What is your favorite Small sized Race?

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Liberty's Edge

Halflings. Loved them in Eberron, love them in Golarion.

Kobolds are awesome too, though, so I'd rather not pick.

Grand Lodge

Ratfolk for the way. The fact that they're a core race in Starfinder is one of the reasons I was so crazy excited for Starfinder.

I love teiflings followed by aasimars. My favorite is a small sized teifling hunter with the over-sized arms trait. He wields a large sized bastard sword, which is bigger than he is. Love the image of a dude the size of a halfling wielding a sword built for trolls

Garbage-Tier Waifu wrote:
Halflings. Mechanically, they’re pretty damn strong for a variety of classes, like rogue and sorcerer. And their abilities are just absolutely fantastic.

Their Favored Class Option in paladin is insanely good. (If you do decide to be a halfling paladin with at least three levels, then also pick an alternative racial trait that swaps out "Fearless" since it's moot at Paladin 3rd.)

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