[PFS] "Unique" Bard with Familiar ~seeking advice


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Greetings all, I've been enamored with the idea of building a Mute Musician bard, and roleplaying it as a Sweet-talker.

The big problem i see, is when i join a table with my "bard" they'll expect a knowledge monkey- but since the Mute Musican lose Bardic Knowledge, i feel like getting a Sage Familiar to supplement that- the the only common familiar that speaks, is the Raven. Even progressing to obtain an Improved familiar.

I'm contemplating an Elven Sweet-talker, as I don't have an Elf character.
Stat-wise: 10 Str/14 Dex/11 Con/15 Int/12 Wis/16 Cha

I don't like dumping stats unnecessarily- so i want to keep Strength at 10 to carry all the instruments i'm going to be carrying. I'd like a somewhat positive con to survive various AoE's that's bound to be my doom.

Since the Mute Musician gets some bonus Conjuration spells from the Wizard/Sorcerer list, i was considering being a more-conjuration focused caster.

I am also contemplating possibly a prestige class, as the Mute Musician doesn't get much else at later levels that would be terrible useful, especially within the confines of Organized Play.

Also looking for an obscure elven god to be devout to...

TL:DR- Elf Bard "Mute Musician" with Raven familiar and a a focus towards Conjuration spells. Not to mention, MASTERPIECES.

1> Arcane Bond
2> -
3> Spell Focus (Conjuration) or Augmented Summoning
4> -
5> ?

This character is far from being fleshed out and played [i've other characters]; but these are the key features i'd like to keep.

ONE MORE THING- might consider multiclassing with Invigorator Paladin.

Man, that archetype is seriously bananas. Keep performing after you die? How would you practice??

I think there's a problem with being a bard summoner: you only get 6 levels of spells! Plus there's the execrable feat Fire Music, which forces you to multiclass as an arcane spellcaster to get +1 damage on your bard summons, ugh.

Hmm...I really really don't want to rain on your parade here.

You've got the goods to be a reasonable user of planar binding, but you can't get even the lesser one until 14th level.

You could even try for the Dimensional line of feats, but even then you can't grab dimension door until 10th...


The masterpieces from Horror Realms are right up your alley, but the big one (crazy wishes) isn't PFS legal, and it's 13th level, and relentless reprise is great for making your party fighter spend prestige after the adventure is over to avoid the madhouse...

ugh...symphony of silence doesn't actually cause a silence effect, which would be neat if you could cast but bad guys couldn't.

Okay, so you've got a synergy with being a deaf oracle. For 1 level. Don't go mystic theurge as a bard!

I am having a really hard time thinking of cool things to do!

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Still looking for ideas with how to progress with this build. I'm looking for any ideas how to make this character useful in combat outside of Inspire Courage and spell casting.
That's why i'm looking at Prestige Classes to vary what possibilities i have at my disposal.

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so, should i take it that many people consider the Mute Musician a "bad" archetype and have no ideas on how to make it an interesting build?

Just tell people you're a dumb bard that doesn't knowledge.
I had a bard, I introduced them as a selfish bard so that people knew he wasn't going to be handing out inspire courage.

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What he said. Anyone expecting to become braver or better-educated has come to the wrong princess.

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I recall sitting down at a table once with a bard and a skald in addition to my own bard. I was a buffing bard, the other bard was a de-buffing bard, and the skald was a Spell Warrior.

...man, was that a thing of beauty....

Let the table know how you're contributing and be honest, and it will be decent enough as far as players go, usually.

As far as mechanics? *enh* I'm not one to stare long and hard at them?

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How are you getting Arcane Bond at Lvl 1? Duetist gets one, but also trades Bardic Knowledge for it. Familiar Bond gets close, but has Iron Will as a pre req, so no elf/half elf for whatever elf thing your looking for. Pretty sure you would need Iron Will, FB, Imp FB and then you could get improved familiar. The concept is there, just not sure how you are going to build it. Even if you dip a level of Sorc to get a familiar you would need to Boon Companion it and then it will still max out fairly fast and make Improved Familiar hard to get.

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If this is the plan, though, the House of Green Mothers Pupil trait will let you take Familiar Bond at 1st. ^_^

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Chess Pwn wrote:

Just tell people you're a dumb bard that doesn't knowledge.

I had a bard, I introduced them as a selfish bard so that people knew he wasn't going to be handing out inspire courage.

it's hard to tell anyone when the bard can't speak. :p

Kalindlara wrote:
If this is the plan, though, the House of Green Mothers Pupil trait will let you take Familiar Bond at 1st. ^_^

Thanks, that may actually be worthwhile, as i do plan on taking Improved Familiar and obtaining a Pooka.

My question is, mainly, how to proceed with this build? What can/could the bard do, aside from Inspire Courage- especially with the bonus spells this archetype gets access to?
would it be worthwhile to look into a Prestige class, as this archetype doesn't have much to offer in later levels.

I don't want this character to one-trick pony, and atleast try to contribute outside of combat- when they can't TALK being a "face" character.

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Mulling this build over, trying to figure out what this character could do, I've been considering a Prestige class.

Looking over the list of PFS legal Prestige Class, i come across the FeySworn. Seems very fitting for this character.

Bard [Mute Musician]
Traits: House of GMP, Maestro of the Society
1> Familiar Bond
2> -
3> Fey Obedience
4> -
5> Lingering Performance
6> -
7> Improved Familiar
8> First level of Feysworn
9> ?

Taking the Prestige class at 8th, allows the Mute Musician to get some bonus spells at 6th, and access to 3rd lvl spells at 7th. Any earlier, and my spell selection would be slowed.

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well, apparently, i need to get Improved Familiar Bond before i can get an Improved Familiar... so my options is to commit to the whole Pooka endeavor, or abandon the whole familiar deal and try to find another schtick for this character.

looking through, and comparing spells lists between Bards and Wizards, trying to figure out which spells to steal.

I figure Protection from Evil and Resist Energy are two low level spells worth getting; still debating if proceeding to 6th get more spells, unless someone helps flesh out this build.

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bringing this build idea back from the tombs...

I still like the concept of the build, i'm just looking for DIRECTION, i'm definitely setting up this build as a caster, but WHAT kind of caster is the question with the feats being eaten up by the Familiar schtick...

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i picked up the First World: Realm of the Fey and decided I may be a follower of the Eldest Ng.
Question becomes how soon should i delve into this prestige class? granted, the earlier i drop into this prestige class, the less Bard stuff i get.

Five lvls of Bard gets me some extra spells from the archetype and Inspired Courage +2, three lvls of his prestige class gets me the first Obedience boon and "feyskinned", then back into bard?

Still looking for advice and direction for this build... i don't mind changing from a bard to something else...

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