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Okay to get to the long and the short of it at the same time, I'm looking for advice on builds and most effective ways to make two different characters as personally I'm quite terrible at picking and actually sticking to a build, so any ideas or even Full paths that are provided would be wonderful~

Basically these are the two options I have that I'm working on.
1. Being a Trox Fighter I've decided to put as much brute force into, my only real guarantee being a 20 strength stat points. The things I were looking at was mostly joke things of making him a Titan weapon fighter using a one-size larger Earth-breaker and even a little playing around with the improvised weapon set of feats. But I'm unsure if that would work at all or even be effective. And if so or not what Feats and or other stats would make him the most damaging and useful to the party?

2. Okay this is a weird one This one is a Kitsune Monk I've decided to try and make go down the Gorgon's fist route, and using her claws as weapons thanks to Improved feral combat, But she was actually off of a homebrew archtype race as a Gumiho that I swear I can't find the page for Xp Basically I'm trying to keep her character while not evil, certainly aggressive and malicious in toying with her prey~ Which is why the crippling off of Gorgon's fist is my goal. Any other ideas to round her out would be appreciated~.

To anyone who got this far, I know it's mostly just a lot of work I don't think anyone wants to do, but I'd appreciate even the slightest amount of advice, and While I have many characters I want help with, These are the most pressing~

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Well to start with the fighter, that shouldn't really be too tricky. Power Attack and two-handing on a full BAB build can seldom go wrong. I don't think it's worth getting a giant earthbreaker, as sticking with something like a vanilla fighter or weapon master can help to boost the damage for the specific weapon more.

Improvised weapons can be fun, but for a fighter, it's unlikely to be practical. Too many issues with stuff like damage reduction, enchantments, and convincing your gm about good damage dice. The one build I came up with to use an improvised weapon was an Eldritch Knight with Arcane Strike. Even then though, it's not the best option you have.

Looking at your monk, I personally find the Scorpion Style chain underwhelming. Medusa's Wrath is actually really good, and if you're a monk you can skip the prerequisites if you're high enough level. I would go for Mantis Style to boost stunning fist and get more uses of that to pair better.

Kitsune is a bit of a strange choice, as I can't really think of anything useful it provides. Maybe a skinwalker would be better for what you want?

Guide to guides might help to get some of the standard tips and tricks to make things work.

I wish you the very best! Weird builds can be tricky to make come together, but they're sure a lot of fun!

First of all~ Thank you very much for helping me ixnay a few things, I was just giving my basest ideas. As my ideas for My Trox was mostly abusing his heavy strength to get as much damage in, and With both it's natural frenzy and Extra damage, thinking to get a weapon size larger was more or less a curiosity of whether or not it would do more effective damage, Though I was actually debating whether or not to grab a few grappling feats for him, since Trox also naturally get a grapple attack that is unique to them, Somewhere on the race I found on -rp/trox-28-rp/ Here~ So I was curious on if that would be a worthy side-path since it can actually be used without a wasted attack action.

And for my Kitsune the reason I went Monk is actually that she gets bonus skills on her homebrew class for more physical aspects, Slightly better claws, and a few special skills that she gets for striking with them, thus the need to power them. Plus I mostly picked these cause I enjoy the idea for the character. I know it's not very helpful to anyone who wants to help, but it's mostly me asking for the most effective path for the combo's I have, not the most effective in general mixture. As to why I asked this uniquely~

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Scaled disciple unchained monk would let the kitsune use Cha for all the monk abilities instead of wisdom.

I highly recommend a fighter. That will let you get stuff like Power Attack and still have plenty of room if you want to branch out into some extra tricks.

I'm quite partial to the Viking Archetype that switches out weapon training for Barbarian Rage.

That certainly be good to look for~ And I didn't mean I'm choosing between these two, just that I'm making them both. And That actually is great advice Darigaaz~ Is there another option for that, or is it just Scaled disciple~?

And That's what I thought~ A Fighter gives me room for power attacks and cleaving and a little extra leverage for some of that fun grappling if i'd wish~

But to be honest, it's more feat's issues I have than archetype problems~

There's the nornkith archetype with the core (not unchained) monk which also uses Cha.

Though if you're having trouble choosing between feats then I'd look at a brawler or one of the archetypes which steals their main trick, martial flexibility.

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For the Kitsune, Eldritch Heritage Ghoul could be interesting. The level 1 power gives you claws for several rounds that paralyze. The DC won't be amazing, but if you also go Scaled Fist your Cha shouldn't be terrible. More so if you can flurry those specific claws for more save attempts.

Edit: Tagging on additional things like Demoralize(Cornugon Smash, Hurtful), and Sicken (Cruel Amulet of Mighty Fists with Cornugon Smash) to lower their saving throws by 4 would likely help as well. And give the impression 'toying'. Your intimidate bonus is penalized by your size if you are planning on using Fox Shape though.

If your "claws" count as "fists" (likely not) and "unarmed" (likely) an Unchained Monk with Haste, Hurtful, Medusa's Wrath, and Style Strike(Elbow Smash) at level 11 is looking at 5 attacks at full BAB, 2 at -5, and 1 at -10.

Silver Crusade

About the Fighter, if you want to maximise damage, give a look at the Butchering Axe. If instead you like the idea of the Earth Breaker and improvised weapons, you can merge the two by using a Sledge hammer, eventually with the Rough and Ready trait. You can use Gloves of Improvised Might to improve your improvised weapon, while with a Belt of Mighty Hurling you can take full advantage of the aforementioned trait by using Strength to both melee and ranged attack rolls.

Either way, be sure to consider the Vital Strike feat chain, Cornugon Smash + Hurtful to add an extra attack to your routine, and a dip into a rage-class with the Furious Finish feat.

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Here is a vitalstrike build i’m working on. It uses Warpriest with just a little dip in Titan fighter for a even greater great sword.

Dwarven Arsenal Chaplain Warpriest of Gorum/Titan fighter
1. Warpriest (weapon focus greatsword, Power attack)
2. Warpriest
3. Warpriest (Cleave, Cleaving finish)
4. Warpriest
5. Warpriest (Steel Soul, Fighter weapon training)
6. Titan Fighter (with large great sword 3d6 dm. Enlarge person potion 4d6)
7. Warpriest (Divine Fighting Technique - Greatsword Battler, Vital strike 8d6)
8. Warpriest (Lead blades (3rd level)Quicken blessing - war, Vital strike 12d6)
9. Warpriest (Advanced weapontraning feat)
10. Warpriest (Furious Focus, Fighter weapon training - warrior spirit )
11. Warpriest (Improved vital strike 18d6)
12. Warpriest
13. Warpriest (Weapon trick - Cleaving Smash, Advanced Divine Fighting Technique - Greatsword Battler)
14. Warpriest (cast Righteous Might instead of enlarge person potion)
15. Warpriest (Greater Cleave, Cleave Through, Fighter weapon training)
16. Warpriest
17. Warpriest (Greater vital strike 24d6)

Grand Lodge

Traits are Fates favored and Accelerated drinker.
This build allows charge and vital strike (Divine Fighting Technique - Greatsword Battler) and cleave + vital strike (Weapon trick - Cleaving Smash)
Remember to get Irongrip Gauntlets to reduce the oversized weapon penalty to hit by 2.
If you go human instead then you have to skip steel soul and cleave through. And you have one more feat at first level. Since your saves will suffer for it consider using feats to bolster will and reflex saves.

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