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Question: Remove Condition Spell (especially lesser)

Rules Questions

The remove condition spell allows you to remove a defined list of conditions. It does not allow you to remove afflictions. It specifies that if the condition is the result of a disease or other ongoing effect, this spell removes the condition but does not cure the disease or ongoing effect and the target can regain teh condition from that effect as normal, potentially immediately.

My question, which may have a simple answer or consensus, is this:

If you suppress the sickened from the Physical Disease track, does the target regain the sickened condition immediately or when they're due for their next saving throw and move up the disease track?

It doesn't say. My thoughts though would be that an actual magic spell should at least be as good as pepto bismol or excedrin, and should suppress the sickened condition for 1 day or until the next saving throw, whichever is less.

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