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Rejoining a game with some old friends. They are all at level 12 when I'm joining in. I hopped in today and i was taken back by the power of their characters. A barbarian hitting for 40+ per swing, 100+ on a crit. A synthesist summoner who is a full caster and also a melee brute, while also being the face with bluff / diplomacy rolls averaging 30+. We also have a rogue/witch and a straight monk. I was thinking at this point a divine caster would be the only way I could really get in and be productive.

I'm thinking an oracle so I can get the benefits of divine casting but also bring some unique utility with the oracles mysteries. Initially I'm thinking a Human Oracle of Time.

I've come here to ask everyone's advice on the best way to play a fun RP oracle without feeling left behind by what seem to be massively over powered characters.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated! I've read over the guides for the oracle, and while they have helped me get a general idea of what to do, I'm having problems focusing them down into a finished character. He will be level 12, 25pt stats, and 22k gold to buy stuff with.


Also, does anyone know of any irc channels or anything that have active pathfinder chatting?

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If you're worried about matching the characters' overpoweredness, you can instead focus on being a support character. Make them better!

I play a support cleric in a 5th Edition game. We have a blaster, a couple archers, and a couple melee warriors. I do the healing and buffing. I don't compete with them, I make them better!

A synthesist summoner isn't quite a full caster BTW. Close, I'll admit.

A time oracle doing support is a good idea. The dual-cursed archetype would help but if you'd rather not take on a second curse it's not at all required.

The races which get (or can get) a charisma bonus and which can get additional spells known as an alternate favored class bonus would be the best by the mechanics IMO. Humans yes, but half-orcs, half-elves or catfolk work if you change your mind.

22K isn't a lot. You'd probably want to spend most of it on the big 6 items and let your spells and revelations be the focus.

For feats you should have a lot of charisma, which means that osyluth guile, encouraging spell, noble scion (of war) and eldritch heritage (+ improved) for whatever bloodline appeals - arcane, naga or nanite could be good.

In non-charisma related feats you're high enough level to want quicken spell. spell penetration may be important, and if you feel like casting spells without others realising then deceitful, cunning caster and probably silent spell will help. Improved initiative is especially important for someone who wants to buff or debuff before the barbarian charges in, if you don't get noble scion.

For archetypes I would consider:

Dual Cursed - Misfortune is an amazing ability, especially as it can be used on the party as well as enemies.

Ocean's Echo ( e-archetypes/oceans-echo-oracle-archetype/) - This replaces some Revelation slots for Bard song. This would be pretty awesome with your party as you are melee heavy. Consider feats like the following if you go this route:
1. Master Performer ( er)
2. Discordant Voice
3. Grandmaster Performer ( former) - if the DM would allow you to ignore the "bard" prereq.

Cyclopean Seer ( e-archetypes/cyclopean-seer-oracle-archetype/) - this also has some amazing support and debuff abilities.

If you want to be able to help by going up and hitting things too (and also want another buff to bring to the table), consider Variant Multiclassing with Sorcerer ( ng) and picking the Orc bloodline. At 11 you can use it to get Power Attack. Touch of Rage is a holy s&!+ amazing buff, which can be combined with the traits Community Minded and Opportunist Gambler to buff it a bit for your allies and a lot for you: Also note that this ability can be used with the Quicken Spell Like Ability feat, which you would be able to get next level. Also note that even if you didn't want to go with Orc bloodline, Variant Multiclass sorcerer is still awesome no matter what, especially because you can also take the Robe of Arcane Heritage (a 16k item) to treat you sorcerer level as 4 higher, granting access to level 15 bloodline powers too. That would help make you a melee badass too.

Based on all of that above... I would say consider Ocean's Echo or Cyclopean Seer with Variant Multiclass Orc. Assuming, Ocean's Build could be like the following, and if not, well, it could just include more instances of Extra Revelation :p

Traits - Community Minded / Opportunist Gambler
1. Extra Performance
3. Sorc power
5. Master Performer
7. Sorc power
9. ???
11. Sorc power - Power Attack
13. Quicken SLA - Touch of Rage

Temporal Celerity
Time Sight

Robe of Arcane Heritage (16k)
+2 Charisma headband (4k)
Cloak of Resistance (1k)
1k in change

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9. Quicken Spell or Combat Reflexes if you are using a reach spell in melee (EDIT: and have Dex 12+).

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