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Refreshing Dirty Trick effects with Underhanded Trick

Rules Questions

Liberty's Edge

I noticed that rogue talents include

Underhanded Trick wrote:
A rogue who selects this talent gains Improved Dirty Trick as a bonus feat, even if she does not meet the prerequisites. At 6th level, she is treated as if she meets all the prerequisites for Greater Dirty Trick (although she must take the feat as normal). If she succeeds in giving her target the blinded condition, the target cannot remove the condition during the first round of blindness.

Is it possible to keep reapplying this each round (assuming you succeed on the CMB check) so that the target cannot remove the blind condition?

Also, when combined with the vigilante talent

Deceitful Trick wrote:
The vigilante can perform a dirty trick combat maneuver in place of his first attack during a full attack. He can take a –4 penalty on his check in order to inflict two different conditions on his foe if he succeeds at his check. If the vigilante is successful, the target can remove both conditions as a standard action. A vigilante must have Greater Dirty Trick and Improved Dirty Trick in order to select this vigilante talent.

If the vigilante were to inflict TWO conditions, would the target be able to remove the other condition but not blind with an action in the 1st round? Or would they be stuck with both?

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