Enhanced Resistance and Dark Matter

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I'm a solarian and had a question about the feat enhanced resistance and stellar revelation dark matter.

I was told these 2 don't stack with each other.

For dark matter can I choose kinetic OR any of the energy types?

For Enhanced Resistance, do I get to choose kinetic OR any of the energy type or do you have to take one of them?

What are my options with these 2? And how does dermal plating DR 1/ work in conjunction with these 2?


Someone must know! .. :)

Pages 263 and 264 of the core rulebook have the definition for damage reduction and the separate definition for energy resistance, and have the rules that clarify your questions.

After reading those, I recommend re-reading Dark Matter on page 104, the Enhanced Resistance feat on page 157, and lastly Dermal Plating on pages 209-210.

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