sp) 4/6

"Aye, we're still tryin' to sort out what exactly the link be 'twixt the rich folk an' a bunch o' deaders." Corliss adds.

Dibbets sees that the familiar naked form of Sister Gwyllin is leading this morning's Tidal Rites.


Peg-leg squints at his guests trying to piece together the scraps of information. "The crematorium is blackmailing Millant LeFevre? I'm not sure that I follow, mates."

Male Human Cleric 6+3 of Besmara | hp 53/53 | AC 20, t 13, ff 17 | Fort +6, Ref +4, Will +8 | Init +6 | Perc +3 | Channel 1/7 | Storm Burst (Sp) 6/6 | Copycat (Sp) 4/6

Corliss lowers his voice. "The deaders were bein' made, it seems, by a necromancer with ties to Norgorber. Praps the cult be fishin' fer the secrets o' the rich an' famous by killin' their associates an' then maybe pryin' secrets from the corpses. Maybe? Ever hear o' somethin' along those lines?"

The big pirate priest chuckles. "Aye. Dead men tell no tales unless there be a proper priest about. Doesn't always work, but I'd imagine secrets are well in the wheelhouse of the Reaper of Reputation. Funny that they be turned against LeFevre. Many suspect that he maintains his hold on that gildy group with what he can use against the others."

Male Halfling Oracle of Gozreh 6

Nudging Dingus in the thigh, Dibbets points out Gwyllin and starts to hobble his way forward and towards the lass' eyeline. Once he's seen and noticed he'll wave a hand and query "Needs a word eh?"

Male Human Sorcerer 6/3 HP 42/(28); AC-16/14/12; F+5, R+5, W+5/+4. (Spells:3:5/3,2:7/1,1:7/4) IP-15

When Dibbs turns to poke Dingus, he find him most of the way to a state of undress... thinking perhaps this is what he is supposed to do. He grins and raises his eyebrows a few times in response to Dibbets summoning.

Male Halfling Oracle of Gozreh 6

Seeing Dingus aiming to unleash little Richard the halfling shrugs his shoulders and mutters "Get skint iffin ye wants matey... I ain't been much fer tradition though... word o' warnin is that I thinks it's bad form tae stand tae attention durin rites... or does I have that flipsided?..."

Dingus goes native in appreciation of the au naturel ceremony despite Dibbets' barbs. Sister Gwyllin spots Dibbets and passes over the ceremony to another priest as she slips out of the pool and puts on a cloak of kelp strands that provides limited cover. She beckons the pair over to a side chamber to confer. "It is good to see that you've returned. Did you find out anything more about the Aspis or the sahuagin? Any word of Mother Lorelei?"

Male Halfling Oracle of Gozreh 6

Scratching at a scraggly beard Dibbs prevaricates as he launches into the tale "Well... it gets complecated.. nei sign o' Lorelei fer a damn shame... but we's had some scrapes regardless."

"We follered tha Ass-p1sser trail tae Moak... had a barney wi' some scaly skin-shedders afore comin on tha buggers inna lighthouse. Found a few salts who'd been kept keepsake after sea-devil shindigs an saw em free. Saw a few more bits o evidencin that Ass-p1ss an sea-devils were cahootin, barrels an crates o' underwater weapons an tha like."

"Markessa and White Moon were the names floatin bout higher ups in ship or flesh, so we sets a trap an sets upon em inna Dragon. Boom boom, flash o' powder an blood an we tooks tha ship. But tha bastard white gnome set powder tae flame sendin tha White Moon tae tha Drowners. We set a trap fer tha scalies an set tae bloodyin em."

"Turns out Whitecoat were shufty stowaway, but we gots tha bugger even iffin it cost us in blood. But he put a pox onnus an we had tae make a deal tae lets him go fer healin... but then we gots rammed by a big bloody red whale and sh1te went sidewards agin. Whitecoat made scarce an we was off on other distractions that ain't relateds."

Gwyllin's green eyes narrow as Dibbets relates the depth of the Aspis Consortium's treachery, but she releases her breath at the end of the tale. "Well, it sounds like you've dealt the Consortium a great blow. I've no doubt the sea devils will remain an ongoing threat, but they'll receive no more support from the Consortium. Their agent may have escaped justice for now, but I do believe we've rooted out or driven off all their spies. Your work is greatly appreciated."

"I guess I will have to accept that we may never know what happened to Lorelei. Perhaps she met the same fate as the merfolk that have disappeared from the waters around A'Val."

"What will you do now? Is there anyway that I or the Council may be of service to you?"

Male Halfling Oracle of Gozreh 6

Dibbs nods thoughtfully at Gwyllin's words, not agreeing that a master stroke was dealt against the Aspis... but accepting that the buggers were given a bloodied nose.

When asked of what they're about now "Bit o' nasty we broke up down at the Dead-House... bunch o' dead-men-walkers wi' a priesty boy in charge. Afters we took em down we got his holy book - Norgoborite but bit special like wi' a swirly bit o'er tha mouth like. Dark an sinister by the sound... ye heard any o' that rot through council?"

"I frankly would be surprised if there weren't a couple of Norgorber cults around Freeport. This place has a history of being terribly inventive and prolific with its cults. Perhaps this is the local flavor- a swirl like the Eye of Abendego maybe? No, I havent heard anything about it."

Male Halfling Oracle of Gozreh 6

Shrugging "Could be like... figgered it'd be worth a mention an' we's wordin up tha Drowners bout it too. Theres a bastich of a stumpy tueyvera... or summat like that... tongue-deader that's floatin bout an likely tae cause more trouble too eh?"

"A'Val? - what happened tae tha wet-gillers round there?" noting that they'd be setting sail again soon enough and all information held worth in guiding destinations.

Gwyllin doesn't seem to know what Dibbets is referring to initially, but catches the thread again when he mentions A'Val. "A'Val is the island we stand on. Perhaps I should have said the Serpent's Teeth which includes the neighboring islands and sea. Lorelei was investigating the disappearance of the merfolk before she herself disappeared. Your friend, the Groom, mentioned that he had seen a merman ghost that warned that the sahuagin were returning. Perhaps that was a omen about the Consortium, but I think there is more going on than that. I had hoped that your trip to Shark Island would uncover more, but maybe there isn't anything more. Omens mean so little in these times."

Male Halfling Oracle of Gozreh 6

Dibbets screws his nose up as recollections of acrid smells and phlegmatic discussions swipe past his senses. Musing he purses lips "Aye... could be like, come tae think afters I rode tha mael I think I spent some words wi' a crusty wet-giller wi' a fair beard. Came tae me agin after I lost me leg frae good… words o' Dajobas on tha rise... I'd bet me other leg tha sea devils an it are connected some-like"

Male Halfling Oracle of Gozreh 6

Crumpling his forehead in thought "Say now... ye gots any mind-tripping juju crap? Seems I ken only talk tae salty when I'm off me rocker. Could be the bastard might have an inklin o' which way tae jib?"

Gwyllin laughs. "That's right, Tarmon told me that you had mentioned Saltbeard before. That explains plenty. You oracles are as sketchy as omens, but considering your patron, your um, peculiar manner of worship is understandable." She chuckles again, but grows somber as she reflects on what she's been told. "Tarmon also mentioned this Dajobas. He described an ancient threat that I don't know much about, honestly. You'd know best how to contact your patron. I've heard he's partial to rum. Our temple doesn't delve too deeply into enhanced states of consciousness though I'm sure you could find all manner of shiver, pesh, snakeweed, and dragon's breath in Freeport."

Male Halfling Oracle of Gozreh 6

Nodding his head Dibbs confirms "Well then... settled like. I'll send a runner iffin I learns aught frae gettin scrambled. Keep yer eyes open 'ere like, we'll likely be a sea afore soon" turning to Dingus "Well Ding... close yer gob an stop droolin... we needs tae get some buttered rum an' whatever fancy Tien brain meltin scramble 'erbs ye ken think of."

Male Human Cleric 6+3 of Besmara | hp 53/53 | AC 20, t 13, ff 17 | Fort +6, Ref +4, Will +8 | Init +6 | Perc +3 | Channel 1/7 | Storm Burst (Sp) 6/6 | Copycat (Sp) 4/6

Not sure that Peg-Leg can offer any more insight, Corliss thanks the man and motions for Kaul to accompany him.

"The Reaper of Reputation," the Besmaran echoes the words of the high priest. "LeFevre's neighbor was a-scared that 'Reapers' would be comin' fer him. Ye think mayhaps ol' Millant be a more traditional Norgorberger an' someone started their own fractured cult to steal his gathered secrets or maybe his position?"

Uncertain as to how he'd prove such a theory, the priest heads off with Kaul to find the others.

Probably heading back to Jim to make a report.

Male Human Sorcerer 6/3 HP 42/(28); AC-16/14/12; F+5, R+5, W+5/+4. (Spells:3:5/3,2:7/1,1:7/4) IP-15

Dingus starts at Dibbets prompting, then makes haste to don his boring, non-descript outfit, putting his shirt on inside out in his rush. "Fine. Usually I drink before taking off my clothes, but in this case the reverse will suit".

Male Half Orc Rogue (Thug) 6+3 | HP 45/64 | AC 19/14/NA | F+5, R+10, W+2 | IP 5 | Perc +10 (+11 Freeport), Darkvision 60ft | Init +3 | Move: 30ft. | Status: 2 Wis Dam 1 Hour

Kaul mulls Corliss' words, his hairlip sneer moving in what constitutes deliberation for the scarred brute.

"Hur. Never considered that mate... Would make sense, old school 'gainst new. Iffen that be the case, then usin' the book fir bait might still work...."

The thug pauses, cocking a notched ear toward his axe;

"Hur. Yer right Lopps - it is a touch ironic like. All these worshippers o' murder and mayhem likely goin' to be lopped an' chopped by ye an' me! Hur-hur-hur..."

He pats the axe with a hacking chuckle, then refocusses on the task at hand;

"Where to now mate? Back to the Fortune an' the lads or we going off on our own? See if we can flush out a Norgorbergerer or three an' relieve 'em o' their lives an' limbs?"

Having completed their interviews, the two crews decide what to do next: Dibbets and Dingus discuss scoring drugs and Corliss and Kaul whether to return to the ship or go on a killing spree.

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Male Halfling Oracle of Gozreh 6

1 vote for reconvening at the vessel before we try either of our hare-brained cockamainy well thought out and mentally sound plans.

"Well... less head back shipwards... best we're back inna same hold afore I gets lit. Peg may've had some inklin as well eh?"

Their temple visits run about the same length of time and the mates spot each other on their way back to the Docks.

Male Half Orc Rogue (Thug) 6+3 | HP 45/64 | AC 19/14/NA | F+5, R+10, W+2 | IP 5 | Perc +10 (+11 Freeport), Darkvision 60ft | Init +3 | Move: 30ft. | Status: 2 Wis Dam 1 Hour

As he spots his mates in the distance, Kaul waves a mechaniclaw while hisses a warning to Corliss;

"Summits wrong! Ding is dressed all plain like... Not even a boa nor bodice... Might be they's been glamoured or some such..."

The thug retries his sap from his belt, readying it should his fears be realized...

Male Halfling Oracle of Gozreh 6

Dibbs returns the wave with a raised chin of acknowledgement... before continuing overloud "Well... Kauly, whats tha best place tae get nuggeted out me nugget? Figger I needs tae get onna flip side tae hae a chat wi' Salty... see iffin tha scaly bugger has a steer here or there on tha sea devils eh?" as though it made perfect sense...

Male Human Cleric 6+3 of Besmara | hp 53/53 | AC 20, t 13, ff 17 | Fort +6, Ref +4, Will +8 | Init +6 | Perc +3 | Channel 1/7 | Storm Burst (Sp) 6/6 | Copycat (Sp) 4/6

How would ye know? Corliss wondered when Kaul hissed his warning about Dingus and Dibbets perhaps being charmed.

To be safe, he casts a quick detect magic spell and scans the two mates from a safe distance. When Dibbets spouts a lot of what sounds to be words, he lets Kaul do all the replying.

I think Kaul is still out and about, but would be interested in what substance he recommends. Meanwhile...

Corliss finds no untoward enchantment fortunately. Kaul mulls Dibbets' question as the crew head back to the ship. They find all well back aboard and Belinna has near finished copying the text.

Male Half Orc Rogue (Thug) 6+3 | HP 45/64 | AC 19/14/NA | F+5, R+10, W+2 | IP 5 | Perc +10 (+11 Freeport), Darkvision 60ft | Init +3 | Move: 30ft. | Status: 2 Wis Dam 1 Hour

Kaul's scarred brow furrows as he ponders the best substance for the job, and more pointedly who would be best to ask;

Knowledge (Local)?: 1d20 + 11 ⇒ (14) + 11 = 25

"Hur. Ain't sure Dibbs... plenty o' options, We could look up Ol' Slick and see what he recommends... Hur. Sure e'd be right pleased to see us lot again!"

Can't rightly remember if we offed Slick or he bolted town? Looking back it might have been the latter??

how could you forget? >>Slick is very dead.

OK, I'll cook up some crazy drug deal. Meanwhile, carry on with the book.

not where I was going, but much better-

Kaul's addled brain mistakes Slick for another questionable acquaintance from earlier days, a half-orc that could pass as human named Krell that deals at a bar on the edge of the Bloodsalt called Gentleman John's.

Male Halfling Oracle of Gozreh 6

Nodding as Kaul spills the beans on where to get his noggin more addled than normal... and passing horrid thought of whether it'd actually straighten him out... Dibbs cautions "Roight... thas a job fer tha evenin then. Guess we check in wi' Cap'n afore we off tae LeFevvy?"

Male Human Sorcerer 6/3 HP 42/(28); AC-16/14/12; F+5, R+5, W+5/+4. (Spells:3:5/3,2:7/1,1:7/4) IP-15

Dingus nods as they discuss the latest plan, then claps Dibbs on the shoulder.

"You need not worry. I'll be by your side to keep you safe while you look for enlightenment".

The investigatory crew arrive back at the ship a little earlier than expected so they have to wait until the Captain finishes her work. As promised, she steps out of her quarters around noon with the book and a copy of the text. There's a smudge of ink on her cheek. "That was some kind of insane piece of work that wrote that," she notes as she hands over the book and copy.

Male Halfling Oracle of Gozreh 6

Chortling "Aye, well we's known fer keepin only tha best company like... stiff drink and a splash o' rum onna face tends tae ward off tha worst of the jibbles."

The captain grimaces, "I think that creep preferred stiff company to stiff drinks. All those evil little secrets. I'd just as soon forget them. I'll take that splash of rum now, I think."

Male Half Orc Rogue (Thug) 6+3 | HP 45/64 | AC 19/14/NA | F+5, R+10, W+2 | IP 5 | Perc +10 (+11 Freeport), Darkvision 60ft | Init +3 | Move: 30ft. | Status: 2 Wis Dam 1 Hour

Kaul chimes in;

"Hur. Poor ol' Slick... 'ow could I forget!?"

The thug then taps his noggin with a clawed paw;

"Place on the edge o' the Bloodsalt could be where we find some substances yer lookin' for matey. Named Gentlemen Johns... 'Alf breed like me called Krell is known to deal in such."

He chuckles to himself;

"Unlike Ol' Kauly 'es ugly enough to pass as a pink-skin. Hur-hur-hur..."

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