Legal way for skinwalker to gain silver DR?

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So, I finally can play a skinwalker (At the end of the campaign, sadly) and I'm re-making an old D&D character (Who was a weretiger) and one of his claims to fame was that with his silver DR, he could beat up the town guard when they got possessed by evil spirits because they had basic long swords, and couldn't do a damn thing to him. Is there a feat out there that only skinwalkers can take that give them that silver DR? Even if it's linked to class levels, it would still be fun to be able to do that again. I haven't found anything yet, but I don't own all the books.

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The Were-touched Shifter does this?


Hmmm, really didn't want a level dip. Any other ideas?

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Shifters headband and keep shapeshifting?

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BigNorseWolf wrote:
Shifters headband and keep shapeshifting?

That’s pretty nifty. The new upgrade rules would allow a Headband of Vast Intelligence to be upgraded into one, right?

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The Lycanthropy oracle curse (in Realms of Horror) gives you DR5/silver, but not till level 15. Some races get an alternate favoured class bonus that advances their effective level for the oracle curse, but Skinwalker sadly is not one of them.

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