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Just thought I'd post this as a closing to the worst campaign I have ever played with the worst DM I have ever played with.

Campaign fell out. Which was a good thing.

The GM had foisted a half-orc (other system / world so changing the names) kid on my paladin. The half-orc player wasn't interested. There's prejudice, will you throw a five year old out? So to go along -even though that wasn't what I wanted- I decided my goodie guy takes the kid up as his brother. My paladin is a 19 year old only child that I have made a point through the campaign always wanted a sibling. He sends the kid to stay at his Order, the other members love the kid, my paladin's parent's -both paladins- 'adopt' him. I have till this point made a lot of concessions. Working with shady characters -just protesting and going along- cause I don't wanna play the plot ruining idiot. "Sure let's break into the church vault, of the church my Order is working with, to find evidence of the church's wrongdoings on the say-so of anarchists that are hunted by the authorities. If the church is evil that has to be the only way to find out." Me deskbanging type concessions. Also note I had passed my character concept by the GM when I joined to make sure it fit.

So we're wrapping up -just to have an ending.

GM says "Bad guy isn't really bad, he's also unbeatable, kid is potentially dangerous, please turn it in to be killed."
I explain to the GM that's not happening.
GM starts threatening. There will be war on his Order. Bad guys from all around the world will band against them. Members will die.
I'm "Ok, that's an acceptable ending. His Order goes to war. Np."
GM goes with bigger threats. Then says kid will be assassinated anyway.
I'm ok with that. I tell the GM my paladin would then make it his mission to challenge the bad guy and have his head.
More threatening. Bad guy too strong. Your characters Order will be hunted down.
I'm fine with that and have had enough (its been 30 minutes of him trying to convince me to hand over the kid) so I ask for a roll on the outcome of the duel. Rolls. Paladin wins.
GM very unhappy on that. He loves his NPCs. Threatens more retaliation on my character.
I'm ok with that too. I explain to the GM I'm even fine if my character dies, but he's not hauling a five year old to his would be assassin.
But GM is very unhappy -calls my character a liar, a hypocryte and unethical for seeking vengeance- and retcons almost the whole thing.

Other fun bits.

- He had about 10 plot lines running. We didn't understand any.
- He spoke in a bored slow voice "Umm... the baron... yeah... heeee... umm... gives... lemme see..."
- He is an aspiring author. His characters descriptions went "His tanned body is striking and his deep blue eyes twinkle as he smirks, his ebony hair cascading over his chiseled shoulders".
- He had a whole group of DMPCs he loved. When our rogue pointed out that she wasn't eager to risk her life and freedom to break out amazing DMPC from jail, he messaged the player "Quite a hero you go there"
- He never scheduled games. I did.
- He often cancelled sessions at the last minute.
- In the 11 sessions of this game 3 players quit. The last quit prompted abandoning the game. The GM said "3 players are too few to run a campaign for" and no one wanted to invite anyone to this game.
- His idea of a fun moment was. Me: "My paladin tries to blindly find the invisible foe" GM: "He grabs the invisible guy. By the crotch. Hahahahaaaa! Good one eh? I thought of that myself" Yes he did say all of that.
- Told the mage player he did not like her character.
- Asked the rogue at the 7th session 'what is your characters motivation?' Power! The player had made it clear forever but the DM only cared about his DMPCs.
- Wrote an ending to the game that had no reference to the PCs or anything we did through out.
- Used the game to promote his own "hipster artist" views. He used those words to define himself not I.

And thats why I'm not exactly upset the campaign ended.

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Never had a GM that bad, thank you very much.
Worst GM I had was at GenCon one year.
I don't think he had GM too much.
The tables he GMed were over in an hour, instead of the 3 that were allotted for it.
He had other things to do.
He only volunteered to GM so he could get his room paid for and the meal vouchers that were the perks being offered by one game company.

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