DM looking for writing advice - Goblins as main "heroes" in Wrath of the Righteous


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Anyone in Tim's goblin campaign bugger off now or massive spoilers!

TDLR: below the bolded part is something I would like help making better for my players, and good writing tips would be appreciated.

I'm running a campaign that started with B4 goblins (with custom goblins, not the premade ones), carried through We be goblins and We be goblins too, and then will carry into wrath of the righteous. Yes, EVIL goblin heroes will be playing the pinnacle roll in wrath. I just love the image of MYTHIC goblins, and them being evil but everyone being forced to deal with them because they are the chosen ones just tickles me.

I've written the following trying to explain why the goblisn would actually choose to go this route. It mostly comes down to a) the promise of power and b) demons aren't great for goblins either, they'll just enslave and kill them.

I'm not a super duper writer by any stretch. Looking for advice on any tweaks to make this moment stronger as I've seen some amazing writers here.

In case it matters, Justin (mentioned below) is am Infernal bloodrager so his devil blood would hate demons. and Sam as mentioned below is a warpreist whos god again isn't really down with demons.

Oh, and at the end of We be goblins, they returned to the camp and found it destroyed as described in We be goblins too but instead of by a random human attack, it was the abyssal forces. So this was already hinted at that the Storm Lord was trying to kill them.

The below happens immediately at the end of We be goblins too (we should finish this on Sunday):
You return to the Birdcrunchers camp triumphantly, having slain the ogres and saved the goblins. For the heroes, the whole chieftain thing was exciting at first. They had a tribe of minions who fawned over them and brought them whatever they needed whenever they needed it. However, after a month, it started to get boring. The chieftains had to stay home all the time and watch over the tribe. They had to be big and mean so that other tribes wouldn’t bother them. They had to make sure the goblins had enough to eat. They had to organize raids that they didn’t get to go on. They had to settle arguments about exactly whose jar of leeches was stolen and eaten. After 3 months, it started to seem like being a chief was more trouble than it was worth.

You started leaving as a group, something you shouldn’t do as chiefs, because you just felt something more should be happening.

One day, on returning from a mission to another tribe that USED to be in the area (hehehe, stoopid gobos) you felt it again. The sentries you set up were missing. It was to quiet. Your instincts screamed that something was wrong. Regardless, you felt compelled to keep going, like you didn’t have control.

You came to the main camp and find this waiting for you.

(insert picture of the Storm Lord here)

This red skinned monster is 18ft tall, his forearms are bigger than a goblin. He is sounded in a fiery aurora. He wields a whip of flame in one hand and a vorpral sword in his other hand.

All the goblins of the tribe are on the ground in front of it, cowering in insane fear. You notice offhand that Wise Mummy Spittleharsh is the only goblin that had been killed.

“Ah, the great heroes return. FOOLS! How could anyone prophesize that puny goblins would not only kill me, the great Khorramzadeh, the Storm King, but that you would somehow kill me twice?!? “ Noticing you looking at Wise Mummy Spittleharsh he barks a laugh “Ah yes, this goblin actually had the spine to try and fight back, unlike the rest of these sheep” at this he lashes out with a whip, drags a goblin into his fiery aura where the goblin burns to death in an instant.

“Somehow, you all lived through my last assault on your “village” (he spits the word with disgust)! No more! You’ll watch me destroy each and every one of these puny beings, and then you’ll die, here, now”.

He starts destroying everyone and everything. You are paralyzed with fear, but also feel a deep anger growing inside. Sure, these are filthy git goblins, but they are YOUR filthy git goblins. How dare he! Justin in particular you can feel your blood squirming, telling you to fight this bastard demon. At one point you start moving towards him.

He is initially lost in the slaughter, but then notices you moving and turns to you, with a look of shock on his face. And perhaps a tiny bit of fear ‘YOU DARE!!! COWER WHERE YOU STAND MORTALS” and you all collapse to your knees (although Justin and Sam only collapse to one knee). At this, he just loses his s~*#, slamming his whip and sword around him in an insane fury, slaughter everyone. He then turns to you “and now, you’ll die, and I’ll laugh at the prophecy”.

As he charges, you close your eyes. You can’t help it, the power of him charging at you isn’t something you can process. For a long minute you wait for death, yet nothing happens. You peek open your eye and see this:

(Insert picture of Terendelev here)

A great silver beast is between you and the demon. It’s hundreds of feet long, and shines a brilliant silver colour. You are in awe, and certainly afraid, but nowhere nearly the same level of paralyzing fear as the demon exudes.

“Terendelev, you DARE show up! You know I am the one who will KILL you!” screams the Storm Lord.

“Ah, yes, so you will. But not here! Since you are prophesized to kill me elsewhere, what happens if you kill me here? Or perhaps I KILL YOU here now instead? The point is, you great hulking idiot, is we don’t know. If we fight here and now, neither of us is protected by prophecy. So shall we dance?” says the dragon, Terendelev.

The Storm King snarls in rage, and grips his weapons tightly. “Fine, dragon” he spits out “ Save these so called heroes. Look at them! Puny evil cowering wretches! They will never be a threat to me. I’ll see you soon, and you’ll die there! And then you’ll not be around to get in my way, and I’ll kill them there.” And with that, he teleports away.

The dragon visibly relaxes, and then looks at you 5. It’s face curls up in disgust and you here it mumble to itself “Seriously, Iomedae, these are the heroes??? Ones a freaking cannibal” She goes silent, apparently hearing something, then nod, sighs and turns to speak to you. “You 5 are goblins, but you are special. You have been prophesized to slay the Storm King and lead the 5th crusade to finally closing the WorldWound.

I know I can’t appeal to your sense of Justice and Honor “ at this she smiles wryly, knowing how ridiculous that is “to get you to do this. I don’t even understand how Iomedae expects lawful human armies to be led by evil goblins! However, she says this is exactly what will happen. What I can offer is this “and with that, she says some arcane words and you spiral into visions.

You are assaulted with images. You can’t keep up with them all. You see yourselves gaining power above and beyond any goblin before you, even the great goblin heroes of note, beyond any normal adventurers. MYTHIC power. You see yourselves leading armies of noble humans against armies of vile demons. You see cities falling around you, you see death and despair and hope and anger. It’s a confusing assault of your senses, and your very souls.

When you come too, the dragon is looking at you with almost pity in her eyes. “I know, this is such a burden to lay on you 5. I can’t fathom how this has fallen on you. Perhaps the fact that you are evil yet not demon aligned is an advantage I can’t yet see. Perhaps you will join the enemy and lead us all to our doom. It’s all so fuzzy and unclear.

You can stay here and rule this small corner of this continent, until eventually the WorldWound spits out enough demons that they take over everything and murder or enslave everyone, including you goblins. Or you can come with me, to see if Iomedae’s view of your future is correct.”

You're in for a very rough conversion.

Not only is it going to be difficult to justify the NPCs of the campaign trusting the PCs enough to even allow their quest to begin, it's pretty lore-unfriendly. The goblin deities reside on the Abyss in a realm created by Lamashtu, so despite your premise above, demons are actually on relatively "friendly" terms with goblins.

I would strongly recommend a hard shift over to a mythic-conversion Way of the Wicked campaign instead, which is an extremely popular way to play the AP.

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