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For a level 5 character, I'm looking for a wild shape form that does the most 1 attack damage as possible. At level 4 we went up against multiple groups of enemy creatures that had DR 5/. And I was using deinonychus form but all I could do was scratch the enemy with DR 5.

What's the best 1 attack max damage wild shape to use? Not sure if there is one. At level 5 now I get natural spell. I suppose whatever creature I wild shape into, I would put bull's strength on myself as well. Any other ways to increase my 1 hit dmg?

At that level it is sometimes better to just two-hand your shillelagh.
Damage increases: Greater Magic Fang (+1 to hit and damage), Vine strike (+1d6 plus entangle), Bristle(sacrifice AC for damage)
At level 6 when large forms become available you start to have lot of options. Best single attack damage is probably the arsinoitherium with its 4d8 gore attack.

was it 5/-- or was it something specific like /bludgeon or /magic etc?
sometime you can circumvent it with the right weapon. remember bite is p+s+b type and with magic fang it is also magic. while flame blade is energy so it overcomes dr all together (but then you need to fight energy resistance.)
when in a pinch. power attack ;)
also remember if the form have just one natural attack it give 150% str to damage instead of 100% and count as primary (no -5 to hit even if normally it would be secondary)

There's a thread from Atalius which I bet is related. My answer there was that wild shape/beast shape I would top out at 1d8 for a single attack (axe beak or a monitor lizard), but you'd probably be better to use a spell like produce flame or pale flame when DR was an issue.

If your mobs have DR, as a Druid you can go for crowd control in lieu of damage. A well placed Entangle is your best option in almost every scenario that doesn't involve flying mobs.

As for Wild Shape, if you're committed to dealing damage to these DR targets, you can go with an elemental of some kind. They typically have slam attacks that are 1) good single target damage and 2) might bypass their DR altogether.

The hardest hitting single attack form at level 4 is the bull shark (2d8 bite). Next up is the giant porcupine (2d6 tail slap) if you're one of those losers who actually needs legs. Honorable mention to the giant gecko (2d4 bite), if you happen to want a climb speed.

Or you could just use fey form to turn into a muse for five ranged touch attacks dealing 4d6 sonic damage each and bypassing all damage reduction.

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