Flowing Monk Questions


Hey folks, just a couple of quick questions.

First, the Redirection ability flowing monks receive allows me to trip or reposition an opponent that threatens who attempts to attack me. My question is, does that trip or reposition provoke an AoO? (I mean against me, not from my team to the opponent) I have Improved Trip already, but not Improved Reposition, so I'm willing to grab that.

My second question is about Ki Throw. I suppose I was under the impression that a reposition threw the opponent into another square and that they would arrive there prone. Is that not the case?

Assuming not, if I'm using different combat maneuvers during a flurry of blows, I could start off disarming, then tripping, then repositioning, right? So what good is Ki Throw to me? Is it just the ability to spend ki points to increase the sizes I can affect? Not that that isn't a really big factor to consider.

I guess I'm just trying to figure out what feat I should grab now (level 10). It's between the Improved Reposition and Ki Throw.

So, a couple of things.

First thing's first, I believe that the -4 ac from being prone would come out of the target's CMD (verification needed.) If true, you should trip first. Or, if you miss the first attack, second. Really, trip them until they are tripped.

Second, have you considered the Vicious Stomp feat?

Third, as far as I know, yes, the reposition and trip will provoke, if you lack the appropriate Improved feat. Also, reposition does not knock an enemy prone. You just move them to a different safe square.

As far as Ki Throw goes, some people swear by it. Personally, I feel pretty ambivalent about it, unless I'm just never worried about my Ki. Then, why not?

Thanks, Pants. You're right, trip would be the best opening gambit. Then I'll disarm and then reposition if useful. The goal is to get Greater Reposition so I can let all my friends get in a free shot at them.

I've already got Vicious Stomp. I went ahead and took the Improved Reposition and used prestige to buy a wand of enlarge person. That should address the size differential in the short term at least, although I'll still consider getting Ki Throw later.

Are you going with any styles? I've been wanting to do a little crane style/flowing monk, mostly to see how mad I can make my GM.

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