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Large Double Hackbut

Rules Questions

Hi everybody!
I'm looking at making a whacky build which involves using a large double hackbut. Unfortunately, the rules in regards to the size increase come across as unclear.
For one thing, a small double hackbut is a 2d10 weapon, but increases to 2d12 for some reason, when usually a 2d10 weapon increases to 4d8. This is a bit confusing.

There is precedent for converting 1d12 to 2d6, however it is effectively a houserule or fiat to use this as it is a throwback to old school D&D where each 1d12 could just be converted to 2d6 and then adjusted. This would make a large double hackbut 6d6 (2d12 converts to 4d6, then size increases to 6d6).

Some opinions would be quite appreciated.

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That D&D damage conversion sounds like a house rule, I do not remember it as RAW in any edition.

The general consensus is 6D6 damage for the large Pathfinder Hackbut.

So yes, 6d6 is correct.

I wanted to be sure rather than just say "Eh it worked this way in 3.5" and rocking up to the table with a character wielding a large double hackbut like a goofball.

Cheers for the input you two.

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