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I have a player that likes to play paladin. The problem is he plays the detect evil, if evil then kill. Witch normally isn't a problem. But I have some other players that want to play a lawful evil or a nutral evil in a game and the nutral wizzard is wanting to do necromancy.The last time that player raised a zombie the paladin attacked and killed it then attacked the wizzard. Normally id just not invite him, but my group of friends only have time for one game so itd be the same as kicking him out of the group. Is he doing anything wrong though?

Paladins generally can't travel with Evil characters at all, due to the Code of Conduct; only exception is when facing a far greater evil, and even that carries some restrictions and requirements. And if your friend plays Paladin as "kill evil on sight", he's probably not going to go for the nuances of that exception.
So either your paladin friend needs to branch out and play something else, or the rest of the party can't play evil.

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Have him play an Antipaladin.

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Killing a creature just because it pings as Evil is not Lawful (no legal process) nor Good (no respect for life)

And Detect Evil is so easy to mislead that it should not be used as a reliable measure of guilt

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All games require discussion among the players to ensure that their characters and expectations are compatible. Adding a necromancer to a game with an exiting paladin would be a bad idea, adding a paladin to a game with an existing necromancer is equally bad.
For a new campaign one of the concepts may be a worse fit than the other and so would give way, failing that I would expect that if for one campaign a player had to make a concession so that another player could have his concept then in the next campaign he would expect concessions from the player who won out the first time.

Also given your description of the paladin players play style he would have fallen in short order in any campaign I ran since I was 14, he may have got away with it then but that was a long time ago.

Remember most things below level 5 don't ping evil. :)

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