War for the Crown in DragonLance

War for the Crown

For quite a while I have wanted an AP that would fit into DragonLance. Specifically I have wanted to run an Ergoth-based campaign as there hasn't been any focus on that area in the past setting materials. I haven't read any of this campaign, but by the description it feels like it may be a good fit since Ergoth is an empire in decline waiting for another chance at glory. Those who are up on DragonLance lore, do you think this would make a good campaign to convert to that setting?

Northern Ergoth between War of the Lance and the Summer of Chaos would fit this AP well with some adjustments. The barbarian province of Ackal Province to the north of Ergoth Proper could stand in for Qadria. Ergoth's founder Ackal Ergot (just place his tomb in the mountains of either northern or southern Ergoth) would be an easy fit for First Emperor of Taldor. Not much happens in Northern Ergoth during the Age of Dispair or the 5th Age. You won't trip over much when it comes to the mainland


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