Help Build: Absent-minded professor


Hi all! I ask for help in building a character, a professor (a physician, a geographer, a physicist) traveling with a party, putting together the most diverse knowledge and skills, but almost no magician.
I'm shaking between archetypes Phantom Thief or Snoop.
Which of them is more ultimatum in working with knowledge?

Neither seems great to me. If you're willing to look at 3rd party stuff there are classes like the scholar precisely because the Paizo equivalents aren't good.

Investigator ?
You could get rid of alchemy if you wanted to - like a Majordomo.

That or some sort of bard would be my choice for a knowledge heavy, nit too magical character - not as many options for spell-less bards, but they are scholars as well. Archivist, maybe ?

There are a few archetypes in Ultimate Wilderness that might fit it, Cartographer or Natural Philosopher.

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