[Gameday VII][Session 1] GM Zoomba's The Lion's Justice


Devious schemes are afoot in Oppara, the glittering capital of Taldor. As the city delights in a public holiday, Lady Gloriana Morilla and her allies have learned of an impending plot that could throw the whole nation into chaos. The PCs are uniquely poised to collaborate with Taldor's secretive Lion Blade spies to intercept the culprits in what promises to be a defining moment in Taldan history.

Hello all! As you may or may not have heard, there's some sort of War going on, and all over a Crown. But how did the great nation of Taldor even get to this point? And is there any way that Lady Morilla and the Pathfinder Society can hope to curb a disaster?

I am recruiting up to 6 brave souls for a run-through of The Lion's Justice. This is a level 7-11 adventure, with me being open to either subtier depending on player/character interest. We'll be kicking off for the second session of the upcoming Play-by-Post Gameday: on August 13th.

If you're interested, feel free to post below, with the following information:

Player Name
Character Name

Grand Lodge

Tentatively in - unless my Solstice Scar group comes back together for Part C. Is this game going to be the first session (8/13) or the second session (10/1)?

Player Name: Aldizog
Character Name: Ranalus
PFS ID: 108731-1
Faction: Grand Lodge
Race/Class/Level: Half-elf Ran1/Clr4/Feysworn3

Sovereign Court

Player Name: Big Joe
Character Name: Lady Holly Day al-Hadir
PFS ID#: 20941-2
Faction: Sovereign Court
Race/Class/Level: Human Bard (Dawnflower Dervish) 11

Sovereign Court

Applying with Haul Ceffyls, though only if the game is indeed in the date mentioned (13.8) and not session mentioned (second session, 1.10). This guy is already signed up for a second session game.

Player Name: TheSuperDodo
Character Name: Haul Ceffyls
PFS ID#: 221942-4
Faction: Sovereign Court
Race/Class/Level: Human Paladin 6/Oracle 2

The Exchange

Would love to. Again, if it's the first - haven't played either.

Player Name: Letomo
Character name: Toshi Andorson
PFS ID: 106285 - 1
Faction: Dark Archive
Race/Class/Level: Human Rogue 1/Wizard(Conjuror) 7-8 depending how much I play at Gencon.

This will be first session, ending in time for the October second batch.

Liberty's Edge

I'd like to join this session with this character:

Player Name: Beatrice
Character Name: Elliot Feardwarf
PFS ID#: 123480-2
Faction: Liberty's Edge
Race/Class/Level: Two-Weapon Fighter 8

Sovereign Court

Sounds like a good one.

Player Name: Greenclaw
Character Name: Thoriel Liltamael
PFS ID#:74677-1
Faction: Sovereign Court
Race/Class/Level: Elf Magus (Spelldancer) 9

So right now we have:

Lady Holly Day al-Hadir
Haul Ceffyls
Toshi Andorson
Elliot Feardwarf
Thoriel Liltamael

Ranalus/Aldizog do you know if you'll be playing that character in Solstice Scar instead yet? If no, then with you here it looks like a good full table.

Grand Lodge

Okay, I'm in for Lion's Justice!

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