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George WashingCon 2018 - Bloomington IN - Feb 16-18

Local Play

Silver Crusade ***** Venture-Captain, Indiana—Bloomington aka CanisDirus

Pathfinders and Starfinders! We are pleased to announce George WashingCon 2018, taking place on President's Day Weekend, February 16-18th, in the Tree Suites at the Indiana Memorial Union in Bloomington Indiana!

Get your fix for both fantasy and sci-fi adventures at George WashingCon 2018 with tables of favorite scenarios from both Pathfinder and Starfinder!

Also join us for PFS Special Scenario #8-99: The Solstice Star (Version A)

This version of Solstice Star will be permanently retired from play on February 19th, so don’t miss your last chance to participate in this awesome multi-table game that takes place in Golarion’s most famous house of relics and artifacts: The Blackros Museum.

Sign up today on our Warhorn!
George WashingCon

(Events open for player signups on January 16th)

Find us on Facebook!
Pathfinder Society of Bloomington
Starfinder Society of Bloomington

Find our event information on Paizo: HERE

Silver Crusade ***** Venture-Captain, Indiana—Bloomington aka CanisDirus

George WashingCon is in just TWO days! We have expanded from our original four tables of #8-99 (Version A) to eight tables due to high demand! Almost all of our tables are either sold out or only have 1 open seat left, so if you're thinking of joining us, sign up soon!


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Sweetness! Seems like we're getting a lot of interest from new players! Yay!

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