Ki-focused, Invulnerable rage-cycling Superstitious ARCHER...?


Anyone know the tale of Mace Windu personally changing Juno to his own style called Vaapad, knows the usefulness of channeling anger into battle focus...

ZAM-4/Invulnerable Rager-16

Rage powers do NOT keep you from using Wisdom based skills or abilities!

Both Monks and Barbarians rely on not being encumbered with a heavy load. So you can easily focus on wisdom based AC bonuses from the monk with the damage reduction from the Invulnerable Rager Barbarian.

Dump DEX because you use Wisdom to attack with Zen Archery. Pump everything into wisdom, but maintain a 16 strength and have Adaptive on a composite bow... Entering Rage maxes out the bow for +5 to damage.

The rage powers like powerful blow and bleeding blow and surprise accuracy are NOT specific to melee... Let that sink in.

You end the game with a 19/14/9/4 BAB, so more than a 3/4 BAB character, and you don't provoke AoO with your bow starting at LvL 3, which is legit. You can focus on the usual archery feats, because as a Monk you can kick anyone who gets up in your business.

Take Ranged Trip and Relentless Shot to threaten at range for the Superstitious/Disruptive/Spellbreaker stuff, and use Wisdom of the Flesh trait to put your stealth to wisdom, so you can maintain stealth whilst raging, because NORMALLY you can't use Dex based skills while in rage, so make it wisdom based.

Take the Tireless feat at LvL 1, which makes you immune to the condition of fatigue, so rage cycle away.

With a 16 strength, you can dump everything else but wisdom and Constitution. Completely wisdom based, SAD stealth rage-cycling Superstitious Invulnerable ARCHER!!!

Unless I am wrong, Tireless is Forgotten Realms, which is 3.5. So, not applicable to any first party Paizo games.

As an archer, ending rage and becoming fatigued won't be too painful, so everything still works otherwise.

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With only 4 Zam levels and dropping dex you're gonna end up missing out on a lot of good feats

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Assuming you get point blank shot and precise shot from monk, you still need a 13 dex for ranged trip and deadly aim. Probably want a higher dex for snap shot, and attacks of opportunity and combat reflexes.
Eventually you'll need a 19 dex if you want improved precise shot

Use a Seeking bow to make up for Improved Precise Shot, and a belt of physical prowess should be adequate to both max out the composite bow for damage bonuses, and meet the requirements for Manyshot.

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If you don't mind being evil (and a couple of "dead" feats, and proficiency in heavy armor) the Sanguine Angel prestige class can use strength to attack with bows.

It also has a feature to stack with barbarian... But a specific archetype that cuts the rage bonuses in half, no penalties in rage, doesn't fatigue...and it has a hard cooldown of 1 minute after rage.

If you only dip 2 levels, Str to attack with bows.

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VoodistMonk wrote:
As an archer, ending rage and becoming fatigued won't be too painful, so everything still works otherwise.

-2 Dex and -2 Str can be terrible for an archer, especially if you are using a composite bow. If your Strength score is lower than the composite rating you take more penalties.

Primal Hunter is a must-have archetype for the Barbarian levels, adding a bonus to attack rolls equal to what melee attacks would get from strength. Unlike the other archery archetypes for Barbarian (Urban Barbarian or Savage Technologist), it even works with Zen Archer.

I don't really see the benefit of using Zen Archer if you're gonna get high dex anyway, though. Feral Hunter can stealth while raging, and with Superstition, the will save isn't really that much of a problem. Feral Hunter looses the will save bonus from Rage, but it wouldn't stack with Superstition, anyway.

Firebug wrote:
If you don't mind being evil (and a couple of "dead" feats, and proficiency in heavy armor) the Sanguine Angel prestige class can use strength to attack with bows.

Which really get's crazy when used in combination with Feral Hunter, because now Rage increases your attack roll twice. Still, that's a lot of prereq feats on a very feat heavy playstyle. You'd probably want a dip into Fighter (or Warpriest). Since you won't qualify for Manyshot anyway, you might actually dip (or start as, because of alignment) into Zen Archer as well.

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I am tentatively looking at a Sanguine Angel starting out with 6 levels of slayer (sniper). Using Ranger's combat style for slayer talents you can get rapid shot and improved precise shot(or many shot) without prereqs. The level 4 talent for rogue combat trick to pick up a combat feat, or weapon training truck for weapon focus, 2d6 sneak attack, and +2 studied target.
With a 13 starting Dex, I was thinking deadly aim at 7. Half orc, sacred tattoo, fates favored, skilled, shaman's apprentice.

The only real trouble I was having was getting many shot and improved precise shot.

Well, if we stray away from the Barbarian chassis, Slayer 6 is indeed a good base. Primal Hunter is still a must have, at least for a dip. Still missing Heavy Armor Prof, sadly - no Slayer archetype that grants it, and the only Barb archetype is incompatible.

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