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"Stinking druid" build ideas?


A player in my group repeatedly uses "stinking druid" as an epithet, and it inspires me to build such a character for a laugh, but I have no experience with druids. What could I do around that theme, and what should I keep in mind when incorporating those ideas?

I imagine it would be a dwarf, with Wisdom (for spells), Constitution (for combat & to improve a wildshape giant skunk's DC), and Charisma penalty (for flavor). I see there is a Swamp archetype and Decay & Jungle subdomains, but they don't look especially strong. A giant slug looks interesting for an animal companion, but I see that giant skunks aren't available for that (though one can be purchased as a mount).

Suggested spells, besides Nauseating Trail? Better races? Feats/traits, archetypes, anything else?

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Look at the Blight Druid archetype. Starting at 5th level you exude a miasma that requires a Fort save from anyone adjacent to you.

Maybe the Swarm Monger archetype? You can play a "crazy cat lady" with a cat that turns into a swarm of cats (Thought the other choices might be mechanically stronger.) Also at 4th level you can literally eat garbage and be fine (and gain temporary HP from it.)

Shadow Lodge

Or just play a troglodyte druid. Or both. :)

I looked up 'ooze druid', and I found that I really wanted to point you to a cave druid.

A troglodyte cave druid... yummy.

There's a swarm monger archetype. By the rules a swarm of cats or rats doesn't have any stink-like ability but I think you'd notice when they're nearby, and there's other abilities in the archetype which would definitely smell.

Spit venom, spore burst and invigorating poison could all help in different ways. It's not that great, but the repugnant taste spell is very appropriate.

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PossibleCabbage wrote:
You can play a "crazy cat lady" with a cat that turns into a swarm of cats (Thought the other choices might be mechanically stronger.)

Or take Lion Shaman for spontaneous cat summoning, and then take Monk of the Empty Hand to get Throw Any Cat and Flurry of Cats.

Sovereign Court

Maybe they could have some sort of stinky animal companion (such as an ooze, you might need an archetype for that though.)

Giant Skunk Also, you could 'reskin' an animal companion to have features similar to a skunk. If you're the GM anything is possible.

Also note that you can summon 1d3 skunks with summon minor ally.

The Rot Warden looks like it is right up your alley.

Consider adding VMC Oracle and the Infested or Wasting curse.

Gulthor wrote:
Consider adding VMC Oracle and the Infested or Wasting curse.

Yes, definitely do this. I'd normally recommend the Bones mystery but since this is a Druid, and Druids (by the lore) REALLY hate the undead, I can't do that. Maybe the JuJu mystery instead.

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