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Pathfinder Society Guide to Play (Second Edition)

This page contains links to all of the information found in the Pathfinder Society Guide to Play (Second Edition).

The Pathfinder Society Roleplaying Guild, part of Paizo's organized play programs, is a worldwide fantasy roleplaying campaign that puts you in the role of an agent of the Pathfinder Society, a legendary league of explorers, archaeologists, and adventurers dedicated to discovering and chronicling the greatest mysteries and wonders of an ancient world beset by magic and evil. The campaign's home base is Absalom, the so-called City at the Center of the World, which stands astride the great Inner Sea on the mountain-capped Isle of Kortos. A Pathfinder's adventures range from exploring the dark alleys and political intrigues of Absalom to embarking on far-flung travels to the most interesting and exotic locales in the world of the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game.

Play in the Pathfinder Society Roleplaying Guild organized into Seasons, throughout which the actions and achievements of you and your fellow Pathfinders create an ongoing storyline. Each season consists of numerous scenarios set in a variety of exotic locations across Golarion.

Year of the Ten

Season 10 of the Pathfinder Society Roleplaying Guild, the Year of the Ten, is the capstone of the 11-year Pathfinder Society Roleplaying Guild campaign. In this season, Pathfinder agents will find themselves facing threats on a grand scale.

This season presents a dire threat to one of the Pathfinder Society’s greatest treasures: the Hao Jin Tapestry demiplane. This magnificent realm is built of significant historical sites and populated by dozens of cultures, but it is now actively collapsing. If the Pathfinder Society does not take swift and decisive action to repair it, the demiplane will tear itself to shreds, killing everyone and destroying everything inside. Yet stopping this imminent destruction will not be enough to solve the demiplane’s decline entirely. Pathfinder agents must act quickly if they want to save lives, preserve history, and track down an ancient sage whose knowledge could hold the key to the tapestry’s salvation.

Meanwhile, the Decemvirate, the Society’s secretive leaders, continue to guide the Society from behind the scenes. Sometimes called the Ten, these cloaked figures wear masks that obscure their identities from even the strongest of magic, but they still face threats to their anonymity and even their lives. One of the greatest of these threats comes from a man who has long held a deep-seated grudge against the masked Ten—an enigmatic information broker and former Pathfinder field agent named Grandmaster Torch. With Torch and other forces operating behind the scenes, some of the Decemvirate’s mysteries may soon come to light.

Momentous opportunities abound for Pathfinder agents this season, including the chance to recover relics from the Shining Crusade against the infamous lich Tar Baphon, receive a transformative blessing from a demigod, and prevent a powerful demon from capitalizing on the collapsing Worldwound to rise as a new demon lord.

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Welcome to Pathfinder Boon

Pack up for your first assignment as one of the Pathfinder Society's newest recruits! New players may utilize the Welcome to Pathfinder boon (522kb zip/PDF) on their first registered character (XXXXX-1 as it appears on your My Organized Play page). This boon does not need to be the first boon applied to the character. While designed for new characters, it is helpful at any stage of playing. It may not be applied to any other character number.

Game Master's Kit & Player Pack

Full of free downloads and resources for players and GMs alike, you'll find everything you need to run or participate in Pathfinder Society Roleplaying Guild games in the Game Master's Kit & Player Pack.

Pathfinder Society Guide to Play (Second Edition)

This page contains links to all of the information found in the Pathfinder Society Guide to Play (Second Edition).


Dark Archive
In darkness lies enlightenment.

The Exchange
Dominance through trade.

Grand Lodge
Loyalty to the Decemvirate above all else.

Liberty's Edge
In pursuit of liberty, in opposition to tyranny.

Scarab Sages
Unlock the wisdom of the past for a brighter future.

Silver Crusade
Use the Pathfinder Society's resources to do good in the world.

Sovereign Court
Nobility united for a common cause.

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Browse all scenarios, quests, and other volumes that are available for play in the Pathfinder Society Roleplaying Guild.

Accessory Perks & Promotional Boons

As a thank you for supporting organized play, players wearing/using qualifying products during organized play may receive a guild reward or promotional boon.

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Additional Resources

Add life to your Pathfinder Society character! From new feats and equipment to alternate character classes, traits, and more.

Campaign Clarifications

With a number of ways available to expand your character, this supplement provides clarity for optional Roleplaying Guild rules for players and GMs.