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Cyberpunk PbtA


1 person marked this as a favorite.

looking for interest in a game of The Sprawl, A PbtA game designed to tell a Cyberpunk story. (On he off chance you don't know what cyberpunk is, here's a page that should help get you oriented)

Basic PbtA stuff

The PbtA system works on a 2d6+stat rolling system.
stats will go from -2, to +3, and when you roll, your roll will fall into one of 3 categories: a success (10+), where you get what you wanted, and maybe a little more, a partial success (7-9) where you get what you want, but maybe not all of it, or maybe at a cost.

Both of these are classified as "Hits", so when a move says"on a hit..." read that as "on a 7+". then there are misses (6-),
these will introduce complication, and may or may not mean that you don't get what you want.

Moves are the mechanics that come into play when your characters decide to do something. every move has a "trigger",
and the move comes into play, and you follow its directions (usually, you roll + a stat, and then make some choices, or I offer you choices). there are basic moves, which everyone has, and playbook moves, which are unique to certain characters.

In the simplest Terms, Playbooks are classes.
A playbook is a collection of moves, choices, and advancements,
all within the confines of a central theme. everyone chooses a playbook (except The GM).

The Sprawl Playbooks
The Sprawl Basic (and specialized) Moves

If you have questions, Ask away!

I'm looking at Driver. I've played the Sprawl a few times, (MC'd once at home) and haven't seen a Driver.

Edit: I feel like this one I want to side-car on another character. Like the reporter's van driver, or the soldier's drop-ship...

I think I’ll take infiltrator.

Looks interesting. Never played the sprawl before but I have played both Shadowrun and Apocalypse world.

I like the idea of a fixer.

There's two directions I'm seeing going with the Driver: with or without drones to start.

Without drones, I'd want something small and mobile, like a rocket bike. Even if it's the crew's getaway, it would be something that would go unnoticed. Even if it's flashy it should be easy to repair, and quiet.

With drones, I'd feel better leaving it behind sometimes, and calling it in as a getaway car. In this case, I'm looking for something domestic. This could even be a mobile headquarters. Dependant only on the permisable size.

Meetch & Bastian

Yep... At this point I consider asking more a formality than anything


Cool, which edition? Because If you played first, the fixer plays a lot like a streamlined Operator, If that helps.

Bastian (Again)

As a GM, I can't comment, but as an occasional player, I was never really into the (AW, but the two share a lot of commonality) driver because it felt like half the time what made you special didn't come into play.

my point in that being that, personally, I would do the drones, if that matters to/resonates with you at all

Also, what are those last two images from?

First edition. I've read second but not played it. I can see the similarity. Reminds me a bit of the Maestro D' too.

In personal experience, the vehicle works best when it gets support from other characters in becoming a focal point. That's why I was looking to incorporate it into the other characters' MOs. Infiltrator and Fixer, though... I'm not coming up with an easy connection. The mini stealth crotch rocket might work for the infiltrator, once they get in and out of a place alone. The Fixer might appreciate cargo or personel space, for escort missions.

Art is inspired by Neuromancer and illustrated by Marcel van Vuuren. The largest group of images is found on Pinterest. He drew a few pod hotel concepts that I thought looked cool.

Do we have thoughts about the corps? I think we each make one up.

The fixer might also have need of a driver now and then to make himself (or others) feel/look more important.

I've got some corp ideas in my head for part of my backstory. Don't want to jump the gun on the MC though.

A Lux driver would be fun.

A cyberpunk Pbta? Sounds cool. I'm leaning towards a Tech.

You guys seem, right now, like an "Augmented Aquisitions" team at the moment (Get in, Get the stuff, Get out) right now. I'll wait a little while to see if we have any more takers, but this team seems pretty well balanced as is.

Pathfinder Companion Subscriber

I'll dot as well. Looks like you need some combat muscle. I'll make either a killer or a soldier.

Two notes

1.) Soldiers are more organization and discipline than combat

2.) you guys only ned muscle if you want to take missions that need muscle. Take a playbooks that interests you, not one it looks like the group needs

other than that, welcome aboard

This looks pretty awesome. I'm a big fan of Blades in the Dark and I know that uses bastardized version of PbtA. I've also played some Dungeon World and Masks before, so holds and such aren't too unfamiliar to me.

Soldier looks pretty kickass, I like the idea of helping organize things and getting everything flowing as well. I'm going to read up a bit more and then throw my hat in.

Dotting. Sprawl looks really interesting, and I've heard good things.

Whelp... As I haven't really played this game before, I'm only comfortable running for 5... Sorry KHT and Inexpiter, I'll keep you in mind if we suffer attrition.

I'm going to put a big Closed here, for now.

Pathfinder Companion Subscriber

Okay, it looks like we have:

BastianQuinn: Driver
Meetch: Infiltrator
Umbungo: Fixer
Madcaster: Tech
Vrog Skyreaver: Killer (he'll be subtle though)

Awww damn, c'est la vie. PM me if openings do occur.

Pathfinder Companion Subscriber

So here's what I have for my character so far. Her background is that she was a "troubleshooter" for an unnamed government organization (one of the alphabet soup ones) that was drummed out of service after a mission cost her arm and the rest of her team their lives. After about a year on her own, an offer was made by Finchetti Biomedical, a firm that specializes in cybernetic limb development. They would give her an arm, and she would do a certain number of jobs for them. It was a good offer, so she took it.

Name: Elan:

Looks: Cunning Eyes, Friendly Face, Lithe Body, Corporate Wear, Black/Asian, Afro

Playbook: Killer

Cool +1
Edge +0
Meat +1
Mind -1
Style +0
Synth +2

Cred 5

Directives: Network (When your membership in Finchetti Biomedical hinders the mission, mark experience), Masochistic (When you suffer on or more harm, mark experience)

Cyberwear: Cyberarm (Augmented Strength: +2 harm when using a melee weapon that relies on physical strength); Why: Prosthetic; Cost: Someone else paid for it. +owned by Finchetti Biomedical.

Moves: Custom Weapon: Handgun (3 damage close/near quick; silenced: -loud, Hi-Powered: +1 damage), Mil Specs (When you MIX IT UP, you count as a small gang)



Gear: Collapsable sword (3 harm hand messy), Silenced Machine Pistol (2 harm close/near autofire), Body Armour (2 armour)

Elan in Action

I like killer(subtle). I'm imagining his victims only realising they're dead three days later...

Here's Sahale, the team's Tech.

Name: Sahale
Looks: calm eyes, weathered face, wiry body, military wear, indigenous skin

Edge +0 | Style -1 | Meat +0 | Cool +1 | Synth +1 | Mind +2
Cred 5


15:00 [] | 18:00 [] | 21:00 [] | 22:00 [] | 23:00 [] | 00:00 []

Neural Interface with Remote Control Module: Allows direct neural control of an appropriately configured external device such as a vehicle, weapon, recording device, or hacked electronic system. The RCM gives the interface wireless broadcast and reception capacity to allow the remote control of vehicles and drones. You may take the Driver move second skin as an advance. +encrypted, +multi-tasking.
-Why: Enthusiasm
-Cost: You scrimped & saved to buy it yourself. +substandard.



Expert: Choose one area of expertise from list on back.

Storage: After receiving a job you may look through your accumulated parts and supplies for equipment that might help with the current mission. Roll Mind.
-10+: gain 3 [gear] relevant to your chosen area(s) of expertise.
-7-9: gain 1 [gear] relevant to your chosen area(s) of expertise.

Customiser: You can identify and examine new or complicated technology related to your area of expertise, and modify technology with which you are familiar. When you try to modify a piece of tech, tell the MC what you want to do and discuss what tags or game effect that modification will have. The MC will tell you the requirements in terms of: time / tools / parts / help from contacts / more research.

Bypass: When you attempt to subvert security measures (bypassing a locked door, disabling an alarm, camera or motion detector, etc), roll Cool.
-7+: you successfully bypass the system without leaving a trace
-10+: you gain some valuable insight into the facility’s security, gain [intel]

Areas of Expertise:
Mechanic: you are an expert in the construction, maintenance and operation of vehicles & drones; you have two drones created according to the Driver move drone jockey.
[Drone Jockey: You start with two drones. See Drones section on back.]


Mechanic Toolkit and gear

Assault rifle (3-harm near/far loud autofire)
Gas Grenades (s-harm near area reload gas)

Armoured jacket (1-armour)
Van (+workhorse, +cramped)

XP: 0

Sahale was an independent contractor for many organisations and people, but one that stands out is Basilisk Security International. They paid good money so after a couple of jobs he signed a more long-term contract. However they demanded more and more with each job, up to downright suicidal missions, so one day he just cut the partnership. Basilisk Security International obviously are not happy.

He got his RCM Neural Interface with the money he saved from the jobs. It's not an ideal piece of cyberware, but it works, and Sahale always was enthusiastic about drones.

This is Umbungo's Fixer. A stylish Eastern European immigrant with strong views about home and rather too much access to your Amazon purchase history.

Details in the profile.

BastianQuinn wrote:

In personal experience, the vehicle works best when it gets support from other characters in becoming a focal point. That's why I was looking to incorporate it into the other characters' MOs. Infiltrator and Fixer, though... I'm not coming up with an easy connection. The mini stealth crotch rocket might work for the infiltrator, once they get in and out of a place alone. The Fixer might appreciate cargo or personel space, for escort missions.

Art is inspired by Neuromancer and illustrated by Marcel van Vuuren. The largest group of images is found on Pinterest. He drew a few pod hotel concepts that I thought looked cool.

Do we have thoughts about the corps? I think we each make one up.

I shied away from reporter because I didn't want to have too much overlap with my Veil character, but if you want to be a driver for a reporter, I could be swayed. Unless you're pumped to be the Fixer's driver?

Edit Do we want to get mired in the Net? My infiltrator can take "Jack-in" but that invites a whole world of complications to the game. On the other hand, hacking is a super cool part of the cyberpunk genre.

Ganzorig once believed in Maker Elite as the self-proclaimed corp of the people. The public face of Maker is one of engineering in a social environment. The truth is closer to social engineering. Rooted in rapid fabrication tech, Maker encompass a wide base of underprivileged engineers who work in an off-grid mesh network to produce affordable, almost disposable tech with "some assembly required". Behind this anti-corp facade is a collection of AI systems intended to optimize project distribution. These systems fulfill the executive functions of the corp, purportedly keeping Maker corruption-free.

After a 'falling out' with his previous tech, Ganzorig has had fewer good things to say about the corp.

Net without a Hacker is an all-or-nothing thing, IMHO. Having the Hacker run solo through their asymetric dungeon is great, and having all or most of the party dive in is also fun, but one or two hobbyists doesn't work as well.

Name: Ganzorig
Looks: Laughing eyes, decorated face, compact body, leather wear, Asian skin
Cool: +2 Edge: +1 Meat: +1 Synth: +0 Mind: +0 Style: -1

Intimate: When you put your friend ________________ ahead of the mission, mark experience.
Vengeful: When you harm _______________ or their interests, mark experience.

Neural Interface with Remote Control Module: +encrypted, +multitasking
Why: junkie
Cost: You f!*+ed someone over to get it. You’re hunted. Describe who.

Automatic shotgun (3-harm close/near loud messy autofire)
Synth leathers (0-armour, +discreet, subtract 1 when rolling the harm move)

"Paris" Vectored-thrust panzer passenger transport
 Power+2, Looks+1, Weakness+1; 1-Armour
 +huge, +easily repaired +nondescript +slow
 autocannon (4-harm near/far area messy breach)

"Flit" small rotor:
 +stealthy, +jamming, +slow, +armed
 s-harm, Close

"Tapper" medium octoped:
 +stealthy, +sonar, +fragile, +easily repaired, +armed
 3-harm Near

Wheels: You start with a cyber-linked vehicle. See Vehicle section on back
Second Skin: When jacked in through your Neural Interface to a cyber-linked vehicle:
» when you act under pressure, roll Cool + your car’s power
» if you mix it up, roll Synth (instead of Meat) + your car’s power
» if you play hardball, roll Edge + your car’s looks
» if you help or interfere with someone, roll Links + your car’s power
» if someone interferes with you, add your car’s weakness to their roll (in addition to their links)
Drone Jockey: You start with two drones. See Drones section on back.

Pathfinder Companion Subscriber

I've never played sprawl before, but it seems similar to the Decker rule in shadowrun: Either everyone plays one, or no one does.

Fair enough!

Here's Lance, your infiltrator/ unnecessarily violent thief.

He's...uh...a bit of a departure from my normal character but I promise that he's not going to be a lone-wolf murder hobo!


Playbook: Infiltrator


  • Black Eyes
  • Hidden Face
  • Wiry Body
  • Street Wear
  • White


    Cred: 5

    Edge: +1
    Style: +0
    Mind: -1
    Meat: +1
    Synth: +0
    Cool: +2


  • Financial: When you hinder the mission for a chance at extra profit, mark experience.
  • Violent: When you deliberately choose to use violence to overcome a problem when a non-violent option exists, mark experience.


  • Synthetic Nerves
  • Why: Career
  • Cost: I f@~*ed someone over to get it. I'm hunted by Padilla Service Aeon Wholesale, from whom I stole the nerves.


  • Covert Entry: When you attempt to infiltrate a secure area alone, roll Cool. 10+: gain 3 hold. 7-9: gain 1 hold. As the MC describes the infiltration and the security measures you must overcome, you may spend 1 hold to describe how you overcome the obstacle and:

  • Bypass a security system or guard.
  • Disable a security system you have bypassed.
  • Disable a guard.
  • Escape notice.

  • Cat Burglar: You specialise in infiltrating unconventional access points and manoeuvring through locations by unconventional routes. During your infiltration, you will have opportunity to steal incidental portable items that might be useful later. After
    you have spent all your Covert Entry hold infiltrating a secure area through stealth and
    dexterity, gain [gear].

  • Mother Duck: When you infiltrate a location you can get your team in as well. When you spend hold to Bypass a security system or guard or Escape notice, your team may accompany you.




  • Silenced SMG (2-harm close/near autofire)
  • Shuriken or Throwing Knives (2-harm close infinite)
  • Sniper rifle (3-harm far/extreme loud)
  • My corporation that I'm introducing is Padilla Service Aeon Wholesale Long, long ago they were a company that largely sold bulk cleaning supplies to corporate maintenance and facilities departments. However, thanks to a series of complicated mergers, contractual naming obligations and arcane accounting practices, PSAW is now one of the premiere cybernetic development and manufacturing firms. But they're still well known for their "Spar-kel-kleen" line of cleaning products.

    I can't speak for Sprawl, but running a team where one person is in the matrix and everyone else isn't is a pain for the GM in Shadowrun.

    Pathfinder Companion Subscriber
    Umbungo wrote:
    I can't speak for Sprawl, but running a team where one person is in the matrix and everyone else isn't is a pain for the GM in Shadowrun.

    Not to derail the thread, but this has not been my experience on either side of the screen with Shadowrun. What I have seen it turn into is one character having an adventure by themselves, while the rest of the players stand around and wait for the decker to be done, then they get to go on their separate mission while the decker gets to sit there and do nothing.

    I decided to not go with the deck. In PbP I bet we could get away with splitting the party easier, but it'll be simpler to just eschew it. I went with the skill that lets me sneak you guys in to places with me.

    Are we at all worried about having two Drone Jockeys? Is it maybe worth it for either Ganzorig or Sahale to respec? Ganzorig could focus more on networked vehicles or Sahale can be our Medic, splicer or demolitions expert. I don't want to rain on either of your characters, but i'm worried that having two characters who do virtually the same thing might dampen either's ability to take the spotlight.

    I was super excited to see the Tech was in drones/vehicles. I'm absolutely thrilled to pair up with Sahale. I see it as a synergy. Sahale can make, repair, and 'find' tech, and Ganzorig is(/will be) super good at using them.

    It's one reason I dumped Mind and upped into Meat.

    Great, no worries then!

    May I suggest we take this over to the Discussion Thread?

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