[PFS] Gameday VII Wizards Wanted!


This game is to begin August 13 as it is a part of Gameday VII. I started something last year that I hope to make a Gameday tradition. I had had a wizard at a PaizoCon table with my wizard who didn't wish to share spells (because he had been burned in the past). I was a little shocked, and didn't think it felt like the Explore, Report, and specifically COOPERATE I had previously experienced in PFS. So we are going to set up a game especially for those PCs who would like to share spells. So....

I am recruiting an entire group of book-casters! Wizards, arcanists, and magi.

To throw the net to its widest, I have chosen the evergreen scenario Beyond the Halflight Path and will run it twice.

Please sign up with character class and level. The first 12 will be split by tier into two tables and the next three folks will be on reserve.

Since this doesn't start for over a month, I have a few suggestions.

  • Play one more game in that month.
  • Purchase a couple of spells.
  • Purchase a scroll or wand to prevent running out of combat effectiveness.
  • If you can afford a blessed book consider purchasing it as well.
  • Whether through leveling or purchase, choose a spell that IS CRB.
  • Whether through leveling or purchase, choose a spell that IS NOT in the CRB.
  • Maximize Spellcraft ranks so you can take 10.
  • Do not panic if I ignore this thread until we are closer to Gameday (August 1).
  • Alchemists, shamans, witches are one-way on trading spells, but with a huge con like PbP Gameday, you can probably create your own scenario. :)

    Session ID: 686641-77

  • Amazing idea - can't miss out on this one! I don't see a link to Google doc, so assuming that this Recruitment Thread is the sign up sheet.

    Player Alias: Pathmaker
    Character Name: Sigias
    Race/Class(es)/Level(s): Teifling Arcanist 5 (maybe 6th by GD)
    PFS#: 36653-7
    Faction: Dark Archive

    Scarab Sages

    I’m going to try to level my wizard to 3 so he can join.

    Character name-Zestel Cozma
    Race/class: Human Sin Wizard (Abjuratiin) hopefully 3
    Faction: Silver C
    Number132475-something. Something got wonky when registering the character, will fix by game day.

    Grand Lodge

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    "Aww..some of them wizaards are all grow'd up..." *Belch*

    Lol :)

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    Sounds like an absolutely amazing idea! Submitting Takumi, my arcanist, who should be level 4 by then. He is of the occultist archetype, i.e. can summon monsters as standard action. That would help provide a frontliner for all the squeeshy spellcasters. :)

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    I'd be willing to give it a go..

    Gripli magus 5.

    I am interested.

    Gaius Gallonica, Tiefling Wizard (Teleport) 4

    Liberty's Edge

    This was something I enjoyed playing in last time. She isnt high enough level to do anything this time but it was helpful.


    Sigias, Teifling Arcanist 5
    Gaius Gallonica, Tiefling Wizard (Teleport) 4
    Agalych, gripli, magus 5
    Takumi, arcanist 4
    Zestel Cozma Human Sin Wizard (Abjuration) 3 (I also need to my level my occultist to 3rd--Monday table?).

    I have room for one more.
    and a whole table with room for six more.
    Ylania, if you make it to third by then you are welcome to join. Or you can play a pregen :)

    Arrghh... I hate these long recruits. I know a game 'is happening' but am saddened by the lack of new posts :p

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    Checking in with a very sarcastic tiefling.

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    'new posts' where?

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    She might be 4th level by that time. Can she come if she is 3rd at least?

    The Exchange

    Well hot dang! I just realized that this character is in tier. You can sign me up if you need a table completed. He is a lvl 3 fire wizard.

    Scarab Sages

    Great idea! I would like to join you with a Magus 2 / Swashbuckler 1.

    Sigias wrote:
    'new posts' where?

    I have 'my campaigns' bookmarked, so when I first get to Paizo, I should see (x new). But alas. :(

    Ylania: 3rd is great.
    Welcome aboard Zaarah and Vanisillian.

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    She might be 4th by then, I have found a local PFS group that does modules :)

    Scarab Sages

    Thanks! Are you opening campaign pages so we can dot to see the game in our campaign page? ;-)

    GM, thanks again for the opportunity!!

    I will, but I am going to wait. In my experience, a thread left idle too long dries up.

    Plus I will have to determine who is in which table, and what tiers are happening, and create two different campaigns. :)

    When I do, I will give enough time for everyone to find it, and for me to PM anyone who doesn't dot in right away. :)

    Room for two to four more! :)

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    Gaius is now level 5.

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    Hi, I have a level 7 wizard

    Pathfinder Adventure Path, Starfinder Adventure Path, Starfinder Roleplaying Game, Starfinder Society Roleplaying Guild Subscriber

    This looks fun and very useful. Unfortunately, my Magus does not have a spell book and my Arcanist is likely to be out of level by then. If she is still L7 and there is space for her closer to game day then I would love to join.

    Happy gaming and spell trading, everyone.

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    Venture Teller Play b'Post wrote:
    I had had a wizard at a PaizoCon table with my wizard who didn't wish to share spells (because he had been burned in the past).

    Seems kind of stupid and cowardly of him. Anyway, what was his "burn" story? I don't think I even understand how one could be "burned" for doing that in this game.

    Anyways, interesting idea. My Illusionist's a bit beyond Tier (my Alchemist even moreso), but I do have this thing!

    Player Alias: I'm Hiding In Your Closet
    Character Name: Xukong
    Race/Class(es)/Level(s): Dhampir Magus 4
    PFS#: 40025-10
    Faction: Dark Archive

    We should be done BEFORE October 1st, right?

    Hard to say on timing. Last year we did Fallen Fortres, a module. I also have a huge event in September which takes me out for a week, so it went on a bit longer. However, October 1 is realistic.

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    Gameday is post-Gencon, right? If so, then I'm more then willing to add Carina to the fold. She's currently lvl5 Wizard, but she'll have another level after GenCon (Albeit in a casting prestige class)

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    If there's still room, Evariel is a level 4 necromancer wizard.

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