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Semantics: Dawnflower Dervish or Dervish of Dawn?

Pathfinder RPG General Discussion

I know the mechanics are the same. It's kind of like "Who's line is it Anyway?" Except the points do matter and the words are made up.

I am just curious how the words got off track?

In Inner Sea Magic, The Archetype is Dawnflower Dervish and this is used through out.

On D20PFSRD, it is Dervish of Dawn and at the bottom it points to the book that I have.

So why don't they just use Dawnflower Dervish?

The only good answer I can come up with is Dervish of Dawn works well on your spellchecker.

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Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber

"Dawnflower" is one of the epithets for Sarenrae, which the d20psfrd can't legally put on their site as the specific Golarion gods aren't open content. (That's also why sometimes you'll see things like "must worship a deity of love" on the d20; the PF material references the specific goddess, but they can't put that on the site.)

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As I understand it, d20pfsrd is not allowed to use setting-specific terms because they're a for-profit site. "Dawnflower" (and Sarenrae) is a Golarion-specific term, which they can't use. They renamed it to something neutral to be able to use it.

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