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I'm working on my Animal Companion and I'm a bit confused. My companion is a 9th level "Mokele-Mbembe". It just unlocked the Trample special ability, but I'm having a hard time understanding hot it works exactly.

1. First of all, I'm confused about the damage:

Targets of a trample take an amount of damage equal to the trampling creature’s slam damage + 1-1/2 times its Str modifier.

My animal companion doesn't have a slam attack, it only has bite and tail slap.

The original Mokele-Mbembe animal does 2d8+16, but the companion should have less damage.
Is it correct to assume my companion does 2d6+mods? I reached this conclusion since 2d6 is my bite and tail damage, just like 2d8 is the bite and tail damage for the original animal.

2. How can I move? And how far?
Do I have to move in a straight line, or can I zig-zag as much as I want (within my speed limit) in order to trample more targets? Can I move at double my speed if I stay in a straight line?

3. How does it interact with Overrun feats?
Does Improved Overrun grant me immunity from AoO during a Trample action? Does it also prevent the enemies from trying to move away? Do other feats such as Charge Through work with it?
In other words, is Trample a sort of extension of an Overrun CMB (making it full-round), or does it have nothing to do with it and gain no benefit from Overrun feats?

4. How would it interact with a creature that has a brace weapon readied against me?

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1) the original animal is size huge. You haven't said what size your animal companion is. Reduce the original damage die by one step for each size category your animal companion is from the original.
2d8 -> 2d6 -> d8 -> d6

2) If this was PFS, I'd say expect table variation unless there is an errata somewhere. Since this is a home game, get with your DM to figure this out ahead of time. But since it is a full round action, doing a double move with minor sweeping turns would fit in with real world observations of animals.

3) The Trample monster ability says this is an overrun combat maneuver and that the targets either can choose to make an attack of opportunity or attempt to avoid and make a reflex save for half damage. Improved Overrun says you do not provoke and targets cannot choose to avoid you. So unless there is an errata or ruling somewhere, the targets should not get an attack nor a save (and take full damage).

4) If they have a readied action, they get their action if the triggering condition happens. Trample is an overrun. Overrun may be made as part of a move or charge. therefore by logic, trample doesn't need to be a charge. Unless there is an errata or ruling, they wouldnt get the double damage from brace quality. If they worded their readied action triggering condition properly, they would get their action. Again, for a home game, work it out with your DM ahead of time.

Jakkedin wrote:
since it is a full round action, doing a double move with minor sweeping turns would fit in with real world observations of animals.

Since trample is a variant of overrun, I'd expect the overrun rules to apply.

Unfortunately, the overrun rules don't make sense and have never been clarified.

This bit suggests a trample doesn't have to be in a straight line:

A trampling creature can only deal trampling damage to each target once per round, no matter how many times its movement takes it over a target creature.

...because how would it be possible to run over the same creature twice if you had to move in a straight line?

The overrun rules mention doing it as 'a standard action during your move or as part of a charge'. I'd probably rule that you can either do a double move in a straight line that gives you -2AC like a charge, or do one a single move, up to your speed, that doesn't have to be straight.

(If you're listing questions about Trample, there's also "does it count as area effect damage against creatures like swarms".)

Perfect, thanks!

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