"Weasels and Blizzards" A Reign of Winter Tale

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Ok, so clearly, this is going to be an ongoing campaign journal for our group's Reign of Winter game. So, to start, I shall introduce our main characters (the party)

Name of PC: Leminster Torbins aka Lemi the Weasel
Player: GM Beernorg (me!)
Race/Gender: Half-Elf Male
Class: Rogue (rake)
Background (if any): edit Lemi's tale has some rough language, so be aware.

Name of PC: Ser Jerry
Player: Big B (real names withheld)
Race/Gender: Human Male
Class: Paladin of Sarenrae
Background (if any): A large, I mean BRICK OUTHOUSE! large gent from the south, possibly Qadira, amazingly nice and fun loving for a paladin. Ser Jerry's player is new to PF, and I for one applaud him so far, his paladin has been a BLAST to adventure with.

Name of PC: Zalicose aka Horns
Player:B2 (real names withheld, yes we have multiple B names :) )
Race/Gender: Tiefling Male
Class: Wizard (transmuter)
Background (if any): Unsure at this time, Horns has not been very forthcoming with details of his past.

Name of PC: Amber (GMPC)
Player: The Original FG (real names withheld)
Race/Gender: Aasimar Female
Class: Cleric (Erastil)
Background (if any): Amber is a local of Heldren, lovely, and deadly with a longbow.

Had our first session all written up, then had to restart PC, and did NOT copy my carefully crafted tale, of course, Grrr...

Think we are due for session 4 of RoW this coming Tuesday, I will do my best over the weekend to document our tale to date, there is SO much hilarity and have been some really good RP moments already. the RP of Cha 8 by Horns player and the honest to a fault RP of Ser Jerry's player having delivered PURE GOLD several times.

I just hope I can remember it all correctly and put it into a gratifying format.

We shall see.

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