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Pathfinder: Kingmaker

So, not sure how many details people know, but from the Owlcat message boards and the few beta videos lurking on youtube, most of the basics of the companions are out there, and might prove useful for planning PCs and party composition.

So, here are the long term companions, who can both join the party and act as kingdom advisors in later acts.

Warning: beta information subject to change
Past the point you meet them, you can make any decisions you like, but stats, feats, class(es) and archetypes are set. And some are weird.
The first five come up in the prologue, and may or may not join you based on your decisions there (but you might have opportunities to convince them later)

Amiri, yes, the iconic human barbarian, complete with her bloody big sword.

Valerie, a human fighter, tower shield specialist.

Linzi, halfling bard, your personal chronicler. A lot of the narrative is from her PoV... which gets a little odd if you don't bring her or manage to get her to not come along from the get go (something I didn't think was possible at first).

Harrim, a dwarf cleric of Groetus. Decent battle cleric.

Jaethal, an elven inquisitor of Urgathoa. Oh, and she's dead. This complicates healing slightly. [She needs negative energy]

Several companions can be found in Act One:

Regongar, a half orc magus [eldritch scion]
Octavia, a half elf rogue 1/wizard[transmuter] 1
are found together.

Tristian, a human cleric 3 [ecclesitheurge, as of the latest beta]

Other companions are found later still (I know few details)
Jubilost, a gnome alchemist

Ekandros, a human ranger.

Noknok, a goblin rogue.

Notably, there isn't a druid, monk, paladin or sorcerer npc, but there are two clerics.

And technically no full wizard, since Octavia is a rogue/wizard when you meet her, and set up for becoming an arcane trickster (which is made trivial since the advanced sneak attack feat is in the game, so she doesn't have to give up anymore spellcasting beyond that one rogue level)

So, thoughts about the companions-

Valerie... has an odd build. I find tower shield specialist oddly limiting, and that one of her feats is burned on exotic weapon: bastard sword rather doubles down on it. She also has a mediocre strength (14), but a very high con (19) and a fairly high charisma (15).

And encumbrance is very much a thing in this game, so you're going to feel that low strength. The owlcat forums have lots of suggestions for multiclassing her up to including bard, eldritch scion magus, scaled fist monk, sorcerer and/or dragon disciple. She's LN, so paladin isn't an option (and also is a problem with her background)

On the other hand, she's the only real defensive front line character with easy access to high AC in the game, and her archetype and feat choices make me doubt the utility of dumping her in a light armor or no armor class. Also her dex isn't amazing.

Amiri is... Amiri. AC is a major problem, but she can lay out damage with rage and her +1 large bastard sword (which she starts with). Solid strength and con, mediocre dex and wisdom. Can be multiclassed into other martials without much problem, but not much potential outside that. From videos I've seen, she's often a glass cannon- the combat in this game doesn't really hold your hand (though there are a lot of difficulty settings and sliders, including damage and crit effects)

Rage in this game is interesting. All 'rounds of use' abilities like rage and bard performance are toggles. This is nice because it's easy, but it's bad because if you aren't baby sitting, they will use them up.


Linzi is pretty much exactly what you'd expect from a halfling bard. Strength penalty, a crossbow with good dex, and good enough charisma. Support character through and through, can be multi-classed really easily, especially to rogue or sorcerer. Useful for knowledge and lore checks and early game traps.

I expect some people will find her really annoying in outlook and voice.

Harrim is a classic dwarf battle cleric, though the dex penalty is annoying. But decent strength, good con and high wisdom, but no charisma. He's a cleric, don't multiclass. Makes for a secondary defensive frontliner next to Valerie.

Jaethal. For an undead elven inquisitor... I really like her. Healing her, however, is a definite problem (she has inflict light wounds by default, thankfully, but can still take cure light). She runs around with a big scythe, and is fairly dangerous with a good stat line 16 str and wisdom, 14s in everything but con, which is sadly 10]. Can bring a decent selection of skills [inquisitors in this treat all of the compressed skill list as class skills]. Doesn't look like she's particularly excel, but has a lot of flexibility.

Truthfully, I'd jump her out of inquisitor and into full cleric, druid or even empyreal sorcerer. Or ranger/fighter, thinking about it, as she can keep up on skills and gain some combat utility. I think I like druid , however. She'll only be a level behind on wild shape and the big ones will build nicely off her high strength, and 19 levels of a full caster is still better than 20 levels of a half-caster.

Part of this is simply because the other inquisitor archetypes (sacred huntsman or monster tactician) bring so much more than the basic inquisitor chassis than the limited use judgements.


Octavia is really obviously supposed to be an arcane trickster, has a very high int, and her transmuter ability defaults to dex. Advanced Sneak Attack feat means she doesn't need to give up anything more to qualify for the prestige class... but I still really wish she hadn't been set up this way. I like a little more flexibility to my NPCs. Plus the Con penalty just annoys me.

Back line support caster that can through some really deadly cantrips.

Regongar a strength focused eldritch scion magus. Good charisma, decent con, mediocre dexterity and a wisdom penalty, wants a lot of micro management. Too much for me to like in the Real Time with Pause game.

Even more than Amiri, he seems squishy, unless he's layering on defensive spells rather than spell striking.

Tristian is an ecclesitheurge (of Sarenrae), and has a very caster-oriented stat line (it's all wis and charisma, except for 12s in dex and con, and carries a strength penalty)

I'm... pretty much never taking him in the party if it can be avoided. On the other hand, he seems a shoe-in for a religious kingdom advisor, and I fully intend to level him up as one, taking skill feats (persuasive, skill focus: religion) and the like to help pass kingdom checks and drop points into int at 4th and 8th to get more skill points.

I know some will love him for channelling, but I much prefer battle clerics, and he's absolutely terrible at that.

I haven't seen anyone show off the last three, so can't say much one way or the other. The ranger (Ekundayo, not sure why I got the name wrong in the first post), apparently has a really good stat line, and is set up as a good strength, high dex bow ranger. He's probably level 4 when first encounter, which puts him firmly along his build.

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We have a blog scheduled to go over the companions with their portraits and everything soon.

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My only disappointment is that Valerie has been revealed to be romance-able.

My impression of her was of an aromantic/asexual character raised by Shelynites, and thought she was great representation and there was a lot of interesting dynamics there.

I'll have to wait and see if they handle her characterization well throughout the story.

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Mark Moreland wrote:
We have a blog scheduled to go over the companions with their portraits and everything soon.


DM_aka_Dudemeister wrote:

My only disappointment is that Valerie has been revealed to be romance-able.

My impression of her was of an aromantic/asexual character raised by Shelynites, and thought she was great representation and there was a lot of interesting dynamics there.

I'll have to wait and see if they handle her characterization well throughout the story.

Heh, it's part of a big issue I'm pretty torn on- romances in CRPGs tend to be...bad. Especially Bioware style 'bribe and badger them' until they give in.

On the other hand, I sort of get why people want it, even though I'm pretty convinced that being constantly surrounded by blood and death is the least convincing way to pick up a romantic partner. But decades of bad movies tell people otherwise.

I am surprised there are bi options in the game at all, given it's a Russian studio and the Russian government is very big on non-heteros not existing, and not getting representation in media.

But to swing back around to Valerie, I think she ended up the hetero romance option by default, in a way that feels slightly unfortunate.

Amiri is understandably off limits being an iconic (and not liking men, she's not shy in game dialogue),

Jaethal is dead, so... issues there.

Linzi actually would have made the most sense to me (she actually seems the character most likely to invest emotions in other people, i.e. be romantic), but they went with halfling and a very childlike personality, so probably for the best that they avoided issues there.

That pretty much leaves it between Octavia and Valerie, and they opted for poly and bi for Octavia. (Which is a different issue, which also feels a little on the 'too easy, you're under-thinking this' side of things, because 'of course' the bi characters are also poly).

So that leaves Valerie... which, given the snippets of her backstory, it does feel disappointing. I accidentally stumbled on a bit where she talks about leaving her Shelynite training, and, yeah, it does make her seem aromantic. Also entirely in keeping with her character and why she isn't a Shelynite.

Thanks to trawling too many beta videos, I've also stumbled on the bit where a player accidentally starts the romantic chain with her (and it seems like the most reasonable and innocuous dialogue line out of what was presented), and her response is 'if it were anyone but you saying that...' which is doubly unfortunate. First, it's player pandering, which annoys me. Second and more importantly, her attitude to that point involves treating the PC as a military commander, which makes a romantic sub-plot even more unlikely to be acceptable, because unlike most of the prologue/chapter 1 NPCs she's extremely and stuck-up-about-it lawful.

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