[SFS] PbP GameDay VII: 1-12: Ashes of Discovery


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Opening up another table of 1-12 Ashes of Discovery. For the first session.

Looking to start 13 Aug 2018

Please list what character you would like to bring.

Is this a repeatable scenario?

@Peet-This scenario is tagged as being repeatable.

@GM Gustavef-I would like to submit my Level 1 Mechanic Gizzmo-5.

Scarab Sages

Yes, this is repeatable. You can replay with any 1-4 character. Though each character can only play it once.


He is wrapped up in a game at the moment and he will need to be leveled after that, but I am submitting this toy-line inspired, android envoy 2.

Grand Lodge

True Silver android mystic 1 would like to get in on this.

Definitely would like to get a character in. Could be Aazanar Kroi, Lashunta Solarian 2, or Argon-42, Android Technomancer 2.

Think we will be going with Argon-42, Android Technomancer 2.

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If there's still room in this one, I'd like to join.

This will be my first Starfinder character, so I have not made him yet, will be level 1.

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Ok Right now I have:

-- Peet: Argon-42
-- Pika Pool: Gizmo-5
-- Dax Thura: True Silver
-- Lysle : Aegis-9
-- Nathanale Love: ???

Please provide the following:

Head over to the Discussion thread and check in

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I'd love to join this with Vylit, Shirren Mystic 1 if there's space :)

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I've landed on Vesk Soldier with a guard/heavy weapons flavor!

Scarab Sages

Okay Berggen makes 6. That fills this table.

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