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My question pertains to this text from the DHS entry (specifically the bold part):

"Draconic Bloodline (Su): Each dragonheir scion can draw her lineage back to the influence of a great draconic progenitor. At 1st level, a dragonheir scion must select one of the chromatic or metallic dragon types. Once chosen, this cannot be changed. A number of dragonheir scion’s abilities deal damage and grant resistances based on her dragon type, as noted below. If a dragonheir scion takes a level in another class that grants a bloodline, the bloodlines must be of the same type, even if that means that the bloodline of one of the classes must change. Subject to GM discretion, the dragonheir scion can change her former bloodline to make them conform."

Does that mean the bloodline gained from VMC Sorc would NEED to be Draconic?

Does it simply mean the element should be the same (i.e. White Dragon from DHS and Boreal bloodline from VMC Sorc)?

It seems kind of muddled the way it's worded. (what else is new, amIright?)

Thanks in advance, for the help~!

I believe a White Dragon DHS must be a White Dragon VMC Sorc. AFAIK the only way to have two bloodlines (sort of) is the Eldritch Heritage feat (which is only a trace of another bloodline, really).

Blast. I've been playing mine wrong, it seems :P

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What it means, is that if you take another class with a bloodline (like sorcerer or bloodrager) you would have to have exactly the same bloodline. So you can't be a DHS (white dragon) 1 and a Sorcerer (boreal) 1 as a second level character.

The question would be, does getting a bloodline through VMC Sorcerer count as 'taking a level in another class that grants a bloodline.' Variant multi-classing, despite the name, isn't a 'class' and you don't take levels in it, you instead trade feats for abilities. Similarly, the eldritch heritage line of feats grants bloodline and powers that are not class and level based.

So I don't see why you can't be a White Dragon DHS with VMC Sorcerer (anything)

*le~gasp* REALLY?! :D oh that saves me so much trouble!

VMC is a variant multi class. You count as both classes. Yes you trade out feats for abilities, but you still count as being both classes, so you have to take the white dragon bloodline with the Sorc abilities. The only ways your getting White Dragon and Boreal are Crossblooded or Eldrith Heritage.

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Rhaleroad wrote:
You count as both classes.

I don't see this anywhere in the rules. It does refer to the VMC class as a 'secondary class' but that is, in my opinion anyway, quite different. Other than the specific secondary class features that you get, you don't don't count as having that class or any levels in it. For example, I am pretty sure a Wizard (VMC Fighter) can't take Weapon Specialization.

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