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Just preping at the moment, and have gotten to the last section regarding the data module.

The countermeasures, are potentially game breaking. In that fail twice and loose the only lead you have.

I'm likely to change the countermeasure, so it's just a long lock out potentially delaying the their pursuit so they might choose to seek aid, but they get to keep attempting it.

Does anyone else have any suggestions?

Other than doing the awkward thing of. Well thanks for coming you've just lost your one and only lead, so that ends this adventure. Ultimately you hear tale of a devourer sect having a super weapon and have started the process of bringing about the end of the universe, but it's going to take some time, and so you'll be long dead before they pose any significant threat as long as you start running now.

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Maybe come up with a nother way they get punshed perhapse a alarm goes of our they take damage, so its still tense but not game ending

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If your PCs accidentally got the data wiped, make sure they know that Waneda Trux might want to see this module... and she knows someone who can get to that erased data, as mentioned in the last paragraph on page 34. Sure, the PCs don't get the glory of doing the thing themselves, but at least their mistakes won't dead-end the Adventure Path!

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My players tried to kick the Vampire to the acid pool. I wonder how the data module would handle that fate :D

"Luckily" they were unsuccesful and the vampire instead kicked one of them there. RIP.

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