Making "treat deadly wounds" faster?


Hi folks,
I'm playing a witch with a low wisdom and a really good healing skill and I'd like to get treat deadly wounds to take less time. The only thing I can find is the medicine subdomain power (Blessed Surgery). And I'd be tempted to multi-class to cleric just for this, but it's wisdom based.

Are there any other ways of speeding up treat deadly wounds? Some magic item? Some way to use Int toward the domain power? Anything?

I just see the feat Believer's boon but it requires a 13 WIS.

Theres the medicine subdomain, but...

Be aware the Medicine subdomain has a despicable trait-tax cunningly hidden within the introductory text of the source material. "A domain-using PC can gain access to one of these subdomains via the following faith trait. An NPC does not need such a trait.... Acolyte of Apocrypha (Faith)...." [Divine Anthology - Development Lead: James Jacobs. Authors: Alex Augunas, Russ Brown, John Compton, Alex Riggs, David Ross]

MageHunter wrote:
I just see the feat Believer's boon but it requires a 13 WIS.

Medicine domain as a level 1, 1 time a day?

Just not worth the feat.

there aren't really any real ways to make it meaningfully fast.
Unles somethings come out in the last 6 months.
I did a ton of searching for it, so i could avoid playing a divine caster.. and instead play something else.
I really found no way to consistantly do so, while still being worth the invetsment..

There are several items that buff and improve its healing amount, or allows healing more often.. but nothing that lets it be quick consistently. Other than dips to get that domain..

There are a ton of solid threads on Reddit you could look at though

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